PSA – Get That Ignorant Rules of Engagement Nonsense Out of Your Head!

I have to interrupt my normal flow to put out a public service announcement about something that I thought brothas and sistas would have figured out by now.  I do not understand for the life of me and in total amazement at the number of brothas and sistas that still walk around with these “rules of engagement” code in their psyche. Well, let me give cats a newsflash – there is no damn “rules of engagement” and this article is the public service announcement I hope brothas and sistas realize and stop making ignorant comments about how cats should take me and you out. What bothers me is there was an incident here in Georgia where a young man was shot in the back by a cop and the details are not important for this article. What I want to focus on is there are Black folks quipping something about the cop was a “coward” for shooting the kid in the back or only a “coward” would shoot someone in the back. Okay, this is not the first time this kind of statement been made. I remember looking at a lynching exhibition and some dude next to me quipped about look at how many bigots it took just to string up that one brotha. Or you hear some cat talking about he challenged the correctional officer to a one-on-one in a closed room, just him and that CO as some kind of a manly threat. All of the cats out there that think like that need to just STFU with that ignorant worthless tough talk rhetoric. Some of these cats been brainwashed on some ignorant propaganda about rules of engagement when it comes to use of lethal force or any kind of force upon an adversary. Maybe these brothas and sistas watched too many Western movies where cats stared each other down in a duel with tumbleweeds rolling by in the background.  Or cats watch too many Kung Fu movies where cats are demonstrating their Kung Fu signature such as monkey, snake or crane style before kicking each other butts. Or where the man is about to hit his girlfriend and some romeo grab his wrists while it is in the air and romeo look at mr. beater as if romeo is more “macho” than the dude about to do the swinging upside ol girl head. All of this made for television crap about fighting, combat and rules of engagement got some Black folks messed up in the head and misguided and these cats are in a world of hurt. Back to life and back to reality, if cats want someone dead, they just get dead – f*ck all that bravado crap and rules of engagement stuff some of yall want to believe. Cats are driving by praying and spraying hitting every last kid on their big wheel or innocent teenage girl bystander sitting on her porch just to shoot at one dude and don’t give a damn who die on that block. Cats just walk up to marks and just blow their brains out and keep walking like nothing happen around everybody - all that matter is they got their mark. And this whole shoot cats in the back crap, well the most powerful military in the world don’t have problem shooting cats in their back do they? [youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="HNNYfVAPGzU"] Then we see videos of Civil Rights movement where they beating John Lewis across the head, throwing bricks at Martin Luther King head, throwing old overweight ladies to the ground, having their german shepherd bite brothas and none of these people showed no signs that they were a violent threat and just protesting for equal rights. All of this evidence all around us of ruthless violence and some of you cats want to have some macho rules of engagement code that we all must adhere by? Then you got the cat just a few months ago spraying pepper spray on a bunch of college hippies forming a human chain to protest California tuition increases. Some of you cats are straight ignorant. This is why I don’t go to the club no more. I read on several occasions where some dude go somewhere with his woman and cats try his woman and then brotha want to be macho and the cats follow them and then pull them over and beat him up and have their way with his woman right in front of him – that’s real stories right here in America, not some made up ish from the movie “City of God” either.  I’m writing all of this to say you ignorant  brothas and sistas better get that nonsense out of your head and learn to deal real world with real world threats out here. [youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="NzvfWEXU-tc"] If someone pulls out a gun on you, you don’t walk away and turn your back thinking they won’t shoot you – that’s some ignorant illogic you thought up all by yourself seconds before you feel something hot passing through your lower back as you fall to the ground and realize you been shot and thought wrong. If you are dealing with cops, shut the f*ck up and don’t make any moves because if the cop kill you, all the cop gonna get is reprimand and all you going to get is maybe a mention on the Rev. Al Sharpton show about you being dead, homey. You turn around and try to act macho with dudes and try to save these silly sistas who date these knuckleheads then yeah, you a hero and a real man. But a few weeks later as you get out of your car and see cats running up on you with guns for payback because your macho behind failed to realize cats are affiliated, then you better start running like a schoolgirl and scream for help like a straight sissy so you can hopefully live another day, bro. This is real talk from a real street cat who been there and done that and seen that and ran from that – get that ignorant crap about being macho out of your head and stop trying to define cats as “cowards” or “a real man” and that other nonsense. That’s bravado pride crap ain’t nothing but your two-bit opinion and cats out here in this world will straight do you the way they want to do you. So Black folks need to stop it with all these ignorant rules of engagement and instead focus on how these cats will come at us and focus on how we will defend ourselves at all angles.  That’s my PSA and I hope cats realize exactly what I’m trying to say here.

One thought on “PSA – Get That Ignorant Rules of Engagement Nonsense Out of Your Head!

  1. Good point. I think a lot of that fantasy logic comes from all that bullshit Black folks have been fed over the years, like love thy enemy. Damn that! I’ll love my enemy when they stop being my enemy. Here’s an example: dudes at my gym are experts in various forms of martial arts. In other words, they are weapons. So if the average dude off the street got into an altercation with them he would end up maimed or dead. Now only an idiot would suggest that the average dude simply man up and take that ass whuppin. I suggest he gets a gun and blow that attacker away. And given the fact that you don’t know what attacker knows what, only a damn fool would just leave it to chance. Oh and by the way, it’s always annoyed the hell out of me when women pop off with that “what a real man should do”! All I’m saying is, count up the number of dudes that got killed or just beat up trying to live up to that idiotic statement.

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