Review of Barack Obama 2012 Blueprint for an America Built to Last

The last State of the Union, President Barack Obama acknowledged America current economic position and outlined a plan to improve our economic condition. African-Americans are now on Facebook running around posting up pics as part of a image propaganda campaign and Rev. Al Sharpton who originally was supporting Hillary Clinton are not going into depth about President Obama State of the Union speech. Well, we are about to in this article. Here is the entire speech you can find on and on YouTube that is “enhanced” with an info-data stream. I don’t expect you to spend the whole hour watching it, but then again, some of you cats love President Obama too much as a follower, maybe you will: In tandem with the State of the Union address, the White House released a document outlining their “blue print” for a better America which is basically, his campaign theme and talking points. You can also find that document at the site and if you cannot tell by now, Dream and Hustle always advocate you go to official government web sites for first hand facts because your tax dollars paid for this raw information. Now, let’s discuss some of the points that I read from this document which is what President Barack Obama outlined in his State of the Union and give our perspective. I will only focus on the jobs and economic development portions of the White House proposals while Black Enterprise Magazine promotes another silly top 100 list or slideshow or whatever.
A Nation Where Everyone Gets a Fair Shot, Does Their Fair Share, and Plays by the Same Set of Rules Manufacturing: Create New Jobs Here In America, Discourage Outsourcing, and Encourage Insourcing Skills: Give Hard-Working, Responsible Americans a Fair Shot Energy: Make The Most Of America’s Energy Resources Values: Ensure Every American Plays By the Same Set Of Rules And Pays Their Fair Share
Now here is my take on the White House proposals.. I appreciate that President Obama fully understand the importance of manufacturing and what is frustrating me is African-Americans especially in the Rust Belt have plenty of opportunity to rebuild economic strongholds through new forms of manufacturing if they wanted to. We got generations of manufacturer brothas and sistas up in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana and Pennsylvania and yall up North cats cannot make a luxury shoe factory to sell to the growing affluent in China, India and Middle East? I will discuss that one cat Mike Green at who had the nerve to say African-Americans should ignore manufacturing and focus more on technology – no, I’m a real tech expert and this technology is my life but we better focus way more on manufacturing and creating tangible goods with quality. Innovation does not create jobs, demand for products and services create jobs so there is no such thing as an “innovation economy”, okay? I’ll talk about that in a later article but modern manufacturing is way more critical and create more channels of jobs than any other solution, including technology. In a New York Times article, President Barack Obama asked the late Steve Jobs about how to bring those Apple manufacturing jobs back to America. Steve Jobs told Barack Obama those jobs are not coming back and gone forever. Well, I’m pretty sure President Barack Obama is thinking the only thing gone forever is Steve Jobs and the President is going to do something while he still here to get those jobs back to America. President Barack Obama is now proposing a protectionist doctrine that punish with higher taxes those companies that outsource and promotes companies that insource. During the State of the Union, he also talked about how the banks hurt middle class Americans. Then he also mentions how tuition is high and programs to make college affordable. If you haven’t picked up the clues – President Barack Obama is pandering to the Occupy movement main talking point. This is my issue – President Obama should have done all of this protectionist doctrine within the first 180 days he served in office back in 2009. Instead, President Obama know he helped propped up the very same Wall Street banks who were screwing over Americans and throwing them out of homes with no one new to move into these homes at the same value, destroying middle class communities across suburbia. Today, this “protectionist” stuff is nothing more than an empty campaign promise that will never see his desk to sign, just like his Job Bill proposals from last year. In addition, President Obama signed one of the worst laws I’ve seen since the Bankruptcy Reform Act signed by George Bush that gave banks more power to screw over middle class Americans. President Obama signed a highly flawed Patent Reform Act that change from first-to-invent to first-to-file and quite frankly, this is extremely devastating to African-American entrepreneurs and Mike Green so-called “Innovation Economy” dream. If you have a great invention or a new process and run your mouth about it, then a large patent filing operation like IBM can get a patent filed in less than 24 hours of hearing it and screw that inventor out of any chance of seeing their product or process become theirs without paying the patent owners a royalty for filing first. Did you also notice President Barack Obama proposed veterans get cop jobs and national parks jobs instead of helping transition veterans to help rebuild this economy? Nobody is more qualified and disciplined to help rebuild America than veterans and any non-veteran can cop any kind of civilian-based attitude they want, but history speaks for itself. That one, I didn’t get because this is one of many of his proposals that are already in existence and paid for by Congress and local governments. Overall, Barack Obama is not going to get Congress to increase any kind of taxes because the GOP will argue the rich is the one who are employing people and that is correct. Say what you want about the Koch Brothers but the Koch Brothers put food on hundreds of thousands of people table every night. In addition, it is a lot easier and no skin off any corporation teeth to totally move their operations out of America altogether and just be a foreign stakeholder. But let’s be honest, the only thing keeping these corporations in America is because they taking advantage that America is a stable country. A lot of these other countries have a history of taking over these corporations and freezing their assets and turn the whole operation over to the government. Let me give you a hint – almost every country we went to war with, it was initiated not by some violence but when that country decide to repatriate an American corporation and nationalize it. Let Nigeria nationalize their oil industry and watch how the West start portraying them as the most evil nation the United States have to go to war with next. Wrapping up, the summary I want cats to understand is President Barack Obama is a politician who is stumping for votes. Everything he said in his State of the Union is not going to happen and this is stuff he just going to talk about as he campaigns for re-election. The truth of the matter is, this should be a wake-up call for me and you that we have to do for ourselves and make it happen for ourselves. If a Black President ain’t going to put in real action to get things done and we seeing nothing but sheep followers posting Obama pics on Facebook, that’s the biggest clue we got that we are on our own. The things to take away from President Obama speech is manufacturing is important, education is important and many of cats are going to turn poor and to the sidelines real fast if you ain’t got STEM in your mix. Second thing is you saw nothing concrete when it came to doing stuff for African-Americans and our communities. You heard of nothing related to urban developments which are our economic centers in America, not suburbia. With that said, you and me are on our own to make stuff happen for us. I’ve been saying this same thing for years and to be honest, a lot of cats who ain’t done nothing don’t realize every year, it’s a new group of cats who turned either 18 or 21 and thrown out into the workforce to compete with them for scarce jobs. Okay, let’s be honest – President Obama just selling us hope while we got real world drama going on and I’m tired of the fluff and the followers and cats who not going to put in work to put in the real change for our betterment. I know I written a lot but that’s all I really wanted to say about this hot air bag State of the Union speech. Whew, glad I got that one out after writing 1500 words and BSing on what I really wanted to say. Yall don't know how hard it is to be from Chicago and patronizing Obama when deep inside, you know the President ain't doing sh*t for the real struggling African-Americans who need his help the most and most loyal to him....

