Getting Ready For Our First Call-In/Screencast Conference This Friday Night

Specifically geared towards urban entrepreneurs and hustlers, the Dream and Hustle first call-in/online collaboration conference will be this Friday December 16th at 8PM Eastern Standard Time (New York City time) . This is really a test conference and will be my first conference I ever held for Dream and Hustle over the phone. I want to explain how I’m hoping this phone conference turns out and what is the goal. The upcoming conference is about 2012 and participants should look around them and their situation and their personal goals and bring to the table what we should focus on in 2012. Something has to be done to turn things around but in addition, there is a lot of opportunity out there we should look at. There are new trade pacts with a few Western African nations for example that we can start creating mobile money solutions or focus on rebuilding retailing back up in our inner city communities to serve our own and recycle our money and create our own jobs. Maybe you have some goals you want to address such as look at ways of meeting and growing with quality people. Maybe we can start doing in Atlanta at these club/lounges/hotel lobby where Dream and Hustle can rent the VIP booth and we pop bottles and talk business among like-minded cats down here in the ATL – why not? Or we can say that crime gotten out of control and need someone to come up with solutions. I’m just throwing some things out there for people to talk about. But with that said, I will be honest – I do not expect more than 5-7 people to show up for the conference and we will have just an hour to hold this phone conference. Now, in addition to the phone conference, I will be doing a screencast of FreeMind and my goal is to use FreeMind to generate mind maps from the conversation. So if a cat say something about opportunities, I will create a node and everytime someone mention an opportunity in 2012, I will add it to that mind map node. The goal is to take notes and just don’t talk. When I create these mind maps, we will be looking at taking action or progress forward with the participants input. We are going to be about action and doing something around here. So if you got a moment, please join this first phone conference and screencast and let’s try to start having real productive meetings about brothas and sistas and our situation with real action plans to execute against. Here is the information and will be the same information for all of our upcoming phone conferences and screencasts: Talking about 2012 Friday 16th @ 8:00pm (call in show/webinar) Dial-in number:   (559) 546-1200 Meeting ID: 301-457-834 Meeting link: Please do not expect this first-time meeting to go well or even alright. And do not expect me to be nervous or uptight or whatever - I'm about as real as it gets and we got real work to do in 2012. Hope to hear from you and discuss 2012 with you on the call.  

9 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Our First Call-In/Screencast Conference This Friday Night

  1. Ed,

    I wish you the best for this first call. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. My wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary.

    1. Congrads on your anniversary! This is just a test run and there will be plenty of these conferences down the road as we work out the kinks.

      I will be hosting international based conferences with Europe/Africa and Asian ex-pats in 2012 (it was my friend in Toyko that suggested this) so once we get it together, I will be hosting international calls.

  2. I’m assuming that is 8 o’clock est?

    I feel overwhelmed by a lot of what you post here, BUT I’m hoping to do my part by focusing on a couple pieces of the whole picture.

  3. Have to do a chirstimas program tonight at the church. Will we be able to find the meeting online to listen to at a later time?

  4. Interested in being a part of this the next time. I hope it was successful enough to warrant another go ’round. Many blessing in the New Year!

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