Outrageous! Sh*t Black People Say about Issues within the Black Community.

Being an actual brotha from the hood who hustled hard and now living in this so-called mainstream Black life in the outskirts of Atlanta, I cannot help but be a cynic of the day to day hypocrisy of this so-called Black culture around me. I know something got to change but I’m writing this article just to point out some things I have to come across all of the time about our people and the sh*t we always say about things in our own community. So here is my perspective on the ish that some Black folks like to move their mouth about regarding our own people and culture. Ghetto Blacks I noticed on Facebook a certain number but most important, a certain type of cats posting up so-called “ghetto pics” depicting our people celebrating street culture such as wearing something tacky or some overweight sista wearing spandex with her belly button showing. The reason why I say a certain type of cats is because I personally know their character and the one posting ghetto pics are really condescending Black culture or “poor Black culture” and looking down on their own people in an uppity fashion. Radio One founded by Cathy Hughes run this kind of condescending “oh no they didn’t” crap on their so-called “positive Black media” network also. Well, I’m from that so-called some “ghetto culture” that these “I’m better than those ghetto Blacks” people are making fun of. With that news put out there, why my Chicago Housing Authority/West Side K-Town doing better and hustling harder and making big things happen than the middle class Blacks running around like they arrived? The reason why is because that same so-called ghetto culture taught cats like me to be creative with what we got and celebrate our lives regardless of the circumstances around us. If the “ghetto” want to do things like put large wheels and rims on a 20 year old car that been passed down by our uncle or some elder in the community, at least we are being handed down something while most of you uppity cats got underwater mortgages and car payments. Or if we airbrush a background canvas with our hands to take photographs against instead of use a printing service, that’s us using our creative ability to get things done. This is probably the reason why cats in the hood tend to either leap-frog middle class straight to rich class or move into the middle class but these so-called middle-class Black can barely move to upper-class and stay stagnant or drop down to the same poor class they been looking down on. I hope these cornballs realize who they talking around when they come around me trying to make fun of so called ghetto culture, real talk. I'm from the hood and I love my people and you will never ever see me make fun of some so-called "ghetto culture" when the real joke is the do-nothing stagnant middle and upper class Blacks - that's the real funny joke if we want to be honest.... Drugs The Black community ignorance of drugs makes them believe there is some control or spirituality or moral value to drug abuse. What’s worse is some ignorant Blacks fall for that propaganda about weed as a recreational drug. Someone need to tell these idiots there is no such thing as a recreational drug! Let me ask a simple history question - why they execute people in the Middle East and Asia for carrying/distributing drugs? The answer to that question is because those regions learned real fast that drugs were used by the British Empire to pacify and weakened the locales to be easily manipulated to support the British Empire. These cultures seen for hundreds of years the introduction of addictive drugs by the British and Portuguese traders to manipulate the local people. See, the White trading companies give the King or ruler some hash or heroin and when asking for trade deals, the British and Portuguese dangle a crack packet in front of the King or ruler and the ruler agree to whatever trade deal being offered and now we got spices and teas all coming from the Orient with no money coming back to them. The revolutionaries got smart to that and started executing cats who dealt in drugs because they know the collective damage and the true intention of mind control by the British Empire and Portuguese traders as a form of oppression. Today in the African-American community, we got Black people celebrating drug use. We got rapper who bragging they sold cocaine to their own Black people as if that is a badge of honor. We got families being destroyed by the addiction to drugs and we got a racist justice and prison complex system arresting and jailing cats for having less than an ounce of weed on their possession. But what is interesting is what Black people have to say about drug use. Then we got righteous Black folks running around saying that drugs is a moral decision and people need just say no to drugs. Well, the problem with that ignorant statement is I remember my uncles being addicted to alcohol, understanding a genetic code was passed down generations making people predisposition to being addicted based on their parents (mommy) addiction. My grandfather was mixed Black/Native American and I’m aware many Native Americans were genetically addicted to alcohol that was most likely given to them by the White man for that purpose. It is also known that cocaine was given to Blacks to make them work longer hours in the early 1900s and that how we saw all these “crazed Negro” stories from nearly 1900s newspapers. So we got the Black church and cats who believe they are morally superior running around saying the drug abusers bringing this upon themselves instead of understand how addiction is both genetic and used as an oppressive weapon for hundreds of years. So drug use continues in the Black community because some of us want to say drug use is a moral thing and those drug users just need a stronger mind and don’t realize the mind has turned against that person. HIV/AIDS AIDS and HIV has the same level of ignorance in the Black community with drugs where the church and these morally superior Blacks are running around saying this is a disease by choice. I really love all of the hypocrisy in the Black community where I know cats who talk that church ish all the time contracted HIV and now they are outcast by the same ignorant propaganda about HIV they were promoting out of their own mouth. HIV/AIDS already surpassed the point where it is a “gay disease” but we still got Black people who believe that crap. What’s sad is the truth that we got heterosexual Blacks running around f*cking any kind of way and just f*cking based on the most ignorant set of criteria I’ve seen