Shameful! The True State of Black America We Have To Acknowledge During Black History Month

The statue in the photo above is the best illustration of the state of African-Americans in 2012. Our people have their head in the sand just waiting to get screwed with no Vaseline and that is as blatant as our current situation. We are failing to compete and market ourselves globally, our communities are decaying and our youth and disillusioned and turned off, our adults can’t have relationships and the older post Civil Rights Black generations ain’t done a damn thing worth respecting them over.

I spend the past several years tolling away writing articles on this blog about using technology for self-empowerment, entrepreneurship and community development targeting my people, African-Americans. Two things bothered me recently to write this blog. The first thing was I was watching “Without the King” on Netflix and here is the trailer:

This documentary was upsetting to me because if you look at the :45 second mark, those cats are eating chicken intestines they have to dig out of a garbage pit while the King is walking around on some Coming to America type ish. That whole documentary made me think about America where we got these Boule and other cornball Blacks running around screaming Obama and acting like we arrived but I’m seeing young brothas and sistas who are not hoodlums sleeping out of their car and I have to give them money because I know they too afraid to ask and they crying – that’s right here in Atlanta. Someone was found dead in their car a couple of weeks ago and people said he was living out of his car, real talk.

The second thing was I was listening to the Mo Ivory Show on WAOK and she asked why we can’t organize like other groups. Most of the callers called in and said basically the same thing- African-Americans are scared, African-Americans are fearful, African-Americans are afraid to come together, work together for our agenda and our best interest. I don’t want to think that kind of thoughts about our people but that was the moment when I had to look at the truth and acknowledge for the first time, our current generation of African-Americans is scared, divisive and one more thing that is the worst of all.

In 2012, African-Americans are sitting around chilling, relaxation and sipping on coffee like everything is okay! We are in the worst economic conditions all of us who are alive have seen in our lifetime but Black folks are content and just chilling. The last unemployment numbers where they said the unemployment rate went down, the unemployment rate for African-Americans went up! That means they hiring, but they ain’t hiring us! But cats are still chilling sitting around sipping on mocha like everything is okay!

I try my best to write articles, open up business and interview people and travel for this Dream and Hustle blog for the past six or more years hoping cats get up and do for self and I get the feeling all cats are doing is just curling up on the couch with a hot beverage and just read this blog instead of spring into any kind of action. What is going on? The last I checked, Detroit ain’t gotten better because your behind is chilling right now thinking our people got it going on.

I blame all of this on our older generation who didn’t do anything substantial after Martin Luther King Jr was gunned down. A lot of them were extremely selfish and just went out and get theirs and just wanted to label themselves as “the first African-American” to do something and just want to appear elite and all that other crap where they look down on their own people. They didn’t work together; they didn’t help each other come up and just concerned themselves with their own inner circle.

The problem with focusing on your own little clique and little circle is there is no diversity and that little clique tend to be boring and uncompetitive because everybody is trying to be friends with each other. I was with some prominent Black business leaders and they were telling me how they were having a difficult time holding on in their community and I had to basically tell them the truth they didn’t want to hear.

The truth of the matter is these “business leaders” only thought about themselves and their own business and now they are all alone and that’s why they struggling. That’s that old head Earl Graves Black Enterprise magazine crap where they focus on spotlighting one or two people smiling all on their cover instead of focusing on collective economic development and clustering in the Black community. Those old ass Black generation only thought about themselves and that’s why the majority of us African-Americans ain’t got nothing passed down to us as we came up in this world.

But let’s get back to our current generation of African-Americans who are now sitting around chilling like we living in good times. Uh, I was living in good times where you can get a $120K job just for knowing HTML and JAVA, your stock portfolio rising $200 a day on Internet stocks, gas is .78 a gallon and $20 to fill up the SUV and Lauryn Hill had her album out. You in 2012 ain’t nowhere near good times and you can take my word for that so stop acting like you all good.

The problem I have is we African-Americans all know what it takes to get our situation better but the problem is we ain’t willing to do what it takes to get our situation better – that is the extremely serious problem and state of our people. We have our head in the sand and act like there is no global competition going on and think we are the only people of color on the planet walking around that need a good job.

Even worst is we ain’t even taking advantage of who we are as African-Americans and being more global leaders and instead still trying to chase some around the block crap. You got billions of people who want to consume our culture but yall cats trying to market and impress 25,000 brothas and sistas around you and you invest all of your energy in that small population to get a rep.

That’s what I believe is the state of African-Americans in 2012 and I really don’t know what it will take anymore for us to get better. Maybe we are a bunch of scared cowards who can’t work together. But that doesn’t change the fact other emerging nations are competing for what we brothas and sistas are chasing after and they are coming up fast. Over and over again, we seen people who just sat on their ass and gotten ran over and ran out of the game because those content cats thought nothing was going to change.

I know it is Black History Month in 2012 but this is a sad state of affairs watching cats in Syria getting machine-gunned down so they can be free to open the same kind of businesses and have the same kind of opportunities that African-Americans have but not even pursuing but instead sitting around drinking coffee like we all cool. Something going to have to give.

Hat tip to Subrealism blog on the photo above.

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