How We are Looking Forward in 2012

2012 is the year we begin execution of economic empowerment. We will execute the path to empowerment using STEM and direct action to make real progress happen. I’m pretty sure you is just as frustrated as I am at African-Americans being distracted and going sideways instead of take the situation we are in seriously. This article is going to lay out how we plan to execute in 2012 and give out some pointers to help yall plan for 2012. A few weeks ago, we held the first call-in conference and screencast here at Dream and Hustle and 3 people were on the call, I was one of the 3 people. However, the less people in a conference, the more effective the conference will be and 3 people made the call-in highly effective. So here are some things that were brought up from the call-in conference: Opportunists Taking Advantage of High Unemployment. With unemployment so high, instead of developing job creation strategies, cats are running around trying to hustle multi-level marketing programs and promising the ability to make $3500 in 30 days. Out of Control Follower Culture in the Black Community. Our people want to be a groupie or stand on the sidelines instead of do for self. These cats will spend more energy defending Tyler Perry or Cathy Hughes than spend energy trying to empower themselves. Denial of the Next Step. While the conversation stated that brothas and sistas do want to improve their situation but don’t know where to start, that is not the truth. The truth is brothas and sistas are afraid to execute because they are afraid of failure and facing setbacks and expect perfect progress. Plenty of International Opportunities. We are still trying to assimilate and get people to like us instead of pursue new revenue channels and create new opportunities. The Mis-Education of the Negro. This is really the core problem of our community but not an excuse. Cats don’t want to learn, they just want something handed to them and was never educated or taught to do for self but instead, have good grades and get a good degree and get a good job. So as a result of that call-in conference, it did nothing but help me understand what the goals are in 2012 and let’s break down exactly what the plan of execution is to make something happen in 2012. Business Model Wiki Currently, the business models that was discussed in the old Dream and Hustle will be migrated to the wiki format to allow us to continuously improve the process and be as specific as we need to be on launching and running these types of business and side hustles. Here is my list of business models that we will start migrating. Smart Poster – using NFC or QR code to interact with mobile devices. Information Service Broker – supported by local advertisers and offer information services in the hood. Mobile Payment Processing – allow the hood to make purchases with their mobile device. Prepaid RFID devices – allow the hood to use rfid-enabled jewelry instead of mobile device to make payments. Self-Service Standalone Kiosks – allow people to pay bills or process orders or even play games. Gamification – create the loyalty customer environment that allows people to earn badges and have better social interaction to goal reaching. Money Transfer – allow people to transfer money among each other – this can be done locally and through check-based transfers and scaled up. Social Collaboration for Social Causes – setup meetings and gatherings to perform social good in our communities. Membership Model –allow businesses to sign up and subscribe customers to a gym or anything other business model requiring a subscription service. Rental Models – allow businesses to rent items out to their customers in the hood. Service Models – create a framework that allow cats to provide a service such as plumbing, painting ,exterminator and other stuff in the hood. Self-service QSR – create the software and system to allow people to order their own food at quick service restaurants (QSR) preventing the long wait for fried food in the hood. Digital Signage – promote local companies in the hood using interactive displays. IPTV – create a pay-per-view model that allows the creation of a hood-based media model driven by the hood. Wireless Area Network – use relays and transmitters to create a wi-fi zone over a small 500 ft radius in a high density commercial zone to create information services to enhance the shopping area. Security Framework – this is a collection of technologies to improve security in the hood. Marketing and Promotion company – using new technology such as mobile phones and QR codes to promote events and parties. Self-Checkout Market – create super micro-marketplaces that allow people to buy food and snacks without an attendee. Relaxation Lounge – setup a lounge that can attract progressive social interaction in the hood. Sports Bars – this is basically running a social entertainment venue. This is not just big screens but interaction with data which is why we focused on this model. Agencies – these are really information brokers but are actually specialized in getting their customers to the right resource for a fee. For example, apartment rental service in the hood. Above is really just a sample list, but overall expect us to have a hood-based information repository where we can read and contribute information and collaborate until we get it right. Location Wiki I already explain how we are going to use geo-intelligence and gap analysis to analyze our hoods and start documenting not only existing businesses, but the environment in each of the hoods and the type of business that we found in another hood in another city that can go into this hood. Then on top of that, we provide the business model wiki to execute against to establish economics in that hood. The best way to start the Location Wiki is through hub and spokes and by hubs, we are targeting the large hoods first because they have the most information and most density. Once we run through the large hoods then the smaller hoods can take the information and bring it to their spot. Obviously, we are looking at US Census data to determine the locations and looking at all of their data, these are the cities that we internally at Dream and Hustle are going to focus on first at the big task: 1. Chicago 2. New York 3. Los Angeles 4. Detroit 5. Houston These five cities will have most of the essential data that covers 99% of the