that make me not want to be Black, real talk. I’ve seen and I can testify to this also where 70% of the Black women at any high school, college or university that is f*cking, these sistas f*cked the same one dude who is bragging he f*cked all of those sistas to the rest of us. And you think I’m going to put my d*ck in that chick after realizing the “alpha male” pollinated all these ignorant ass sistas and she just let just any cat penetrate her like that? These sistas are not judging brothas for quality and character no more and running around calling themselves “liberated" talking about they can screw what they like not realizing the ramifications. It is more dangerous and diseases for a woman to going around f*cking any dude than it is for a gay man to go around engaging in anal sex. A lot of fatal ish can enter that vaginal cavity than HIV but sistas seem to ignore that little fact. Look, I’m not worried about gay people – I’m worried about the ignorant ass sista that think these sissy ass brothas is what a brotha supposed to look like and he giving her stupid ass AIDS/HIV and she now infecting the heterosexual community. That’s what’s going on in the Black community and that makes HIV/AIDS no longer a “gay disease” in our communities. I cannot deal with sistas like I used to because of the kind of men they talk about who they want to get penetrated by and I’m looking at dude and see he got that gay stare from a mile away. That is the very first thing I look for in a sista when I get with her – if she talking about some football player look fine, post up some pics on Facebook of some brotha who works out in the gym, or how good looking someone who played in Red Tails look - I’m leaving her ignorant ass alone real quickly because that’s a stupid chick that will be a HIV carrier if she isn’t already a dormant carrier. I deal with chicks that like real dudes for being a real dude, not these cornball sistas that rely on media and her girlfriends to stereotype what a real man should look like – those are the same chicks catching the majority of new HIV cases in the 21st century just as much as gays. Gay Marriage I do not understand for the life of me why the Black community is so obsessed with opposing gay marriage when the state of heterosexual Judeo-Christian Black marriages is so messed up. I think Black folks need to take care of our own marriage/family structure before having an opinion on other people marriages, including gay marriage. We Black folks are definitely in no position to have any opinion about someone else marrying when brothas and sistas can barely have a functional heterosexual relationship. I would strongly encourage the gay cats promoting gay marriage to infiltrate these Black churches and expose all of the hypocritical stuff going on with church like these church husbands f*cking other women in the church and all that other stuff. Go into the Black church and then expose all of that crap, especially those churches that oppose gay marriage like Bishop Eddie Long church – you cats probably already setup Bishop Eddie Long like that and he fell for it. These Black church-going characters are the first one to talk about how the Bible says this or that and they start quoting scriptures and you go to their church and see a White-looking Jesus on prominent display. Then they want to tell me and you it don’t matter what color Jesus is portrayed. And like I said from the beginning which is why I cannot comment on this too much is there is a basic foundation which is why Black folks are so obsessed about worrying about gay people marrying in the first place? I know what the issue is and that we have Blacks who want to exercise the same bigotry against gays that was leveled against us Blacks by Whites. It’s called transference and that is when we redirect things that happen to us to other people, especially negative experiences. To me, the issue isn’t about supporting or opposing gay marriage – the issue that I take notice of is why does this Black person have an opinion about the matter in the first place? Entrepreneurship Black entrepreneurship is the most controversial topic right now because we are running into a so-called gate keeper mentality that want to talk entrepreneurship but really don’t want to see Black people become entrepreneurs because the status quo are scared of Black people succeeding and surpassing the gatekeepers. So what they do is put in place these phony cats that want to talk about entrepreneurship and give yall cornball and totally useless talk on the entrepreneur angle like a hustle/grind blog or some entrepreneurship conference or anything except being about real work. There is no argument against pursuing entrepreneurship in the Black community and you know that and I know that. You know these Republican-based corporations ain’t hiring brothas and sistas no more and want to marginalize us. They imposed unwritten “sanctions” against African-Americans and they colluded on this behind closed doors, it is very apparent they are upset with a Black couple from the South Side of Chicago getting into the White House. However, if you look around at Black media when it comes to Black entrepreneurship, you dealing with a lot of crap and nonsense out there. You got Black Enterprise magazine who after they got called out by Dream and Hustle, started promoting some tagline about personal finance instead of entrepreneurship which shows you they never gave a damn about empowering our community and was only about promoting their Boule and uppity friends in that BS magazine. Then you got the Al Sharpton character who talk more about we need jobs instead of saying we need employers with his ass-backward thinking on how African-Americans need to progress economically. I’m going to tell you straight up – these cats truly do not want to see me and you become entrepreneurs and become more successful than what they want us to be. You cats need to be smart enough to recognize this already and realize you are the one who got to put food on your own table and eat tonight and tomorrow or you are going to go hungry. We got Black folks talking a whole bunch of distracted crap about entrepreneurship and running cornball hustle/grind blogs trying to counter my blog like this is a popularity contest. There is nothing to be popular about in the discussion for doing for self and I hope you cats reading these blogs fully understand that. Dream and Hustle don’t give a damn about 48 Laws of Power, Tyler Perry chip making game or some way of thinking when it comes to the business. The only thing we give a damn about is having brothas and sistas look at