How Do We Get The Young Sistas to Stop Shoplifting?

There is a silenced hush-hush problem going on which these young sistas getting caught shoplifting. This is more common than you think and even worse, these are “middle class” young sistas doing this stuff in these suburbs and the legal system in those locales have every intention of prosecuting these young sistas to the fullest extent of the law. Shoplifting is a very serious crime that will lead someone down the road to getting nowhere fast and we have to address this issue with our young sistas. I remember going to a Wal-Mart and before I continue – Wal-Mart has the absolutely crappiest Money/Financial service operation in these Black neighborhoods and cannot believe Black people stand in line for that crap! Wal-Mart have only one person at the desk and they acting all slow like they don’t care and look like the Wal-Mart manager pulled their slow money counting behind out of the stockroom to handle financial transactions. I can do a whole blog article on that crappy service but let me get back to what I was saying. Okay, I remember going to a Wal-Mart and as I was going into the store, some big football playing looking cat had cornered these two girls and her mother just looked on as he was dangling some earrings she stolen out of Wal-Mart. Mom was fine like someone I would holla at but at the same time, she was looking very sad. Because you should already deduce those were some cheap earrings that didn’t even need to be stolen at the cost of getting arrested. Yeah, they got the redneck cops to come and detain them. If you check out these mugshots and police blotters in these suburbs that Black folks move too like they getting away from the hood, it is filled with arrest reports after reports of young Black women getting charged with shoplifting. These ain’t hood rats either – these are young suburban looking sistas who look like their parents are well off and thought their daughter would not do something so stupid. But their suburban Black daughter did do something so stupid like shoplift and now she caught up in these suburban/redneck justice system where they going to try to squeeze every dime of probation fees and court fees and pay cats who have these rehab sessions and other stuff and that goes on the record. When it comes to college/university entrance applications that also comes up that she been shoplifting and let’s not even talk about looking for a job. Why would any sane employer hire anybody that steals from a store? But the big question that always comes up after the young Black sista shoplifted is why the hell she did that ish? If she wanted some $15 earrings that bad, someone could have bought them for her! Now the parents are wondering what the hell happened and shocked because they expected their knucklehead son to do something stupid, not their daughter. That’s what we need to figure out is why these sistas shoplifting in the first place and think shoplifting is some kind of a joke?! There is a lot of information online that suggest the reason why a sista shoplifts is because she having issues going on that she may have not confronted or brought to her parents or even others around her. But this is the lone shoplifter and what I’m noticing is the sistas are actually shoplifting in packs with other sistas or even among her White girlfriends who want to see if the Black girl is hood or whatever and can get away with stealing to be accepted among the White girl clique at the suburban high school. I’m more inclined to believe the young sista is shoplifting due to peer pressure, not personal issues even though a young sista being a follower is a personal problem in itself. We have to address this issue because this is really a silent marginalization of sistas at an early age. Most of the sistas become caught up in the legal system, become marginalized and alienated and become repeat offenders and end up working at a strip club in Atlanta and I’m not trying to be funny – this ish is real. In addition, if we are going to start businesses in the Black community and Black women are starting up businesses like boutiques and selling cosmetics, she is going to have to deal with her own younger sistas trying to steal and shoplift from her taking away her profits. Here is what I believe need to be done to address these young Black teen girls from shoplifting: Public Awareness Campaign. Someone, maybe some Black sorority or the National Association of Black Female Entrepreneurs or whatever should launch a public awareness campaign to tell young sistas about the implications of shoplifting. These freshmen sistas at college shoplift more than teenagers and end up getting kicked out of a good school. Create non-for-profit ads through the Ad Council to be played in the media about shoplifting and how young sistas are getting caught up. Get That Little Girl Out of the Mall. Daughters probably should be as far away from that mall rat lifestyle as much as possible. Get the girls into other stuff like soccer and into manga and church activities and other stuff instead of cruising a mall with her peers who trying to pressure her to steal cheap earrings. Get Her Into Entrepreneurship Early. If these young sistas learned how to start their own business, manage their own inventory like a girl scout, she would appreciate how business are operated and would never shoplift from another business owner. It is easier for young daughters to start businesses and this is probably the real diversion that middle class Blacks should do for their daughter. Black middle class parents should do everything they can to have their daughter be an entrepreneur and not end up like their Black middle class working behinds. Tell Her That She Part of the Trap Game. Explain to her that the legal system is setup to get young sistas caught up just as fast as brothas and explain to her the economics. Show her how they will not only charge her with shoplifting but they will squeeze every dime out of her for months and years and take her down. Make sure these sistas know good looks and being “baby girl” ain’t going to get her out of the setup the legal system have in store for her. Summary The real dilemma here is the Black community at large not acknowledging we got young sistas out there acting out of control and doing stupid stuff in these middle class communities where Blacks want to believe they “arrived” and away from those ghetto folks. That desire of Black folks wanting to pretend those suburbs are so much better is making them silence this issue of suburban teenage sistas getting caught up in the legal system shoplifting cheap earrings. Look at the big picture – if these sistas get caught up just from shoplifting, then they cannot get good jobs or head down the path of doing bigger and better things for themselves when they grow up. That’s how they plot to marginalize cats 20 years from now but many of you don’t even realize how deep the game they stacking against us to fail as a people. If you around these young sistas, sit their young behind down and real talk them on this shoplifting ish. Straight up tell them, those cheap earrings ain’t worth it and they better not be trying to seek approval from other women. Then ask yourself what you can get that little girl into so she ain’t trying to be accepted and validated by others. The best thing you can get her into is do start doing for herself and show her how to run businesses over the web, organize 5-year old birthday parties, babysit and all that other hustles little girls can do so she can buy her some real earrings off her own money she made.

3 thoughts on “How Do We Get The Young Sistas to Stop Shoplifting?

  1. I was at the store the other day, in line behind a black lady and two little girls (about 7 or 8 years old). One of the girls was begging for things at the checkout while the other one was quiet. Then the lady turned around to the quiet one and asked her what she had in her pocket (she did have her hands in her pocket), but the little girl didn’t have anything. A normal person, like myself, would have never have paid any attention to the quiet one, but this article made me wonder if that girl had a history of stealing.

    On a side note, my niece steals things (like money, food, etc.) from her dad and my sister. She’s 12 now, and she does have issues that have not been dealt with. They will probably not deal with it until she gets arrested for shoplifting.

  2. I was at a pharmacy/convenience store one morning and the manager had this teen girl by the arm telling her to get out of the store and don’t come back. He told the associates if she comes back not to let her in. That girl needs to count her blessings because I firmly believe that had the manager been white he would have called the police instead of giving her a good talking to. He was baffled though. He could not understand why she would still some chips just all willy nilly and did it as if she did not care if someone saw. I thought maybe she was hungry but hey you never know.

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