Understanding Why Warren Ballentine Got Booted From WAOK 1380 AM in Atlanta

Warren Ballentine is as flaky as a coconut cake when it come to Black issues. Mr. Ballentine is the perfect embarrassing example of how these cats want to pretend they are about Black empowerment when they are really about their connections and their own status.  Warren Ballentine show is no longer being aired on WAOK in Atlanta, which Warren Ballentine proclaimed it was his biggest market.  Some people even had some words on the Warren Ballentine Facebook community site after I explained why I think and something interesting popped up on the radar. Warren Ballentine scheme was to find some garbage to talk about and first he tried to do the Baisden thing with baby momma drama and relationship stuff. But then he went into this so-called Black empowerment stuff and was never real about it. What Warren Ballentine would do is basically say he has some “program” he want his audience to be a part of and then tell them if that “program” works, that money “could” be used to reinvest into the Black community. Warren Ballentine first talked about some Mechanics and Farmers bank in North Carolina but it is interesting that he went to college in North Carolina and may not have disclosed he possibly could have a relationship with someone there at the bank instead of just picking any Black bank anywhere.  His sheep following audience went and deposited money and calling up the radio show testifying they did it. Okay, so what happened as a result – no one even asked and we haven’t heard anything about it anymore Next, he talked about starting up an “investment” program where his audience would “pool” their money together and start investing in Black businesses in the communities. Then when he launched the program, it was about some investing in “fast food franchises” in the Black community and I wrote an article about that where he faked out his own audience. When he first announced this "pooling" thing, he was talking direct investment into Black businesses and people were calling up his show talking about their business and the help they needed. Then he pull some crap about Dock’s Fish, again another Chicago tie-in where he was going to help the cats at Dock’s Fish franchise. Okay, that ish never panned out to anything either, claiming the “investors” who pooled their money didn’t want to collaborate and had their own way of how Dock’s Fish should be ran or located in certain communities. Then we heard some story about Warren Ballentine creating some bank initiative with all of these banks where if his audience put in deposits, the banks will match those deposits to invest in Black businesses in the community. Have you heard anything from that either? Cats calling in the radio show saying they live in Chicago or Milwaukee and wanted to know the nearest bank that participate in Warren Ballentine bank initiative and as of today, what have you heard as a result of this of many “empowerment hustles” that suppose to lead to investment in Black businesses? Now, Warren Ballentine been promoting a coffee program where if people “subscribe” to get coffee every month, that money will be used to invest in the Black communities. But then Warren Ballentine said he had a special announcement and started paying mortgages of people who wrote in. So instead of reinvesting in the Black community, Warren Ballentine transferred that coffee money directly to the faceless banks.  I’m really hoping by now some of you reading this see the pattern and see how full of sh*t and flaky Warren Ballentine really is about Black empowerment he like to talk about all the time. But the biggest hustle of all is the Debt Stopper hustle and this is what I believe got Warren Ballentine kicked off WAOK.  The problem with Warren Ballentine having some 30-minute segment with some White people who supposed to sound like they have authority – I have to stop here. Okay, let me break into something you guys may not know about Black radio. When Black radio want to hustle some bullsh*t to the Black community, they bring around some White person to speak as if they are some authority figure. These Black radio stations have this market research that says Black people will respond better to a White voice than a Black voice and that is why you see stuff like Dramatic Weight Loss and even Debt Stoppers played out in the White guy talking format that it is. I also believe someone is peddling prostate pills on Warren Ballentine and Rev. Al Sharpton show under this racist context. Just wanted to inform cats of how Black radio are playing Black people with these commercials featuring White voices.  In case you forgot, they did this same “White male authority” voice format on Black radio with the “home equity loans” during the nineties. If you are in the Atlanta area and listen to Black radio stations, you would know there is already a bankruptcy firm called King & King that advertise heavily on V-103 and WAOK. If I’m correct, King & King also does stuff for the local community and charity drives throughout the Atlanta area. So let’s figure something out here – we got a local Atlanta firm that pays for advertising and probably one of the biggest paid advertisers on V-103 and WAOK and we got a syndicated radio show where Warren Ballentine runs a competing Atlanta firm under the guise of Debt Stoppers for 30 minutes like an informercial with staged questions and staged answers to get people to call in.  