rest of the hoods out there. Many of these cities have multiple neighborhood and outlying suburban areas that have more hoods than other stand-alone cities. We are going to cover more but these are the first 5 cities I will be initially working on to get the locations setup. Tools and Techniques to Make Our Lives Better Expect to see more use of the tools that is used to make progress and get stuff done. You will see more use of mind maps, more call-in meetings and collaborations, more use of real world techniques to get business done. If cats see the tools used and see how it can be improve the process for us, then cats will start using those tools and start executing with these tools. Actual Execution and Results to Report Dream and Hustle will start focusing on real world test trials and report the results back to the hood. For the record, I conducted plenty of test trials worldwide already but never published this because this is what real technology experts do. The problem is, I’m paying cats in Ukraine or South Korea to perform a hustle and report back the results and realize I’m not doing this same activity for the hood and we got to start performing trials back here in the hood. Not only will we be doing real execution of trials, we will be doing real execution of getting side hustle entrepreneurs directly in front of customers. For example, in 2012 we will start hosting vertical entrepreneur micro-markets at small venues throughout Atlanta. For example, the first one will bring together self-publishing authors to meet and we will do the work of inviting customers and others to the event to buy and interact with the authors. The goal of these micro-markets is to first help the self-publishing authors be among each other and pick up skills on how to better do something by being around their peers. This will do nothing but make all of the entrepreneurs better at the game of self-publishing. Second thing it will do is attract people to not only buy from these entrepreneurs but see these self-published authors are just like them and they too can side hustle. We will do this micro-market throughout Atlanta in 2012 and hopefully the cats in New York and Chicago and Houston and Los Angeles and other cities start doing this. Just like cats promote small parties in the hood, we will be promoting entrepreneurship in the hood in small venues. I already know running Dream and Hustle that the demand for this is probably bigger than the demand to party and go clubbing, especially in this economy. Focus on Real Cats Worldwide I spent 2011 developing international partners and sourcing talent that can contribute. As African-Americans we are in a unique position to help empower others and I’m not going to sit back with that silly and selfish “help ourselves before I help others” mantra and bring myself to the table and contribute to the global economy. African-Americans should help lead the global economy and these cats respect us and admire us and I’m telling you cats over and over again on this blog. I see it in their eyes when they come here to America and want to talk to me about what they want to do and accomplish and they love us – I don’t know where some of you cats are getting your xenophobic thoughts from. So 2012, expect to see just as much international-based content that will focus on something going on overseas that can apply to us or something we can participate in. Our current generation of African-Americans are already going worldwide and in fact, I’m going to announce the first international “meetup” and it will either Hong Kong, London or Tokyo (most likely Tokyo) where we will be coming together worldwide among ex-pats and military cats overseas. I Hope 2012 These Other Cats Get a Clue and Catch Up The overall theme Dream and Hustle bringing to the table in 2012 is execution and results by any means necessary. I know there some cats out there who been copying off Dream and Hustle format and think posting rap videos about hustling and getting popular through social networks is going to get them somewhere other than being occupied entertaining followers. But the best way for us to deal with those characters who think they can outdo Dream and Hustle by copying Dream and Hustle or the guy who wrote the Mack Diaries and stuff is by changing the game altogether and take it to the next level. Let’s see if these cats can actually step their game up and start executing or still be stuck because they never had it in them to elevate in the first place. This happens in business all the time and you should know why Apple and Microsoft innovate so hard in this game. Cats want to copy off Apple and next thing you know, Apple released something new taking the game to the next level while these other copycat cornballs can’t step their game up. Then the cats who supported Apple are happy always with real progress while the other cats are stuck on some outdated ish and cannot scale, haha. The economy is hard on brothas and sistas and cats are really going through bad and rough times. I do not understand why you brothas and sistas think I should care or involve myself in the petty nonsense these other cats are on. I have a serious problem with clowns out here on some BS while our Black youth are homeless and lost. If you are a real man, a real adult in the Black community that gives a damn, you'll spend your energy helping out your people in this current economic crisis like a real man instead of focus on some lightweight BS or socialite ish and that's real talk. These other cats copy and paste while I actually produce original content from experience practicing what I preach. These other cats are attracting followers while I’m attracting industry thought leaders due to my mobile and retailing coverage. LOL because these other cats are embedding WorldStar hustle rap videos while I’m the real living essence of hip-hop and hustle from the West Side of Chicago, remember that and let’s get out there in 2012 and get ours.

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  1. You should leave this post and this should be the only thing we read for the month of January. I think you should let this post be a sinker. For some of us that are mixed minded like myself you did a great job as creating the title for the hustles that you placed before us as some of them didn’t have a particular classification.

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