Preparing Brothas and Sistas Worldwide to Hustle Smart, Not Hard in 2012

In 2012, some of us realize we gotta hustle to deal with the upcoming economic situation that does not appear to get any better. By now, you should realize no one is going to hire you and pay you real money unless you bringing real skills to the table. By now, you should realize some of your friends and family are phony and fake and you spent too much time being around them instead of doing for yourself. By now, you should realize these other hustle bloggers and Black business magazines are on some straight sideways bullsh*t that ain’t got nothing to do with making real progress towards prosperity. And most important, you should realize that Dream and Hustle are the only characters in town that didn’t write our own people off and working overtime to turn things around. Cats know my story in 2011 where basically, I started off at zero and in 2011 with zero I started up Liquiditi to study micro-retailing, help others launch business, made some moves worldwide that I need to keep hush at the moment but most important, I exposed a lot of fake and weak cats around me and cut them to the sideline so I can focus on what’s real. Yeah, that’s funny and I’m smirking because I basically showed a bunch of cats around me behind my back doubting me that even at my worst moments, I can still hustle harder than their “just talk about it” behinds, real talk. So with that said, I’m the only real cat that proven myself to all of you cats I’m about this on the real level. Now there are some good things I’ve noticed in 2011. First of all, mobile payments did not take off in 2011 meaning brothas and sistas still got opportunity to take over in this sector because this is what’s going to create Black billionaires is the digital management of money. And I’m going to help you brothas and sistas get to that billion dollar level, God willing. Second, real estate prices continue to deflate in key markets making it easier for brothas and sistas to launch business in their community in 2012. But even more good is the opening of free trade agreements, especially in Africa that we brothas and sistas will definitely learn more about in 2012 and try to make it work for us and our brothas and sistas in Africa. With that said, I really want you cats to think seriously about what you are going to do in 2012 in terms of a hustle. If I can make a suggestion, I would focus on a “smart” hustle in 2012 instead of these low-level hard working hustles that these other hustle bloggers want to copy/paste and present like a solution. That means you going to have to get smart about technology and learn how to leverage key parts of technology. Most of the stuff presented here on Dream and Hustle is not written in books and not really discussed anywhere else, including universities and tech colleges. Here are some key technologies: ESB. This is really what some consider to be xml web services but this is actually more easier than web sites to create and more powerful. This allow you to create a lot of side hustle businesses that allow others to subscribe and pay for services from your $4.99/month Godaddy hosting account. A lot of the next generation models for the hood will be driven by ESB-orientated frameworks. Mobile Presentation. Mobile technology allows brothas and sistas to start doing more real-world interactions and with the mixture of social media, can transform a lot of old-school style of hustling. So instead of developing desktop applications, brothas and sistas should definitely start learning how to develop solutions and applications for mobile phone. Media. Old mainstream media can basically be taken over by brothas and sistas very easily if someone just put in the work. The secret to media is that media should always be local and the cat who learn how to build real local media networks using the Internet as the transport is going to take over and be the media mogul in charge. This also include digital advertising with QR code and NFC smart posters as well as pay-per-view IPTV hosted in barber shops and hair salons around the world. Digital Account. Learn how to create accounts that allow people to sign up and make deposits and withdrawals. This will be the core of selling closed loop to open loop prepaid payment systems that can be used from everything to online and hood retailers to make purchases and get a cut of the transaction. Everything I listed above is just a sample of the technology that is not hard but just require cats to just put in the initial work to get it done. These are the type of hustles I would suggest you brothas and sistas look at in terms of the core functions. Everything other hustle is going to built upon these core technologies in a cheaper and more efficient manner. Once the ESB is setup, we can create services that allow other to create businesses and the same with media where we empower self-publishers and producers to create media and the same with digital accounts to establish fitness gyms and enhance retail offerings in the hood. That is why Dream and Hustle is working on these core technologies and will need core cats to launch these frameworks. But here is why I wrote this – the cats who work on these frameworks will have the easiest and richest hustle while other cats will have to use and pay for these frameworks so they can get paid. All of this technology frameworks that will be the core hustle are scalable meaning they can grow into millions and worldwide really easily as the money grow if managed correctly. So in 2012, I’m hoping cats really think about hustling smart and look at these core hustles and put in the work so we can get other cats up and running and turn things around in our communities in 2012.

6 thoughts on “Preparing Brothas and Sistas Worldwide to Hustle Smart, Not Hard in 2012

  1. Ed is there anyway to view your old articles about iptv, I have a project I working on that can possibly use this system to promote business locally

    1. The upcoming wikis in 2012 will have all of these details. I will discuss how the wikis will work in the next article.

  2. This article just sparked an idea that I believe can be implemented. Many thanks. So many opportunities in these next few years.

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