opportunities they can apply as entrepreneurial strategies so they can launch businesses and sustain themselves. And we will follow through with real work and action. Besides, I dealt with some of these cats running hustle/grind blogs and can personally tell you they don’t know two-sh*ts about running, growing over even having the guts to launch a business but trying to tell you cats how to do it. I knew a fake hustle blogger who was selling how to e-books and I ordered his book and he didn’t even send me the book or any correspondence after I paid. I had another blogger talking about selling underwear and sock subscription and sent me some cheap socks and underwear shrunken up in a food processor wrap. I’m telling you cats from experience that a lot of Black people do not want to see Black entrepreneurs succeed and will make light of Black entrepreneurship to you. They will distract you on everything except how to go directly in and start your business and succeed.Then you got wannabees that think this is a “hustle culture” fad to hop on and talk about. They will say not everybody can be an entrepreneur and all other kind of stuff and you need to be smart enough to filter out the nonsense and subscribe only to cats who are truly about it. Politics Some of our people actually have the nerve to say “Obama is the President of America, not Black America” and that is one of those statements I hope cats got rebuked real fast if that crap come out of their mouth again. That “he is not President of Black America” statement is so vile with ignorance and self-hatred that I do not want to say what should happen to anybody that make that statement. That statement is basically a coward/subservient statement saying that other people and matters are more important than us even when we stood in line for 3 hours to vote for the first Black President of the United States. Then what do Black people do when President Obama gets in office? We post pics of Barack and Michelle Obama on Facebook talking about they are a lovely couple and personify them instead of demanding President Barack Obama do his damn job and do things for brothas and sistas that have been ignored by previous presidencies. Then President Obama sings Al Green while the Department of Labor has buried in statistics that Black unemployment is rising while the national unemployment is decreasing and Black people are running around pretending nothing is going wrong. Black people already conditioned Barack Obama to believe he don’t need to do anything for Black people except sing Al Green. Maybe Barack Obama sing Al Green while another “Black” president play the saxophone in the background.. But here is the dumbest ish of all Black people are saying – they are telling us President Barack Obama did not want to do anything for us in the first term because he need to get re-elected! Isn’t that the same 1800s slavery conditioning that Black people have to be a corpse in the casket before they see the promise land while others enjoy a life of freedom and privilege? So I have to wait for President Barack Obama to be re-elected while I personally know plenty of Blacks who been marginalized and family passed away due to extreme poverty – something Blacks want to ignore also. Black people like to say a lot of stuff about politics like what the Republicans are about instead of talking about what our current Black politicians are not doing for us. I just spoke on the Pittsburgh area in Southwest Atlanta about how dilapidated that community is when it could be very vibrant but there is no Republicans or Herman Cain controlling that area – that area is controlled by Black politicians! In most of the hoods we will be covering on the wiki, you are going to see Black politician names who been part of that community most of their lives. Overall, Black people like to talk everything about politics except holding our own local politicians accountable to advancing our interests. We don’t have real PACs and lobbies that bring in the kind of money other groups do and all we got is a bunch of cats talking about how Al Sharpton is telling it like it is on MSNBC – get the f*ck on somewhere with that. Wealth Black people look at wealth as attainment of material things instead of realization that a well-managed life is true wealth. The cat that makes $45K has a nice home on the South Side of Chicago and hang out at the community club and block party, take his motorcycle out on Lake Shore Drive and go to Las Vegas and chill is more wealthier than some famous rap star that have to watch their back all the time, worried if they get one of the skanks they screw pregnant and have to make self-hating music to sell to their non-Black audience just to show off expensive cars and jewelry like they own oil wells in the Middle East. Everyday regular Black people are wealthy and have invaluable assets like land, education and talent but we do not use it for our advantage. We got Detroit which is a major modern worldwide city and look at the very few rich to non-existent brothas and sistas reinvesting in Detroit and help bring that city back. They got talent in Detroit but they ain’t working together and doing things and instead turning on each other and backstabbing each other. All of them could be wealthy if they just work together but brothas and sistas working together ain’t protocol in the Midwest. We have communities and neighborhoods and political clout and educational institutions that make our people wealthy but we don’t use it and instead admire some two-bit Black person in the media showing off a fancy car or celebrated by mainstream media. Then you got others trying so hard to assimilate with others instead of realizing all they have to do is invest in themselves and they may find themselves richer. The sad part is there is so many Black millionaires who are rich off investing in their own community that go unnoticed while the majority of Black folks chasing these cats on television who are operating on cash advances and have to spend the next 7-8 years recouping. Black people have to learn how to recognize wealth and start looking in the mirror. It’s plenty of Black celebrities who are sued by someone or an entity who said they gave some Black celebrity money and that celebrity didn’t repay the money or some Black celebrity going through foreclosure on their home. Then yall wondering why they foreclosing on these rich Black celebrities home and don’t realize they never had the home outright in the first place while it’s cats in your own hood who own their ish and making millions a year and you nor Black Enterprise Magazine want to acknowledge that.

