The Hood-Based Invisible Pop-Up Store Project – First Read

To create the largest invisible pop-up store campaign in our hoods, we are going to have to combine marketing, technology and logistics to make it work. This is actually a real project you will see start from start to finish and just to show how to launch endeavors. The goal is to make this campaign transparent so maybe some of you can see how this is done and apply it to your endeavor. I will be putting this entire project in the wiki section so I can keep it updated and revised with the most relevant information. But for now, I need cats to understand the basics of this invisible pop-up store campaign so you cats can be comfortable and realize this is not really that complicated or crazy. Trust me and I’m an expert – all it really boils down to is taking action, learning from setbacks and move forward. Technology Let’s get to the main feature of this whole program – the mobile device. We will have to create an application or a process that enables augmented reality on as many mobile devices in the hood. With that said, I know cats are talking out the side of their neck about needing the latest and greatest smart phone to make this augmented reality happen and cats in the hood don’t have these kinds of phone. First of all, cats in the hood do have the latest and greatest mobile devices or they will get the latest and great mobile devices if necessary. But regardless, we going to have to create an application the hood can use. So that means we are going to create an app for Android and iPhone or we going to find an existing white label augmented reality program. But real talk, we going to build the app, okay? I’m not interested in using stuff like the magnetometer compass embedded in stuff like the iPhone or Nexus S or Galaxy S2 and stuff. I read a lot of cats talking how to program against this stuff and this is where a seasoned tech expert has to be real world and say none of that is necessary. I want you cats to think common sense – look at the image below of Hasley Street in Newark, New Jersey and tell me what I need to do to make this happen? I only need to two things here – the first thing I need to do is get the GPS location or if they enter the location such as the hood name or street intersection manually, we got their location. The second thing I need is image processing over a live video feed to create the augmented reality effect. The image will be a live video stream of what the actual camera is seeing in real-time and I will superimpose the product for sale. Now here is where I’m going to shut cats up because if you didn’t realize, this is exactly how I process QR codes by scanning each frame of a 30fps live feed and decoding any QR code images – I already coded this in a previous Dream and Hustle article for the upcoming point-of-sale system for the hood. Damn, kinda shut up all those naysayers just now, didn’t I? Now here is the other imaging processing trick – I can turn the image into a two color black/white image and basically position the product for sale to be superimposed like on the horizon, next to a building and so on. That’s how we can create the augmented reality effect and like I said, we just made a lot of side-hating cats mad because they thought this was going to be difficult for us to pull it off. Now that you figured out the augmented reality part, the rest of the technology is obvious. We will use a cheap $5/month GoDaddy mySQL database to store the images and offers of products and also store the geo-spatial information and the merchant information to be displayed to the mobile device user. That’s your augmented reality experience technology I just broke down to you. Marketing We are going to be super aggressive marketing and as you know, it will be done here in Atlanta. The reason it will be done in Atlanta first is because Atlanta is one of the biggest concentration of smart phone users and Atlanta is a majority African-American city. Sorry but the brothas and sistas down here in Atlanta are the best brothas and sistas that actually work together and help each other out and we come from everywhere down here. The most important marketing will be video demonstration of the technology and that is your YouTube is for. You should practice learning how to make presentations of your hustle on YouTube and even a demonstration of your product. The second level important is the social networks and I’m just being honest, extremely unimpressed with Twitter and find Facebook to be more real-world. The next step after that is to get influencers in the mix to help spread the word to the sheep out there, the same sheep that ran on Facebook and Twitter talking about Red Tails. How much you want to bet the same cats who hollered that Red Tails ish on Facebook won’t holler anything about this? I know, that’s sad ain’t it? So that’s why you need influencers in the mix to lead those sheep into participation and help them spread the word. Logistics I don’t have this figured out yet, to be honest. The issue here is how to sign up merchants, deciding what merchant products should be displayed and where it should be displayed and how the merchant will deliver the product. This is where I’m going to need your help, input, advice and during the trial runs, give your feedback. See, we can drop invisible pop-up stores everywhere but can the merchants ship their products everywhere? I know something like a e-commerce operation type of merchant can get their products out but what about that small storefront handbag and heel boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina? Those are the type of small shops I’m really doing this for. So do I just put local products by local merchants only in their local community? Or just have the e-commerce cats advertise nationwide? But even further than that how do I get the order or the transaction to happen after the person click on an image? That’s really a point that need to be figured out. I do not want to be processing credit cards or selling on that customer behalf. However I could display a coupon for a discount if they visit their store after seeing the augmented reality of the product for sale. Or I could send an order request to the storefront or create a map from the mobile user current location to that store. Honestly, I really don’t know how to handle this after the mobile user see the augmented image and click on it. I need input on that. Moving Forward Like I said, the next step will be creating the wiki page for invisible pop-up store so we brothas and sistas can learn along the way. Again, you are reading Dream and Hustle and I’m not one of those fake cats that want to look all important in this tech game – I want this information to be shared among you cats to launch your own hustles. If you got this information, you can easily launch your own augmented reality invisible pop-up stores to promote your upcoming book, promote other people stuff in any city you want and use the same app that we will be creating and just brand it or reuse the same app for iPhone and Android. In 2012, we got to go for ours and create empowerment for ourselves and our hoods and ain’t no holding back, no letting go and no stopping us now – I’m already in this to win this.