Busy Working on Wikis Because It’s Too Important and Exciting

I’m not Superman and cannot do so much stuff at one time. Here is the thing – the wikis have been up and running since February 10th but no one even bothered as if yall needed my permission. Because the wikis are so important, I will be shifting most of my focus over to the wiki section the next several weeks to start it up and get it up and running. This does not mean yall will stop seeing articles – unless you know little about Dream and Hustle, I have years and years of content for this blog so don’t ever expect to see this blog go away. I got more content on the hustle than Prince got songs waiting to be published. What I’m saying is I want you cats to start collaborating on the wikis in 2012 and let’s make it work. The wiki section is probably the most exciting thing to happen in Black media because we own it and can do it our way with no apologies and no holds barred. We don’t have to be nice or safe when it comes to writing business content on how to build in our community, we put the information in as it need to be so cats can do what they have to do in order to do for self. So what will happen is I will do the lead-off on some of the wikis to show you guys how the wiki pages should be written but you guys have to participate in creating the content. It is next to impossible to expect me to write the content for 200+ business models for the hood. The thing you guys should do is invite people you know to contribute to the wiki with information they got. Now before I move on, I just want to mention something. I probably gave you cats more billion dollar opportunities you brothas and sistas can start right now. I’m not some scam artist, lightweight hustle blogger or some fake cat just running his mouth and I personally wish anybody doubting on me to stand out the shadows and show their ass – yeah, thought so. I don’t think you guys realize what’s going on in this world. I wrote about the Arduino Uno microcontroller board a while ago. You guys do not understand in terms of technology and new possibilities brothas and sistas can do once they learn how to create stuff with these things. I cannot tell you cats what me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents are up to but I will tell you that you guys are extremely misguided really hard if you do not get a $30 Arduino board and learn how to work with it or get your kids to learn how to work with it. I want you cats to look at this video of this brotha giving a demonstration of a vending machine in Tokyo: Don’t you realize I piece meal already on this blog exactly how to create this vending machine? I told you cats we can use the microcontroller to run a bill acceptor that take money or even use a NFC reader/writer to take digital money or send a message to a smart phone. And if you notice with the screen being touch screen and there is also a camera, we can create this type of technology and have in our hoods up and running at no cost. I talked about all of this stuff before. And I’m not talking about one hood around you, I’m talking about the major metropolitan cities around the USA and that’s how you do billions. Another major thing you cats are not catching on is SECURITY!!!! That is an automatic billionaire level because that existing home security is some bullsh*t and you and me both know it. If you didn't realize by now, you can hook up your home to an arduino board or a microcontroller and when the motion detector detect an image, it can light up the house and you probably can create sentry bots that can come out and see who is out there that you can control form your iPod or smartphone. You cats are not thinking and I'm trying to tell you over and over again and trust me - someone else is going to beat you cats and I don't know how yall going to take it when they do this and turn billionaire on yall when you could have done this and you and I both know it. This is why the wiki is so important so this kind of information can be out there for cats to follow up on and learn from and take action from. So with that said, I will follow up on the wikis and my progress but we will still be putting out articles but you will see more emphasis on the wiki section because I know how important yall need the reference information to start making stuff happen. Besides and I’m not going to lie – the wiki stuff is really exciting and fun as hell to put together. The location wiki of going worldwide to find business models and clusters and being able to see what business model can fit in certain Black communities – that is extremely awesome stuff not even Black Enterprise is capable of doing. That’s why we got to get the wikis up and running.

4 thoughts on “Busy Working on Wikis Because It’s Too Important and Exciting

  1. Ed,

    On the old site, you posted an article about a hustle involving developing posters/signage for other businesses. Can you add that to the business wiki as well?

    1. Let me know what you want to start. I need to see if it is possible. The problem with letting people start a business model on their own is some people want to go rouge. It probably will only be a few people who will create new wikis based upon request to keep the operation clean.

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