The Problem with Getting Famous Before Getting Rich

A few years ago, Maino enlightened me when he commented on Stack Bundles who life was cut short before he got big: “It’s a wake-up call,” said Maino, a frequent Stack collaborator. “What’s unfortunate about the industry is you get famous before you get rich. Your face is on magazines and your face is on DVD [covers]. Everybody knows you. But you don’t really have the money and means to get up and do what you want to do — for some people. “The ‘hood is going to be the ‘hood,” he added. “People are still hungry and envious over what they perceive to be success. … When you in the ‘hood, you could be doing a’ight, but if some people might feel you’re sh—ing on the ‘hood because you coming through in your Caddy truck or Benz. People be like, ‘He thinks he’s all that.’ You trying to keep it real, but sometimes you can’t keep it real in the ‘hood, because it’s a lot of ignorance that keeps going [on] there. … It’s certain things you can do, certain things you can’t do. Stack’s situation reconfirms that.” This whole epidemic of trying to get famous before getting rich is one of the biggest and most dangerous dilemmas that African-Americans get themselves into. History has shown over and over again that brothas and sistas cannot afford to get famous before getting rich and they are usually paying a heavy price of trying to chase fame before laying down the foundation. Nowadays, cats want to be so desperate to get famous and be known and have no kind of skills that stand out from the crowd. I believe they watch too much television and believe because some reality star got a little fame, that reality TV star is getting money and going places when nothing is further from the truth. Their dumbass is sitting at home all by themselves watching television and made up this ignorant logic in their heads. I don’t know if African-Americans know this strategy but the biggest way to attempt to take someone down is to give them too much attention in the mainstream media. See, you sitting up there with a little fame and have to see all these cats on television talking about you, cornball bloggers writing about you and morons on the radio analyzing you and you haven’t made any money yet or landed a deal. Now you under pressure to step up to the level they portraying you in the media and this is where most cats fall apart. But now I’m seeing brothas and sistas desperate for attention bringing this same destructive strategy upon themselves and messing themselves up. They spending too much time trying to gather up a following and believe they can peddle whatever they want to that audience because they “own” that large number of followers. But the audience always gravitate towards someone who really got skills and the cat who thought they was going to make it off fame is abandoned and just a nobody and has-been like MySpace. This is the same problem with web site operations. See, cats want to host a web site and then they have a lot of traffic but no revenue. But the web hosting bill and bandwidth charges is now going up to $10,000/month and they can’t afford it and have to shut down because the advertising banners ain’t delivering the money that they thought it would. It is your best interest to focus on getting rich and getting the foundation laid out when you start any kind of hustle. Once you are good at what you do, it does not matter if you dealing with one person or the entire world watching you on television – you are good and you will always deliver because that is your foundation. Getting famous ain’t going to get you nowhere except in trouble. If you run out there and get famous before getting rich, the first thing you going to notice is all these fake cats coming around you because the only way they knew about you was through the media and not through the game, so they don’t appreciate you. Then the second thing you going to notice is the media itself and all these pundits who are jealous of your fame try to cast doubt on you, tear you down and wait for you to mess up and exploit any of you setbacks putting out racist headlines like “chink in the armor” at the first chance they get. But if you get your foundation down, you got your game on, you actually own the landscape and you are the one who call the shots and got to skills to put everybody around you in check. You become an owner, you are running by your own rules and you will always be winning because you are basing all of your hustle on what you built and standing on, not what other people are saying about you. When it comes to African-Americans, it becomes dangerous because cats are getting famous and don’t have enough money to hire security or get a new residence and get away from the local cats who are hating hard. If you are one of those cats, I hate to tell you but you better elevate your behind up to the fame that you got because once you got it, that’s it. You got to put in real work and that’s the problem. See, the problem is now that you got the fame you was chasing, now you got to step your game up! But guess what, all the cats who got a foundation and stayed low can now come in and take over your fame and shut you down and make you look weak real fast. That’s why I’m telling you cats to stop trying to get famous before you get rich. And that’s a special shout out to you so-called Black technology characters because me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents is going to super-embarrass the living ish out of these fake cats running around trying to be famous before getting rich in this tech game but can’t program/develop/launch a product worth a damn. Real talk - put in the real work first, learn how money is made and then use your money, your hustle and power to get your fame on your it the right way.

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  1. Ay, You kicking some real shyt here man. Just found this site. gems of info….dropping str8 jewels.I like that last statement- PUT IN the work, LEARN HOW money is made, THEN USE your money, hustle, and power to get fame on your terms Now that’s a 3 step plan I can get with!

    Thanks Bruh

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