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  1. Excellent post. So much truth and wisdom here. This should be required reading for African Americans and entrepreneurs in general.

    Very glad that I started my hustle. Not as successful as we’d like but getting there. God bless the child who’s got his or her own.

  2. I had a drug addicted parent and I thought it was just selfishness. As I got older I realized what it was and I have forgiven them. I spend a lot of time wondering if it would happen to me. As my birthday appraoches I think about things I’ve done, didn’t do it and hope not to happen. I thank God that I do not do drugs. I know now that if I choose to pick up anything blunt pipe,pill whatever …that is a selfish act because I know the destruction. I wouldn’t dare talk to a brother who is selling drugs. My opinion about my parent has changed but I still feel that people do not have to do what they are doing. That may change in the future but only if something powerful comes alongs that disputes my personal feelings. The same people who talk about crack heads are the same ones who can’t put down a fork or a credit card.

  3. “This is probably the reason why cats in the hood tend to either leap-frog middle class straight to rich class or move into the middle class but these so-called middle-class Black can barely move to upper-class and stay stagnant or drop down to the same poor class they been looking down on.”

    The whole article is good, but this stood out the most to me. I think this is why I wanted to find someone out on the street who is really “stacking paper” and ask them a million questions on how they do it. I have read maybe five issues of Black Enterprise in the last five years and never understood why I couldn’t get into it. Now I know why.

  4. I read your post. Some opinions I can understand and others aren’t really clearly reasoned. I’m not here to argue or debate your opinion but just to dialog a little based on your commentary. Additionally, aren’t you doing the same? I understand your frustration, don’t get me wrong. But name calling and putting down the middle and upper class, lumping everyone in to the same group is just as bad. It is like the pot calling the kettle black, as my great-grandmother would say.

    Yes, our people do speak things ill against our culture and that must stop. We are the only culture who belittle each other. Why? First, we have been taught to do so. Since Colonization and the invasion of European forces upon native lands there has been drive to discredit and reduce the contributions and intellectual adeptness of melanated people. Early historical propaganda has erroneously stated the African people are savages, unintelligent and worthless. Once those lies were believed they were taught to our ancestors who were held captive by the slave trade system. Even in ‘current’ public school history books, we are still taught that we were no more than slaves and only a very small group of our people did anything worthwhile. So, it does not surprise me that in the present time, we have not unlearned these untruths about ourselves and in fact continue to perpetuate these lies.

