Then Let a Brotha Watch…

Last night, I joined a blogtalkradio broadcast about sex and dating and had an interesting discussion in the chat room section. The topic was about how a man perceives a woman having sex on the first date. The general consensus was that it is between the couple what they think of each other as they are the consenting grown adults. However, one lady wanted to hold up her virtues and talk about self-respect and me and her were in debate. I think I have a solution to her talking points that I did not get a chance to address.

The radio host was mature and she basically said that women should be comfortable with their sexuality and stop letting these made up rules get in the way of the pleasure principle. However, the one virtuous sista kept running her mouth in the chat room about being self respecting and other stuff. Then she tried to use deflection and scare tactics and I saw what was going on.

She first said that men will view the woman as a ho, and my comment was that if I don’t view her as a ho, then it don’t matter what anybody else think if she gave up her cookies on the first night. Then Ms. Righteous kept talking about it ain’t right and I basically told her she was trying to be some kind of proxy between a man cucumber and a woman oven and that ain’t her place. So her next tactic was scare tactics.

She started talking about AIDS and doing it with strangers. I told her and others told her she can get AIDS from someone she know and most AIDS cases are from people that know the transmitter – that risky sexual encounter with strangers as the cause of AIDS went out in the 80s. I also reminded her that a married couple is more likely to die or be maimed in a traffic accident than a single person catch AIDS sleeping with random people.

So she went there about having a sister or a daughter and I explained to her that sisters and daughters ain’t got a thing to do with a brotha sexing chicks down after taking them to the Chinese buffet on the first date. See, the virtuous sista wanted to put on some guilt trip or scare tactics and that was her only card she had to play. The problem is like most of these fake righteous Black folks, they tend to encounter someone like me and I pretty much set them straight.

So I asked her plain and simple – do she know what part of the male body gives him the most sexual pleasure? She couldn’t answer the question and I responded again asking if she is doing a Google search trying to find the answer. She didn’t know and I retorted that she talking all this ying yang about waiting but don’t even know how to pleasure a man and the dude supposed to be impressed with her virtues instead?!

For sistas who are self-proclaimed virtuous and don’t want to sleep with a brotha on the first date, this can be a dilemma. Most brothas don’t got time to hear all that virtuous crap and will tell her holy righteous behind to go somewhere with that bullcrap. But then again, you got these sistas like the one I was in the chatroom with that was concerned about AIDS and stuff like that.

My recommendation for that virtuous sister is to not sleep with a brotha on the first date but instead, pleasure herself and just let him watch as an alternative on the first date night. She can just sit or lay on his sofa and just stick her own hands in her pants or skirt and stimulate herself sexually until she climax without any contact, just let a brotha sit back and watch.

Now, a real brotha if he cares about her on the first date night, he would go get a .45 bullet out of his 1911 magazine or a .38 bullet out of his revolver, put some KY or Vaseline on the slug and let a sista use that bullet to stimulate herself more intensively as he sit back and watch. See, a sista do not have to worry about giving dude her cookies on the first date night, there are plenty of alternative options, that’s all I’m saying.

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