Is it really that complicated to understand why Warren Ballentine show was canned? But here is the interesting thing that popped up on Facebook – cats were wondering why he got booted off WAOK and I posted a possible reason: Then some character/alias that goes by the name of “Serious Styles” posted the following pseudo-Black empowerment stuff; But “Serious Styles” must have read my comment and posted a response. By the way, this “Serious Styles” is the same person that always calling in WAOK under the alias “Serious” with his two-bit opinion and try to sound righteous and dignified about Black empowerment – this is what he wrote: So this “Serious” character who supposed to be all dignified and rationale when he calls WAOK making "empowernment comments, made this statement calling me names and even making threats of violence against me on Facebook. So just so you guys know exactly what happened next – I messaged this “Serious Styles” character directly with a man-to-man response: In addition, I also posted the following response on the thread he posted that internet gangsta rhetoric: So, don’t think for a minute this “Serious Styles” character was not stepped to by me after posting that stuff. You should have noted something – I stated I know who the hell he is anyway. See, when “Serious Styles” runs around in open circles talking that crap he talk about, he put himself out there for me and every other agent to know his card.  That’s how stupid cats like him are and will do nothing but run their mouth all of the time. Did you also notice that this “Serious” character stated that “WAOK/WVEE are loosing their appeal with the BLACK MIDDLE CLASS in ATLANTA due to the buffoonery and lack of real BLACK POLITICAL might by WAOK/WVEE!” but he still calls in WAOK multiple times a day and run his mouth? He still calls in WAOK wanting to be heard by somebody and you will still hear him talking and running his mouth about Black empowerment, just like Warren Ballentine except “Serious” don’t have a hustle behind his rhetoric. Real talk, I don’t have space or bandwidth to deal with “Serious” or “Serious Styles” right now because there are things that need to be done and taken care of more serious than a “Serious” alias. What I will say is this – I am a clear and present danger and a real threat to a lot of these fake characters who want to focus on rhetoric than results. These are the ones that like to read these Dr. Claude Anderson and Dr. Frances Welsing books for the past several years but ain’t done a damn thing. The same cats who claim they been to the Million Man March in 1995(?) and it’s 2011 and you just look at them still talking and just shake your head.  They know they are a bunch of fake clowns and what they try to do is they want to come at me and real cats like me hard. The reason they want to come at me hard is they believe I have to “prove myself” to them as if I revolve around them and their idealogy. They want to put me into their crazy twisted context of how economic empowerment should come about in our community. I don’t have time or tolerance for any simple character with made-up, radical thoughts towards serious issues affecting our community and will just leave it at that. When I see a young sista sleeping out of her car in a parking lot at an empty former big box store, stuff like that make me take real action, not just call up WAOK everyday with worthless rhetoric like this “Serious Styles” character. You are going to see a lot of these fake talking characters pop up on the radar as Dream and Hustle pursue true economic empowerment for our people, our community and our future.  They are threatened because Dream and Hustle will be based on STEM, not bullcrap rhetoric and kinte cloth wearing garbs and ignorant illogical self-published books about Moors, Hebrews and Egyptians. Dream and Hustle is looking at the right here and right now of the past 10 years of recent events that is all based on data and social engineering that these cornball characters cannot comprehend because it is above their education level. Dream and Hustle is focused on the future while these cornballs pro-Black characters are realizing they are outdated and irrelevant and just laughed at and ignored by the greater Black community who see what is real around them in these streets. With that said, keep in mind the documentary of “The Century of Self” when they did a study with the Black Panthers up in Oakland during the 60s. What was discovered was the Black Panthers were not interested in their goals, they were just interested in forcing someone to accept their platform and be validated like a teenager growing up into an adult. That is really the mentality of all of these Black organization that we are dealing with and when they see a real adult like Dream and Hustle enter the stage doing grown people ish to empower our people, expect to see little teenage punk responses like this “Serious Styles” character and others just like him. http://blogs.ajc.com/radio-tv-talk/2011/12/19/warren-ballentine-is-gone-from-waok-am/

24 thoughts on “Understanding Why Warren Ballentine Got Booted From WAOK 1380 AM in Atlanta

  1. slap you across your bitter mouth?!?!