    Another theory I have about your opinion on the so-called middle and upper class Black culture concerning their distaste and public belittling of “ghetto culture” is that some may feel certain forms of acting, dressing and speaking is a debasement to our culture as a whole. Have you ever seen A Soldier’s Story? If not, you should. But, in a nutshell, the Black Sargent that was killed discussed a flashback about his prior service days. Basically, the black soldiers killed another of their kind because he was “cooning” and acting like a buffoon. They felt the black soldiers of his day felt that that one man reinforced negative stereotypes and that was a debasement to our people. So, he admitted his group killed that man. Also, he was very hard on his privates for the same reason. He was ashamed of those Blacks who reinforced negative stereotypes and the lies. Remember, we are judged not by the best of our people, but by the worse. Is this right? No, not at all. So, my theory is that those who have so-called arrived do not want to be grouped or lumped in with those who continue to debase our culture. They are trying to move past it. How are they doing this? Through ridicule and ostracizing. Is this right? No. But, that’s what “most” cultures do to change the behaviors of their members. That’s what kids do in school when you don’t conform to the group.

    We need to learn to lift each other up, all of us, even when we are frustrated with each other. There are codes that we should abide by. The problem is, everyone wants to do their own thing and everyone feels his way is the right way. For instance, you state “if we airbrush a background canvas with our hands to take photographs against instead of use a printing service, that’s us using our creative ability to get things done.” There is nothing wrong with using creativity to make things happen. I agree. But that’s very different from calling each other “nigga” or wearing our pants half off our butt, or cursing around women and children. How we speak and how we dress is a reflection of what we think about ourselves and each other. Yes, we have to define for ourselves what is acceptable in our culture, but then we all have to agree to that standard, and we do need a standard!

    As quick as I can, I am going to try and focus on the items I didn’t understand or conflicted with other variables.

    Your commentary on HIV/AIDS was a mixed bag for me. While I do agree that our people continue to not understand this disease well, I am pained by your sole observation and inference that this is because Black girls and women are promiscuous. You sort of imply a double-standard between our men and women. You make what is called a statistical bias. Meaning, you make a claim that 70% of high school “women” are having sex and with multiple partners. You support your claim by a subjective observational opinion and not with data. For instance, the CDC reports that between 2006-2010 out of those surveyed, only 46% of Black girls between the ages 15-19 had sex. And, 62% of teenage girls were between the ages of 18-19yrs old. Boys overall were approximately in the same range, however 58% of Black males were sexually active. (see: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/series/sr_23/sr23_031.pdf). So, there is no way that 70% of high school “girls” are having sex as you claim. Also, the data reports that approximately 60% of those sexually active use protection. Additionally, you come down very hard on the girls, but not on the boys. Boys should wait just as much as girls should to have sex. Likewise, too many of our girls are looking for someone to love them. Some boys take advantage of that. Plus, high school age is not “women” but are girls. Yes, I agree that we must teach our younger generation to have higher moral standards, but I don’t think it helps to blame girls for allowing boys to have sex with them as the answer. Some girls get rapped, some girls think they are in love and some girls may be promiscuous. But, the burden is not just on the girls. We need to teach our boys that having sex or making babies ds not make you a man, no more than carrying a bible makes you a Christian.


    I can support your opinion on this one, but there is one item you left out. We struggle with buying from each other. My husband and I both have our own businesses. We are patron by other cultures more than my own. Do you know what our people say? “You charge the ’white man’ price” or “I can get my sister’s-boyfriend’s-aunt to do it for me cheaper” or “why can’t you hook me up and give me a discount.” My encounters is that a few of our people expect us to work for free. Also, they do not see the value of the services when we provide it, but they will patron other cultures who charge the same if not more for the same service. Then, when I personally patron our people, my experience is that the customer service and customer support is substandard at times. Some of our people don’t smile or greet you with enthusiasm or they get an attitude because you asked a question. Or, they are not knowledgably about their own products. I have had to pull a few brothers and sisters aside to retrain them in customer service in their own business. Some appreciated it and some did not. But the point goes back to how we see ourselves. We do not value us and we cannot see our worth. WE have been taught to devalue our abilities and that our products and services are inferior. Again, this must change.