7 thoughts on “Review of Barack Obama 2012 Blueprint for an America Built to Last

  1. Amen, brother. I paid no attention to the speech. Although I had no idea what he was going to say I knew it wouldn’t mean a thing. He has no intention of addressing a people friendly agenda, let alone a black agenda. We need to come to terms with that. This is Bush. With a tan..

    1. If he cannot deliver, then we need to wake up and realize none of them is going to do anything for us. All we seem to get is a warm and fuzzy feeling that we have a Black president..meanwhile there are lines with thousands of African-Americans waiting for a job..

  2. excellent post and i understand i’m from chicago southside. this next election is ‘damn if i do. damned if i dont’

  3. Hey I support Barack and many of his ideas but not all, and you’re right, we need to go ahead and do for ourselves instead of waiting on others to do it. What you said is damn right, why aren’t we coming up with these ideas and these luxe goods and not sending them to other places if the people here don’t want to support it. You have a world view and can tell folks about how others look at americans and would love to be able to get their hands on something from the US like us over here jump at anything that sounds French. It will get popular overseas then get popular here years after the fact so we have to look more outside that box, learn foreign languages and export to them like they do to us.

    1. Apple Bottoms is a very successful and popular brand in Asia – something designed for sistas, right?

      We African-Americans are definitely ignoring the billions of customers outside of the USA that would buy our items if we manufacture them.

  4. The key to successful money making in the 2000’s and beyond is simple- back to basics. We have got to start looking backwards instead of forwards. A lot of cats don’t want to hear this but I’m going there- we own a commercial cleaning business -Shinze Industrial. My husband was “laid off” from Kodak… became a nomad job hunter for 2 years straight- and it finally hit him- entrepreneurship was the way… now I hold down a 9-5 so we had a little “security” during the beginning of the lean days. The business launched in 2008- he started off with 3 small accounts and now he and I have 6 larger corporate office accounts… the income is steady and considered comfortable by today’s standards. My point- HUSTLE hard.. start going back to basic service needs that no one pays attention to due to the WM’s trickery of technology based needs only. I’m not saying commercial cleaning is for everyone but there’s a niche out there for all of us.

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