    Rotflmbao…, uh, that’s easily the most feminine threat I’ve heard in a month of sundays…,

    1. Thank your Mr. Dunn for calling this silly serious character out. He’s the baffon. Wished I had seen this earlier. I came to the party late. I have heard him in the last few weeks and thank you for shutting his unintelligent mouth. He’saiming for a show. If anyone gives him one I will not be a listnen May God bless you.

  2. For all that ignorance/profanity/garbage Serious Styles was talking he has the nerve to have himself kissing a bible in his profile pic. What a surprise.

    Thank you brother. I appreciate the work you put in trying to enlighten our people.

  3. Ed, i’m glad to see that you are not getting caught up in irrelevant matters. Stay focused on what you are bringing to the people through Dream & Hustle. Real economic development strategies and tactices based on a STEM framework, real ish!

  4. Yo Ed you are on point with your analysis of the termination of the WB show on WAOK. Starting last year I was like “DAMN” whats with all these infomercial fake interviews. If I heard that damn skin doctor recite his phone # one-more-time like a crazed used car salesman I was gonna throw my radio out the window! Too much advertising and lately too much cockiness and boasting. I found myself drifting when callers would say they emailed him and he never replied…but he always say “email me at blah blah blah”…And then on a another show he said he gets thousands of emails a week so I say how could you possibly look for specific emails through that mess. I just dont know about WB at this point…not the same he use to be!

  5. I thought i was the only person to notice how fake warren has gotten.
    After he talks about his toppics he wants to talk about for the day,
    i change the station.
    I am tierd of hearing about his mother,how he loves this or that, how he is flying ,here
    or there, and how he will go buy the 1st jar of this or that.
    I remember on a few shows he had , he talked about how the rappers are
    degrading or disrespecting the black race. I agreed w/ what he said. no other
    race sings about killing their fellow man or disrespecting their females , but the black race.
    well anyway 50 cent came on the show and warren didnt say shitttttt to 50 about it.
    warren told his listners to go out and buy 50s new record.
    Is warren full of shit or what??? some body has to agree w/ me out there.
    its like some one put a gun to his head and said talk about bullshit but not the facts.
    Also i feel he should be on the church chanel insted of the politics chanel.
    this is my 2 cents. ooo yea G W on the hill shoul take warrens place.
    I am out of here ..happy new year to every one.

  6. It was clear to me from the very beginning of his show that he was full of it.When Michael Eric Dyson left his original syndicated show and WB took over, it only took me a few shows to see him as a wannabe hustler. His self-righteous persona is as phony as a 7 dollar bill. Even though I may catch his show to see what black folks are talking about I can’t stand being lectured to by this clown. He really needs to change that about himself. Not all black folks like to be talked down to. His show has now become a huge infomercial for his buddies peddling everything from bankruptcy to pills to make you pee better. And he’s got the nerve to talk about Tavis Smiley and Cornel West just trying to sell books. I can’t keep up with everything he’s trying to sell.

  7. I thought it was just me. I noticed Warren’s show was becoming one big huge advertisement. I knew there had to be a connection somewhere when he promoted a bank in North Carolina ironically where he also attended college. And he was aggressively promoting Debt Stoppers in Atlanta telling people they need to file for bankruptcy using the idea that if it is OK for corporations, then it is OK for you BS.

  8. ” be validated like a teenager growing up into an adult.”

    I’m just in utter silence over here. I was just talking about same with friend about coworkers, nosy neighbors and pop stars. Did not realize it went deeper like this with WB.

    Please keep what you are doing. 🙂

  9. So now WB is on the empowerment network asking that listeners contribute to this legal defense fund. He says he needs help with his legal fees and that he does the radio show for free. He stated that if we don’t donate, that he would go off the air. I wish that he would go off. He does not talk about current events. He mostly talks about why blacks don’t succeed because we do not pool our resources. It really should be called the Dr. Claude Anderson show because he plays this man youtube videos for this entire show at least 4 times a week! This article was written years ago and WB is still pulling the same hustle.

