Golgo 13

They don’t make good television series like this in America and if you are a cat going for yours, you will actually love this series because of the message. Golgo 13 is about a world-class legendary assassin named Duke Togo who take on assignments and there is a story that unfolds as a result. But taking on assignments and taking out people as an assassin is not what makes this series great. What makes this story great is for cats who have ambition, have hustle and go getters, they will see the main character don’t got time for BS, don’t got time for small talk and is always on mission. There is one more element that is presented in these series – how cats who think they all that and hating on Golgo 13. This series go in depth inside the mind of haters and all these other characters who think they got it all figured out due to their own arrogance. Golgo 13 is available on Netflix and it is also available on Hulu. In Netflix, they have the English translation but on Hulu, they are speaking Japanese with English subtitles. But I’m kinda glad that they have subtitles below because like most Japanese anime, I love how they can mix making money, sex, violence and STEM into a television episode and make it enjoyable to watch.