Starting Your Side Hustle in 2012 with Cheap Android Tablets

If you are planning to start a side hustle in addition to your main job in 2012, there are some modern bootstrapping techniques that will help launch your operation with little upfront cost. One of the most interesting techniques I’ve seen the past year was the use of cheap tablets being passed around small groups of people to peddle a side hustles. This article is going to talk about those tablets and how they can be used to start small side hustles that can eventually turn into bigger side hustles with little money to spend upfront. Of course, I’m not talking about the $500+ iPads or those other $400 Galaxy Tab and up tablets that are out on the market. I’m talking about those very cheap $100 and below tablets that has the Android operating system you can get at these electronic stores that are cheap. To some tech snob, they may consider these products an iPad knock off and poor quality to watch movies and stuff like that. To a cat wanting to launch a side hustle, these cheap tablets are the best thing invented since the hot air popcorn popper. [youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="vYJnx4UyEJE"] The one thing cats are sleep on about these cheap tablets is they are wi-fi enabled and they come with a web browser. Those are the only two features you need to create a setup where you can start hustling with the tablet. See, you can now setup a web page on Godaddy for $4/month that cats can access through that cheap tablet and you use that cheap tablet as the selling tool.  The thing about these cheap tablets is $100 is throwaway money compared to print alternatives but these cheap tablets can pay for themselves if you use these cheap tablets right – here are the hustles you can pursue: Taking Pre-Orders for Your Work Side Hustle. At the job, you will see sistas trying to sell Mary Kay or Avon or whatever in some paper-based catalog. But what you can do is create a web page “catalog” of products that will display on your tablet and you pass the tablet around at the job for people to look through. Not only do the co-workers look through the tablet, interacting with the touch screen interface, they can enter their email or add a product to a cart and when it comes back to you, you will see what they ordered on screen. Now you can sell purses, cosmetics, high heels, wigs, weaves, sex toys or whatever at the job from that tablet. A simple web page can accomplish this and JavaScript can be used to create interactive effects on the tablet browser when people do that touch screen stuff. Set up  Street Promotion Team. Now instead of the old way of passing out postcard sized fliers at the clubs that end up on the floor, you can now get cats to just show the tablet to people as they leave out. You can have just a QR code on the cheap tablet screen and cats can scan it will their cell phone and you are offering them a coupon when they scan the QR code.  Now on the weekends, you and a few other cats can do this instead of that printing up paper fliers for a client and pass out for a few bucks. With cheap tablets, you can market someone in REAL TIME if the party is jumping and charge them extra to get their product out to the live crowd you are currently in.  That means if someone is outside of a Jay-Z/Kanye West concert with a tablet in London and I want to advertise to cats in London, I can instantly send them a graphic with QR code to display on their tablet and they promoting to the crowd in minutes versus the print up postcard fliers to pass out weeks later. This is a real side-hustle opportunity with these cheap tablets for street cats to make side money. Create Dining Selection Menus. If you were running a lounge or bar, those cheap tablets can display a good graphic of a bottle of moscato for the sistas to order at their table. They would love the experience of passing the cheap tablet around and swiping the touch screen looking at the drink selection and you charging them $14 for a small glass of moscato at the same time..hehe. They pick out their drinks and appetizer and if you set up the cheap web site right, the bartender will already have their order and can start making it. You don’t even have to own a bar, you can build the cheap $4/month Godaddy web site and sell this cheap tablet solution to every sports bar, lounge, wine and cigar bar, tapas, hotel lobby or strip club this solution and charge them $50/month or more to maintain this solution off one cheap ass $4/month Godaddy hosting and cheap $100 tablets you charge them $150 to buy from you. As you see from these examples, these cheap tablets have a novelty effect that can engage potential customers to interact with the device and at the same time, you pushing a side hustle to them. The cost of a $100 tablet is way cheaper than printing a catalog or business cards or postcards to pass out to clients. You start working these circles and have people look at the cheap tablet and get them to give up an email address for follow up, place an pre-order or just show them something like various homes on the market if you are in real estate. If you are doing a job interview, it also doesn’t hurt to break out a tablet and show samples of your work to the person doing the interview – stuff like that put you ahead of the pack while the other cats still typing up paper resumes. And most of all, even with these cheap tablets, you can display a large QR code on the tablet screen for people to scan with their mobile phone or their own tablet and you can record these QR code scans in real time from the web site you are redirecting cats to when they scan. So do not sleep on these cheap tablets they sell at Big Lots and stuff like that – you can easily connect them to a mobile hot spot like Clear Wireless and create a cheap Godaddy web page that work for the tablet and can run a whole bunch of side hustles to bring in extra income in 2012.  

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  1. Ah ha!!!!! I was trying to come up with a way to do this. I was thinking But this can be even more beneficial to me.

    1. Yes. But I wouldn’t share that kind of tablet with strangers. These cheap Android tablets are something you won’t cry over if damaged or stolen.

  2. Cheap tablets are definitely the way to go if you’re not in the market for the more expensive tablets. My partner and I recently sold cheap tablets over the last month for $99, and our biggest regret was not purchasing more.

  3. Im glad you brought this to our attention Ed, I was now looking for a layout for my brocures but I see that this is way more effective and earth-friendly. I may need to look into this as Im speculating if I should go back to the blackberry or just get a cheap phone, along with the tablet and a 3g wireless router…I think Im leaning towards the latter.

  4. the menus thing and pre-orders on your side hustle are on point. Finding a decent web person for those of us who don’t quite know how to set up the site for ordering can be a task but that is a great idea. Very very good.

  5. Pulling out the tablet during the interview process is great. How perfect is that?! Quite frankly that was a first said by anyone and I follow everyone! I love this blog. P.S. You betcha I’m working on my side gig.

    1. You can use the same setup as the apple store where they have that telephone cord looking wire thing with a sensor that sound an alarm if disconnected.

      In addition, you can cut fiberglass and ex-con cats know how to do this but shape it in a way where you use the fiberglass as a display container to mount the tablet so people can just use it as a mini-kiosk either on the wall or on a countertop.

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