Now That You Discovered Red Tails Suck, Here are Some Better Aviation Movies

Yesterday, I was on Facebook shocked at the stand alone complex virus spreading around among brothas and sistas talking about go and see Red Tails. It was like everybody was saying the same thing – go see Red Tails and support this movie or they won’t make any movies for us. Quite frankly, not only I found that propaganda both offensive and anti-Semitic, I know damn well those same cats would never go on Facebook and have the same kind of passion for a Black-owned and operated endeavor. Cats running around screaming “support Red Tails” were data manipulated and hacked, plain and simple. Someone put a bug in their ear and they ran to Facebook like robots trying to spread the virus of telling us Black folks to support Red Tails or else. Let’s be real honest about what the propaganda message being spread around really meant – if we African-Americans do not go out and support Red Tails, then Jewish Hollywood will not fund anymore Black movies. That kind of propaganda is offensive and based on fear and ethnic hatred and I rebuke it. Now, let’s use some common sense here with a little data on our own. First of all, George Lucas is one of the richest and most powerful film producers in history – how the f*ck he going to talk to me and you about funding issues? That’s like Bill Gates talking about he need Black people to support some software created by all Black programmers– do you see how stupid that sound? Second and this is where most of these cats are very ignorant and shout out to the Tyler Perry sheeple. The movie industry release their bullsh*t crap movies in the January to April timeframe or the September through October timeframe. Oh yeah, now you sistas just realize that’s the same time period they release most of Tyler Perry movies and that one upcoming Steve Havery movie, right? The real money to be made is during the summer months – even a movie that suck will get serious box office sales from the summer run because people want to go out period. So with that said, you cats are sitting up here trying to convince me to watch a movie that was already determined to fail or underperform in the first place. Someone of George Lucas caliber has never released a damn movie this time of the year and that should have given you cats a clue right there. Now, the cats are already coming back and calling me up and telling me the Red Tails movie suck rocks. So I know cats are mad they spent all that theatre money and was duped in supporting a movie that wasn’t great in the first place. But for you cats out there that really want to see aviation based movies, I have two of my favorites that I would share you watch this weekend on Netflix. Both these movies are anime but both of these movies I’m recommending are in my top 25 movies of all time and I probably watched them over 30 times apiece and still amazed. But here is another thing – both of these movies will be loved by sistas more than brothas because of the strong theme and storyline behind it. So let me just get into the movies. The Sky Crawlers You can find this on Netflix or $10 at Fry’s but this movie is considered one of the best anime film ever created. This is the kind of movie you would play if you buy an 80-inch flat panel OLED set because the visuals and effects are so stunning. But the movie is extremely deep and once you see what the real storyline is in this movie, that is why this is considered one of the best anime and one of the best film in my collection. My son and most of my dates who see this movie also told me it was one of the best they seen period. The Place Promised in Our Early Days Do not let the trailer fool you – this is definitely a movie off Netflix or DVD that is a great date movie. To be honest, the ending is so beautiful and emotional that it even made me cry because that’s real love I have experienced in my life and would do the same thing for any woman I’m truly have in my heart. Ladies will love this movie because it is different but the storyline is exactly the kind of movie I want to sit down with someone special and enjoy and watch the aviation story build up at the same time. In addition this is a STEM related movie for young teenagers to enjoy. So with that said, you can skip over the Red Tails and if you have Netflix Instant streaming, check out these two aviation movies that are defiantly the kind of aviation movies that worth seeing. Again, these two are in my top 25 movies of all time and I hope that means something.

3 thoughts on “Now That You Discovered Red Tails Suck, Here are Some Better Aviation Movies

  1. GCV added a nice flourish to the question of the timing of this movie’s release;

    Don’t forget the Hollywood/Pentagon relationship. Red Tails come at just the right moment to help rally the pulpit population’s reconstruction of sandcastle one-dimensional “black history month” poster personalities. Support colored people’s contribution to the Empire.

    1. I really find this whole thing extremely shameful. African-Americans are trying to say the movie was great and all other bylines trying to force it upon others. I never seen so much fake desperation to make a movie do great or well under such conditions.

      These same African-Americans will never post like this if one of their own or someone they know doing an endeavor and that is the sad part. I love Fox Studios feedback where they said they never expected it to do this good.

      Red Tails only demonstrated that African-Americans can collaborate and be good consumers and that’s the sad part only a few of us will understand…

  2. No I definitely can’t say the movie sucked. The aerial combat alone was excellent! Yes the story and acting weren’t really the best. But regardless of who made it or how people get it, the fact that so many people now know about a flat-out incredible story of our people makes the movie worth it. Keep in mind, I’m one of those people that started to skip it this weekend just because of all the retarded pressure I was getting to see it as if it’s my duty as a Black man to support it. But I went anyway because (sadly) unlike so many of our people I’ve known all about this story since I was a kid and couldn’t wait to see it on the screen.
    On an even sadder note; my cousin told me this morning about a 40 year old sista that did not know they were fighting the Nazis. Man that fact right there proves the worth of this movie. If one more clueless moron left the theater educated on what Black folks have really done, then great!

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