Labor Pains – Substantial

V1 Tired of nine to fives in my case two to tens Refuse to choose methods that others use to win If my talent ain’t involved. Working got my head hurting To the point you couldn’t fix it with a quart of Tylenol No stranger to labor. On the whole, it’s pointless If in the end I haven’t been working toward my goals So I stay hunting for green like Lex Luthor So I can dead any beef I might have in the future with my super Man rent’s due! We’re on our last roll of toilet tissue Plus queen and I be having issues when doe’s tight Suddenly I’m less concerned with getting my flow right Restless barely caught a wink through the whole night Running on fumes could blackout in an instant On “E” with barely enough to finish this very sent… Tense muscles! Sometime I wonder Did blacks invent struggle ‘cause we know it well Rich in many things but I’m still broke as hell And what’s red and black without some greenbacks A fund less revolution is money the solution More money more problem more bills less truth More lies less you mobilize lets move And get that cheese for cats get me But I’m clever as Jerry so never you worry I’ll provide for fam long after I’m buried HOOK 3 Months past benefits kick in 6 months past and I feel like quitting Promotion after 9 a whole new beginning Made insane by these labor pains REPEAT HOOK V2 It’s like morning sickness when I wake up for work filled with ill will Wanting to murder my boss like Kill Bill The real feel what I’m saying ‘cause it’s realer talk Wishing I was still a little kid watching Silver Hawks Now that’s a distant memory now my days are spent At the bar during happy hour sipping hennesy Like it’s a remedy for these growing pains So insane but I hope for change Like homeless pan-handlers yall’d rather ignore me ‘Cause hearing this song is like listening to your story It would be nice to retire at forty But my mom hasn’t and she’s over age sixty Probably do better if she wasn’t plagued with me But they say babies are a gift from God But they feel like a burden when shit gets hard Over due utilities I’m knowing you is feeling me These hard times are meant to be something you learn from So hard work essentially is something you should earn from Money don’t grow on trees but it leaves And even harder to get for underground MC’s It’s enough to make you hate breathing Working two or three jobs just to break even Labor pains is the reason why I ain’t sleeping Fuck sloppy seconds! Why can’t my people eat like they eating Even when we ain’t eating we always cooking Like Ope be telling me I’m hoping felonies Ain’t in my forecast because lack of my own Got me looking at your cash but I earn my shit And try to save something never burn my shit So we can cop homes a Brooklyn brownstone And maybe I’ll own land back in MD For whenever we need to escape the big city So let’s get busy and start our business We’ll succeed if our hearts are in it I’ll work for me and not for another To provide jobs for all of our brothers and queens ya’nahmeen HOOK credits from Sacrifice, released 08 January 2008 Lyrics by: Substantial Produced by: Tonedeff

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