Only Hood Ninjas Will Do What Need to Be Done for Our People..

Looking back at history, African American ninjas from Harriett Tubman, Madison Washington and Nat Turner had to actually go out and fight the system for their people without the mass appeal. They knew what needed to be done and we saw how other African American ninjas like Denmark Vesey ended up by running his mouth too much. If African Americans look at our situation today, we have African-American leaders selling out, a lazy African-American middle class who just following status quo and a permanent African-American poor class who is just settling for scraps. Our communities are in a state of deterioration while we are losing political and social leverage worldwide as other groups are emerging and competing for opportunities and resources. This is our situation today because of the current generation of brothas and sistas are fully not capable of turning things around for the better, meaning only a ninja can do what is necessary to get things done. [youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="MUu9SkBQcXw"] I’m convinced that only hood ninjas are the only ones who will execute and succeed and have absolute zero faith in all other groups of brothas and sistas. Hood ninjas have already been trained and conditioned by their upbringing of knowing where they come from and the real work it takes to get somewhere. Hood ninjas are masters of the unorthodoxy techniques and can comprehend what needs to be done. Strategic combat training from having to join the military after high school, went to college or trade school to pick up a skill and can now blend in with the rest of society is how hood ninjas can move about understand the landscape. Hood ninjas are not indoctrinated, not compromised and not distracted because they fully understand the symbiotic relationship of the controllers and the controlled and know how to use both entities to make advancements. This level of orientation can only come from a hood ninja. So how will a hood ninja do for our people? The other ninjas out there are engaged in nothing more than deception and trickery and manipulation of the controlled masses. The controlled masses may be comfortable with being controlled and being manipulated as long as they can taste what they believe is steak and wine. [youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="Z7BuQFUhsRM"] So hood ninjas cannot trust the African American mass no more than he can trust those that are working against the best interest of the African-Americans and that is the reality of the challenge hood ninjas have to face. So in order for a hood ninja to make the moves necessary, they will do the following unorthodox strategies: Marginalization. Identify all obstacles and barriers preventing African-Americans from progressing and attack them directly and rendered them marginalized or neutralized.  These are the lies and myths and propaganda permeating throughout the African-American community as well as the controllers who promote data as a way to control. Data Manipulation. African-Americans mostly operate on data  - this flaw is what enables African-Americans to be controlled and remained highly docile and nothing more than a wage-earning consumer.  Hood ninjas are going to use the same datasets and manipulate that data in a way to render the data useless or turn the tables against the person promoting the data. Data Gathering. Hood ninjas are skilled at recognizing patterns and key data points to capture and report back to those that need the data. This is done through both immersion and remote observation techniques to monitor actions of adversaries and create countermeasure and predictive analysis patterns. Proxy Warfare. The numbers are always stacked against a hood ninja so direct confrontation with the larger enemy is avoided at all cost. Instead, hood ninjas will use proxies to launch battles through data manipulation as well as use of agents who can take certain action. When the going get tough, it's time for hood ninjas to get going and do what they have to do to turn things around. Quite frankly, this article will not be understood by the everyday cats.  The missions, the techniques and the execution of the hood ninja will probably never even be recognized by everyday people living their everyday life. But hood ninjas do what they have to do because they know no one else will do the real work to empower the people and bring an order of having a better quality of life for brothas and sistas and create a framework of prosperity and a path for the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.