Dealing with Delay, Distractions and Diversions While Getting to Your Destination

Just going to have to accept the fact as you get bigger and make moves to get somewhere, you are going to run into delays, distractions and diversion. No one, no matter how rich they are have to deal with stuff getting in the way of trying to get it. I’m going through this a lot and will share my experience on each of these sideshows and how I try to keep it moving to get mine. Delay For an entrepreneur, you want to be in control and get things done when you want to. However, delays are the more frustrating because you have to sit there and deal with the fact things do not come or arrive on time and on your schedule. Sure, the first check ain’t going to arrive in 4-6 weeks, the Amazon shipment is going to arrive next Wednesday and you wanted it before the weekend or the train is not coming on time and you sitting there on the train station waiting to get home. But what bugs most of us is when people in our lives try to delay things with us. There were plenty of chicks in my life I told to go to hell trying to delay having fun wanting me to “prove” myself first. I ain’t got to prove myself to nobody in this world, I’m just me – love it or leave it. I also seen cats who I’m waiting on for customer service take their time as if they want me to wait and taking my life time away from me as some kind of satisfaction. People are the worst cause of delay because you know they doing it on purpose. When it comes to delay, the best thing you can do is fill up your time with productive activities and don’t stop the beat. Put the delay on the calendar or mark it with a timer and I do that with my iPod Touch all the time, just set the timer to 3 hours and work on something else while I wait. You cannot control things outside of you but what you can control is the time you got right now and always use your time right now for whatever you want to do. If your flight is delayed, one of the things I used to do is find some fine sista and ask if she want to eat at the concourse with a brotha and have an instant date at Dulles and ish. Distraction These are things trying to keep your eye off the prize. Many of you cats do not realize that the whole goal of media, including Black media is designed to keep you distracted and off focus on what you really trying to go after and do with your life. In relationships, you may have a significant other while you putting in your studies or side hustle, want to distract you with some “attention” and you spend years not accomplishing your goals trying to maintain a relationship with them. Cell phones are serious distractions and this is where people get caught up, especially the ones you seeing always on the phone acting like they a boss and handling big things all the time. One habit I used to do was always “poll” my cell phone to see if someone call when I’m working hard and wondered if someone called a brotha. This is why iPhone snatching has been on the rise because thieves noticed how distracted these cats are on the phone and zoned out of their natural surroundings. The way you deal with distractions is to know what a distraction is. A distraction is everything except the hustle, plain and simple. If it ain’t got nothing to do with you getting yours then it is a distraction. Learn to detect if something out there is really what you about and avoid dealing with distractions and keep your focus on your end goals. Diversions These are cats and events in your life trying to make you go sideways. You sitting there waiting on your tax refund and you get a letter stating your student loan took your tax money and ish – that’s a diversion from your goal. You trying to do for self and some cat come at you with a multi-level-marketing program talking about getting quick money – that’s a diversion getting you away from your own entrepreneurial efforts. Don’t date a stripper – that’s the biggest diversion you will ever have in your life from what you really going after. But I had so many diversions in my life that I thought I was cursed. I’m sitting up there with an extra $700 from the paycheck and my car break down and the repair bill is $650, that’s the kind of ish that was always happening to me and I’m like damn, what the hell I done to God? Then I remember what I done and then just shrug my shoulders and keep it moving. The way to deal with diversions is learning the discipline of getting back on path. You are going to get diverted off your path and plan, trust me on that and you got to learn how to quickly run back on the path and keep it moving. The first thing you should do is never get mad or take any kind of diversion personal. Your car breaking down when you was planning to spend that money for something and now have to spend it on repair has nothing to do with you personally. Just accept that the same way life can bring you good things, it can bring bad things that can throw you off your hustle. Just take a breath, don’t take it personal and do what you have to do and keep it moving back on the path and getting yours and don’t let it bother you. Trust me, I’ve seen more diversions trying to get mines and you probably seen more than your fair share and the best thing you can do is just keep pushing. Summary The minute you decide to go for yours is the day all kind of delays, distractions and diversions start to enter your world. In order for you to make it to that next level, you are going to have to learn to roll with the punches and deal with these sideshows in a way that you are in control at all time. The biggest way you are going to win is to never take these sideshows personal and always focus on keeping it moving and focus on where you are going. This is why I’m very open on what I’m going through because I want you cats so also see that not only I accomplish things, but I always tend to run into a lot of delays, distractions and diversions. But I don’t let it stop me and I don’t any of you cats to let things like that stop you either. Keep on pushing, always believe in yourself, don’t take it personal and handle your business and let these cats know you are always in control and this is your world they playing around in.

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  1. I laughed myself out the chair at that one cause that just happened with my car. I was feeling all good cause I know exactly what I am going to do with this money but my breaks were jacked up on my car. I tried to go the bootleg route listening to my mother and the guy puts on the breaks but did not do anything else. I get to a real shop and they command me to take the car back to whomever did that effed up job. I tell them the person wasn’t a real mechanic and they flipped. Saying I was driving a death trap. After handling that, they look under the car and what do they find that’s making my car sound like a vaccum. A pipe that rusted right in half. All new everything and my bill was $693.00. I thought about somethings I may have done or not done and like yourself shrugged it off and worked my butt off to get that little bit of money back and some.

  2. Sounds like he didn’t bleed the break system lol.

    I was dealing with car issues too, I was just going to tranfer more money from my bank into another account to further push my side-hustle when my cars oil leak gets out of control. I can fix some things myself but the main seal was leaking so that required a tranny drop. Then after I pay 500 and get it back it starts over-heating and almost over-heats completely. I fix that problem myself yesterday and now today the check engine light decides to pop on and my idle is all effed up I’m like man. Plus it’s sllow at work, I’m glad that I developed the saving habit a long time ago. I was a bit frustrated but most people would have flipped in my situation I still had a smile on life knocks you down sometimes just got to get back up and keep on trucking.

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