How to Fight Off and Transform the Hordes of Zombies in The Black Community

While many people view zombies as horror movie icons, zombies are very real and rampant and very dangerous.  In fact, you are more safer around the undead zombies you see at the movies and on Netflix than the real living zombies that are roaming this Earth as we speak. In the African-American community, zombies are very rampant and very infectious and can easily devour the soul out of normal brothas and sistas turning them into zombies. I’ve done more than my share of fighting zombies throughout my adult life and this article will give you tips and techniques on how to ward off those zombies and prevent those around you from getting infected. If there is one thing you should know, the most important thing you can teach your kids and yourself and the most important thing I ever tell you on Dream and Hustle is how your brain works and dopamine. If you do not know how dopamine work, I’m telling you right now and this is probably the most important thing you will ever learn. Please watch this video and I will explain what dopamine is: [youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="op0XqgWQn7E"] As the video stated, dopamine is what your brain produce to stimulate your frontal lobe and give you a sense of excitement. When cats use drugs, what they are doing is conditioning their dopamine production and frontal lobe in a way that it will want that drug to repeat the sensation, causing addiction. This is why only an ignorant fool smoke weed or do drugs and want to tell me and you how cool it is  when these drug addicts are too stupid to realize they can make their own dopamine without the use of drugs. When dopamine production is altered, the brain become altered and force the person to start thinking abnormally in order to keep the dopamine production satisfied and force their body and mind to do crazy things that addiction causes.  This is the trait of a modern day zombie. However, a drug-induced “zombie” is not the most dangerous zombie, especially in the African American community. The most dangerous zombies in the African-American community are those that had their dopamine demand altered by media and propaganda and through systematic oppression. Think about the Black youth for a second and realize the Black youth don’t have a lot of exciting programs in the hood for them to boost their dopamine production.  So guess what the Black youth does to increase their dopamine production? They resort to having risky teenage sex, they resort to violence, they resort to self destruction and the reason they do this is because they needed to be excited to have dopamine production. Let’s go to the Black adults because things like having cheap sexual affairs, consuming the ignorant media like Tyler Perry movies, having the Holy Ghost in church is all due to those people needing dopamine production and resort to those behaviors to increase their dopamine with those things as a stimulant. And what you discovered and what I discovered as a Black male is these brothas and sistas who engage in that crap tend to be very lame and boring and resort to those type of illicit activities as their dopamine release.  These swinger clubs and stuff like that married couples like to do is based on dopamine because they cannot produce enough on their own. Those are the zombies that you have to be aware of and many cats who read Dream and Hustle and can’t understand this blog don’t realize the main reason why is because I know their dopamine production has been altered and they are compromised and manipulated. This is why I would write a blog about how to make a business move and out of that whole article, someone will focus on one little line and claim I have something against Black women – that is the desire to engage in drama to stimulate dopamine and that is a sign of a conditioned Black person who enjoys consuming trivial Black media for entertainment and excitement. When you go after cats like Tyler Perry, Bishop Eddie Long, Warren Ballentine or whatever, the zombies come out defending these characters hard because those figures I just mentioned was their source of dopamine production. When you attack rap music and these fake artists that promote violence and sex, these zombie clowns come out defending because that sex and violent lyrics is how those people produce dopamine as stimulation. Now you know why Radio One promotes that ultra negative crap on their radio stations and on TV One hoping to “addict” small-minded Black folks and they are succeeding so far.  So when you see someone in our Black community absolutely ignorant, just remember that it them stimulating themselves for dopamine production.  Look at the following video and this is how this individual create his rush of dopamine: [youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="YMIw82pX4mA"] Now what is dangerous is when these zombies come together and form a horde to attack anybody that threaten their stimulation for dopamine production. This is why you cannot “save” Black culture without addressing the dopamine factor because you got to get them on another stimulant to produce the same level of dopamine. If not, then these zombies will come after you and will try to destroy you as their dopamine stimulant.  That is why you have to understand why it is dangerous to approach these zombies in the Black community very carefully. This is why me and other intelligent cats who read Dream and Hustle laugh when one of the zombies come to this blog and make comments defending their dopamine stimulant.  Yall don’t realize how hard we be laughing because cats don’t even realize they come to this Dream and Hustle blog and show us how they produce dopamine talking about why this blog is going hard on Tyler Perry closet behind as if the zombie is Mr. Perry grandma and ish.  Tyler Perry know full well about dopamine manipulation and why he use that spiritual and domestic violence and all that other BS to stimulate these zombie sistas that support him.  I don’t even do it on purpose but now I beginning to realize I do attract zombies on some of the things I put out there but like I said, I know how to deal with zombies. Now, since I have experience dealing with zombies on Dream and Hustle, let me tell you how to deal with zombies and hordes of zombies in the Black community. The Black youth is not going to stop being self destructive and Black adults are not going to stop being self-destructive until you find a dopamine stimulate bigger than the ones these zombies are creating themselves. Let me give you cats a hint on what are bigger dopamine producers that we will have to create in the Black community to help return these zombies back into functional positive productive members of the Black community. There are bigger dopamine stimulates bigger than sex, drugs and violence put together. This is the stuff that I believe made me not able to engage in cheap sex, illicit drug use or commit senseless violence against others. First of all, the awesomeness of God is the biggest dopamine stimulant on the  planet. There is a difference between God and church for you Christians out there that think you can relate to what I just said. God is who God is while church is who you Christians pay to tell you who God is, remember that one before you think we on the same page. Many cats use church as their dopamine stimulant instead of the awesomeness of God. These cats get dopamine stimulated off Joel Osteen or TD Jakes instead of the source which is God almighty. Once cats learn to get close to God and have an everyday relationship with God and a intimate relationship with God, that is the biggest source of dopamine that a person can ever have. Second to God for dopamine production bigger than sex, drugs and violence is natural curiosity.  Do you honestly believe in your mind that any cocaine, pot, weed or whatever can stimulate you more than taking a trip to the Andes or climbing Mount Everest or camping in the African plains in Kenya with giraffes and stuff? Seeing and experiencing new things cause high amount of dopamine production. Third biggest source of dopamine production is STEM - learning new things cause dopamine production. And if you didn’t realize by now, becoming an entrepreneur is a gigantic source of natural dopamine production that keeps you excited and charged up and excited about taking on the world each morning. Chance of success and failure, the odds are stacked against you but you still going to get yours cause a gigantic dopamine rush. If you hear of Black folks that like to go to Vegas a lot or the horse track, they are getting their dopamine production by being stimulated by high stakes gambling. With that said and the answer to how to deal with zombies in the Black community is to alter the stimulant for dopamine production to something bigger than what the zombies are used to. Becoming an entrepreneur, making a difference in other people lives in a positive way, learning something new and using natural curiosity as well as cementing a one-on-one relationship with God is how you transform zombies back into everyday beautiful people in the Black community.

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    YES, YES YES. On point all the way. Think about all the people who passed out and lost their minds at a Michael Jackson concert. And to address the church issue. Yes, people come to church for things other than God but if looking to join a church, join a good one with solid foundation. Too many pastors are addicted to themselves and their power. No one “catches” the Holy Ghost, that is a misconception. But realizing how great God is, like you said, because of your own personal relationship can and will make you go to an untouchable place. Almost went there just now…..

  2. Ed this is by far your best article hands down. I see the same dopamine addiction in my household and see how powerful a brain can truly be on addiction. People do some absolutely ludicrous things, it’s like people lose all sense of the idea of doing anything pragmatic anymore.

  3. I had to save this one in my personal archives, so I always have a reminder to stay on point and avoid the traps of low-level dopamine stimulants. This article was on time.

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