    This one was a mixed bag for me as well. First, he is America’s president. We are American Citizens and thus that makes him the Black people’s president just as much as he is the White, Hispanic and Asian American president. This statement does not belittle or reduce our issues. Second, I think we do not truly understand politics and how things work. The president is ONLY the FACE of power. Just like a CEO with a board of directors. The CEO needs to get the vote of the board before anything can happen. With that in mind, there are three levels of government branches: Congress, which makes up the House and the Senate who write and vote on initial laws; the Executive Branch, which is the President and his cabinet, which finalizes the laws and put them into effect; and the Judicial branch, which make sure the laws are enforced and constitutional. With that in mind, Congress and the Executive branch must work together to pass laws. The most the president can do is veto laws he feel is not good for All AMERICANS, and try to ensure that disenfranchised groups are not continually marginalized by the laws. It starts in Congress, not with the President, is what I am really trying to say. Who we elect to the Senate and the House is VITAL to having our needs met as a people. We need to make sure BOTH branches are attuned to our plights and continued issues in order to make sure laws reflect and resolve our needs. Also, we need to remember, that we do not live in a democratic society but a republic. That means we are governed by the laws of our country. We need to learn how to elect people that are sensitive and committed to our needs and ideals, and that means from the local government to the federal. Last, we have to understand that it is about politics. As of 2010, only make up 12.3% of the population and are underrepresented in all areas of wealth and politics. Obama has to deal with the 60% of the population that has continued to retain power and the status quo in order to negotiate laws that work in our favor. Not only that, most of Congress is Republican right now and many do not like him, simply because he is Black. So, how can he get things done with his own party divided and then the other party against him? I do know that he does send bills back to Congress that he feels is not beneficial to us or Americans as a whole.
    So, I am not sure what you mean by he is not doing his job or what it is you expect him to do. Yes, we still undergo lots of discrimination and biases but he cannot change what someone else thinks. We do have laws in place that are supposed to “protect” our civil rights, but it is up to the Judicial branch to enforce those laws in place. And we need lawyers as well as money for legal fees to fight the system in court. That has nothing to do with Obama. Likewise, proving at the individual level that you were discriminated against is very difficult or that the system is unfair towards our culture is challenging to change. Yes, we have research that proves there are large gaps and we do have laws in place that are supposed to remedy these gaps, but you also have gatekeepers and barriers for which are complex that no one, not even at the community level, is fixing or even discussing. We can even see with the Affordable Healthcare Plan, one of the reason why the Gov is shut down by the way, as an effort of Obama’s ‘trying” to get something done. The Equal Pay Act is another legislation he signed into law. He is also fighting for Gay/Leb civil rights too. He is also trying to fight to better education. All of these items impact the Black Community and he is working on them. But, he is not the sole decision maker. and he is battling a Congress that is against him.

    So, Yes, you make some really great points. But also, there are some items that I think you have to dig deeper with and understand that it is not as simple as let’s just stop doing this or that. I am so in-love with our culture and our people. We are beautiful, intelligent, creative, and most of all strong. We have been taught to self-hate and there is a systematic and institutional program in place to keep us where we are. Do I profess to have the answer or cure for this ill? Nope. But, I do believe that it starts with re-educating ourselves about who we are, putting standards of behavior in place that represent the ideals that we want to strive for, and defining our culture and way of life based on our own definitions. We need our own schools, and we need to support our own businesses. We need to elect our own people who strong reflect and support our views and issues. But, we need to groom those people first, from our own ranks. But, it starts with re-education and valuing ourselves. Talking at and about each other is not a solution. Understanding why we do what we do, is part of the solution. We have to find common ground and move forward. We need to learn to pool our resources and keep the money floating in our communities and businesses. But, again, it starts with making up our minds about who we are and then truly building up and supporting our communities and culture.

    1. Very well put, perhaps you should have a blog website. I, for one, would look forward to reading it. Take care.

  5. You judge us but don’t know our struggles in life. We have to fight harder than any other race in America. I am proud to have a president whom is trying to help all of us, but is being beaten down by the congress, elites, racism, and the ignorance. When Obama won his first election,it put a dent in America because what the white man tried to stop happens, and now they are giving him the hardest time. At that moment, it proved that the black community is not completely broken. Why is it that the white man fears blacks, or any other race, bound the communities,and defended our people. What I read from you, I’ve read from many others, but that foes not make you right. The black community was broken before it began. Some of us do not realise that understands you completely Will take care of you. Judging us as whole is what gets people confessed. Three categories: the ass kissers, the soul fighters, and the ghetto. Oh, and just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. Where did your sources come from, other people or are you a black person yourself?

    1. I apologize if I affend anyone who reads a my post. My resent post was deleted and I didn’t feel like retyping three paragraphs, so this is the best that I came up with. But, to the publisher, you have some good points, but you lack understanding. Judging a book by its cover wouldn’t get you any closer to the TRUTH.

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