No Such Thing As Constructive Criticism

The term “constructive criticism” is nothing more than a nice way for someone to try to put you down. That phrase is nothing more than a justification to insult you. You should never take crap from anybody when it comes to being you, even if they are offering constructive criticism. If they have issues on how you doing you, then that’s their problem, not yours. This is your your life and and as far as I know, the only life you have. Don't apologize to anybody for the life you been given to live and the way you live it. I had a lot of cats come around talking about they had "constructive criticism" on the way I carry myself. Cats who read this blog and maybe they said "oh, maybe I should say something about how he carry himself" as if they suppose to matter.  Then I get something in my inbox or the comment section about I should do this or do that or need to be this way or that way or I don't know or should know something. I'm sitting here thinking who these cats suppose to be to me in the first place? The only people who got opinions that should matter to you those who can actually show you how to get better. The only people who should be commenting on you and your hustle or daily grind are people who already been there and done that and obtained what you are currently striving to achieve. If the cat don’t got it like that, then they are not qualified to say a damn thing to you about anything. Also, no one is in a position to tell you how imperfect you are or have an opinion about your situation.  Cats don't realize the person they talking about today can be a person who prove everybody wrong, overcome their challenges and come out a winner. Then the same cats who was talking ish ain't nowhere to be found. I can name a whole bunch of cats in my life who were that way with me. Just like roaches that disappear when the lights come on.    

3 thoughts on “No Such Thing As Constructive Criticism

  1. Hello,
    I found your site by googling about warren ballentine and how I think that “Debt Stoppers” is a hustle for him. I guess the words “hustle” and “warren ballentine” guided me to our site.

    I like the content of your site and the way you express yourself. However, I have to disagree with your explanation of “Constructive Criticism”. Sure its used to put one down in some cases, but in others, if you respect the person that’s offering the critism, it can be instrumental in helping you.

    That being said, as I read your words I really understand what you are saying. However, for maximum impact, I believe that you should work on your sentence structures and proper use of american english. unless, of course you like expressing yourself they way you do. no disrespect intended.

    Again, I like your site and will visit often. Peace.

  2. John,

    Last I checked, the unemployment office is full of cats who can create perfect sentence structures and use of the American english is impeccable. On the flipside, there are plenty of outsourced resources and immigrants who don’t have good sentence structuring and grasp of the American english language taking jobs way from middle class educated Americans. So it is my impression those skills you mention above are only for that – to make an impression.

    However, real work is real work and real goals take real work to accomplish. The only thing that matter in this world is doing the work and accomplishing goals. I’m about doing real work, not making an impression. Just want to make sure you are clear on this…

  3. Anytime someone tries to correct “my english” I shut them down by letting them know I speak to be understood. I dont care about “speaking proper”.

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