  10. Yes, what happened to the previous dollars given by listeners? Now this legal defense fund needs to be explained each time he asks for cash! Is this for real estate scam? I don’t want to believe he’s crooked so please explain!

  11. I don’t write on threads and my wife would be shocked but I am compelled to state, how about strictly serious and dream and hustle meet without the violence or violent rhetoric and come to an agreement on one problem they can solve in the community then fix it. First, in terms of empowerment it was Booker T. Washington or W.E.B Dubois, 50 years later Martin or Malcolm, and not as grand a scale but two brothers battling on strategy to the degree that blatant or veiled threats are being issued, and responses in kind over the disrespect, lines cannot be drawn, it hasn’t worked in the past nor shall it work in the present or the future. As there are consenting voices on strategy must their be vitriol on the goal. There can be no choosing of a side, just the work. Perhaps we are to whistle while we work to prevent the need to speak unkind words against false leadership lest we remain trapped in the same scenario which is chaos. We do not have the luxury of choosing a side, do we still have to point the finger and say “no he’s the sellout”. If what we offer is pure then we don’t need to discuss the bad. In terms of leadership, until one of us shows that he loves his own even the one he vehemently disagrees with and does not attack his brotha be it verbally, in writing, or plain view these internecine conflicts will continue and a united front will still be beyond the grasp of a black fist, dream n hustle I love what you are doing, and since it is working you only need to highlight your program and the more you produce the more will follow, none of us have the luxury of issuing or responding to blatant or veiled threats towards one another, if we say we love our black brother but now that we have been disrespected we will fight our black brother, then in the recess of our hearts there still remains a disdain for our black brother, dream n hustle you are so correct that false leaders will be revealed but how is not by our lips or negative remarks on those leaders, but by the time, energy, and spirit and ofcourse success in our programs that revels false doctrines. Our successes reveal true change and true leadership and our failures reveal what needs to be changed and how it is to be lead. You helping the sista sleeping in a car, that is a beautiful thing, let’s focus on the good of that story and how you empowered her, not if warren is a crook, good trumps evil every day, we just have to believe and share the good everyday. I stumbled on this so I will never hear the feedback, in due time. Regardless how anyone responds, I love my people and have no fight with them crooked or upright, poor or rich they all can be reached and transformed. I love both these brothas to the degree I could not utter a vile word against the other, true love is not speaking ill of the brotha you feel in your core is robbing your people, because your deeds will enrich them, we must have faith that the masses will choose what is clean over what is dirty, together black republican or black national, but together

    1. True, it’s not what you say but how you say it. To say we can’t disagree will false leaders because we are Black is just wrong. If we can’t agree/disagree amongst ourselves then who? Regardless of race if he is constantly creating avenues of investment for our community with no return we have a right to question his behavior! You say let time, spirit reveal the deception but some give their last for the cause only to find out it’s a scam. Not saying this is the case but with no return one starts to wonder. You say we shouldn’t speak negatively of each other then end it all with Black Republican? The Republican party tell us as Black people on a regular basis of their lack of need for us. Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh, William Bennett (who says squash crime by aborting Black babies), Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Sara Palin, Bill O’reilly, John Wayne, these are the leaders/voices of the Republican party and White but its okay to accept their verbal abuse, lack of support and join/follow them? Come on!! We can and should call Warren out and anyone else who doesn’t follow thru after getting our support.

  12. This is so sad, this is the very reason Black people are always behind and never can get together on anything ,Neighborhoods are broken families are broken and other cultures come in and set up shop in our neighborhood. All because we busy ruining and tearing each other down instead of coming together with love.

    1. Anita i find it funny you think black people tearing down each other is the cause for the demise of our community…

      While you Anita choose to ignore the fact we got two-bit hustlers running around like Warren Ballentine screwing with black people money and dreams as outlined above and they gave him a black media platform to run game.

      do you know how much damage was caused to the black community across the country from that mortgage fraud game warren ballentine was involved in? of course you dont anita because you sound like an idiot talking about black people “tearing down each other” when warren ballentine has a resume of exploiting the black community for self gain…

  13. What happened to his show now? He is not on the air. The call-in number goes to voice mail and the live stream has a error message??? Whats going on with the Warren Ballentine Show?

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