I Love African Sistas

  I consider myself to be an African-American male who worked hard throughout life to be a man who can hold his own, support his soul mate, raise a family of kids, go places, buy this and that and do it with swagger. But one of the best things I love in this world more than anything is the beautiful essence of an African woman. A lot of sistas who are from African like to approach me real hard because they think I'm originally from Africa - I get that a lot everywhere. People from African say that I sound and have an accent like I'm from Africa and telling me I sound like I'm from the Northwest part. I'm from the LeClaire Courts Housing projects on the Southwest Side of Chicago and never been to Africa. But when I see these sistas from Africa step to me with that kind of warm feeling like I'm their brotha, I realize there is nothing more beautiful on this planet than sistas from Africa. Ain’t a woman on this planet as beautiful as a woman from Africa. These mainstream fashion magazines can keep their food-vomiting, flat booty, alien-head looking models because it ain’t nothing like a curvy, broad-smile, natural hair, thick cheeks African sista. I used to date a sista from Africa and I could never get mad at her, no matter what she did. Real talk, everything she did or said something stupid, I straight just looked at her and she was the original mold of what a brother dream about a sista looked like and carried herself. This African sista I was dating had virtues, pride and natural style all rolled up into a beautiful package. The main reason I’m writing this because I see too many African women come here to America still acting like she need to be subservient to men from her culture and homeland. I’m straight telling you African sistas you don’t need to be that way when you get to America because you got a package that gives you an advantage over all these other women.  For real, don’t let anyone tell you African sistas, especially you sistas from Nigeria, Ghana, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Guinea that you are just “alright” when it comes to beauty because that's a straight up lie – you are all that, especially to us real brothas. You African sistas when you get here to America, I’m straight up telling you – you should expand your options and check out us American brothers  because I don’t think they are telling you the real story on how we African-American men go out and get ours and do it big. Because these cats worldwide are just as jealous of us American brothas as these other sistas are jealous of you African sistas. We can do the whole world together, go big places and do big things together and do for our people together. And when we are alone, I'll straight remind you are God's gift to this planet and to a real brotha that appreciate. Straight love these African sistas, real talk.    

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  1. Amen, when a brother has a drive and perspectives such as yours, African women will take notice and give positive energy

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