Merry Christmas and the Message of Giving

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season. One of things I take away every holiday season is the spirit of giving, the message that is lost upon young entrepreneurs and hustlers.  As long as you understanding giving, you will not only have a joyful holiday season, but you will become more successful as you stack paper with a purpose. One of the biggest myths I hear in the African-American community is the statement “you cannot help others until you help yourself” which is why we ain’t making much progress. That statement is also used to say we cannot work with others or form a bridge with others until we work with ourselves first which is also at best, misguided. The truth and what I come to learn as a mature adult is me and you define ourselves by the help we give to others and how we reach out to others as testament of our actions and character. We will never know ourselves because our potential and identity is limitless. But the one thing we do know is when others need help, others need acknowledgment, encouragement and direction. We do know when we have the capability to help others.  From my personal experience, I cannot help me be happy because even when I gotta keep ballin and getting mine, once I get it, I’m like “is this it?” and see something else I want and just hustle harder to get to that next level.  But what I do know is I’m capable of spreading information and providing help to those that need just a little push from me to go very far with their situation – that I do know and that is the message of giving I hope others understand this holiday season. In understanding Christmas, God gave us Jesus who would eventually serve as a living reminder when he gave his life up on the cross. When some of us give gifts, it’s because we really want to show others love and make them happy and appreciated.  But sometimes, we feel empty because we are not receiving anything good enough or feel like we are not acknowledged enough. That’s when we start saying things like we need to “help ourselves before we can help each other” as an illogical response to that feeling.   With that said, the best thing you can always do is give yourself a gift and show yourself the love you demonstrate to others. Take yourself out to eat and order some good stuff off the menu or take yourself to a movie or show or concert and sit back and enjoy. Go buy yourself a car or a bigger television and remember you did that for yourself. Or even better, invest in your future by setting up a side hustle or a new business for you to pursue when New Year roll around.  Give to the person you see in the mirror every morning and let that define the kind of person you are to yourself. I want to give a special shout-out in 2011 to the “Get Money Boys” for making my holiday weekend with their interview about the retro Jordans that came out this weekend:    
Note: if you freeze the frame at 3:08, you will notice the cat got "Money Makin Maniakz" written on the back of his jacket, LOL!
See, when I wrote that “Tokyo Story” cats thought I made that up about brothas and sistas having a kicks fetish. You see in the video brothas licking their shoes, and in other videos cats are fighting breaking down doors in other cities and running to buy some Jordans – the same price it would cost to launch and operate a side hustle that would bring that kind of money back in a short amount of time.  But two brothas got on the TV and explained exactly why they got money to blow on $180 sneakers in this bad economy and that is the “Get Money Boys” in the video above. I find it interesting Missoni and Versace made their brands for low-priced retailers to market to the middle class and Nike had their most expensive shoe Air Jordans was marketed to broke cats in the hood and both got a mob response. This is whole need article but what I really wanted to say was I was happy that it’s cats out there like the “Get Money Boys” that not only talking about getting money, they talking how they spend their money and justify their hustler’s ambition. Because that is the whole message I wanted to give today and this holiday season. The reason I get money and I hustle hard so I can give back to others and to myself. I don’t go out and get money to get money, I go out to get money so I can give. Have a Merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season and look towards 2012 where we become the new generation of brothas and sistas that empowered ourselves to get and create empowerment for others with our ability to give.

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