How to Stop Being a Day Late and A Dollar Short

One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome in life was the sad and disappointing feeling of not having what I want when I wanted it. Anybody who really knows me know I wait for nothing in this world and the reason why is because I spent most of my broke life in the hood always waiting. I got most of the things in my life all late in life after the peak of when I wanted it. If you are one of those cats going through that same kind of nonsense, this article is how I dealt with it. When cats are caught up and in the trap, they can never have any luck and make things go the way they want to. If they get money, the electricity is cut off and they have to spend the new money they got on that and they broke again. If they dating, they got to put up with someone else nonsense of talking about waiting and being ready. Or can’t make moves because they need money and when they get the money, they afraid of making moves to lose the money they got. My past problem in life was not having money to make the kind of moves I wanted and I spent my time just waiting on a paycheck to get by and to pay the overdraft fees and all the ish that was past due prior. So in essence, I was always behind. Then when I take care of business, something new always comes up. Even further, cats be coming out of the blue with a demand for money and I’m caught up in a cycle of not having the resources to do what I need to do and it’s always at the end when I finally get it. What many African-Americans don’t understand is this was all by design that we end up like this. This is why the public schools teach our kids to get an education and to get a job so we can just wait on a paycheck. Then the financial pundits tell us to get a mortgage and car payment and slowly pay off the materialistic stuff of our dreams by having a good credit report. Then you go to the church and worship God and you got this preacher/pastor/bishop telling you how good the afterlife going to be like you cannot enjoy life right here and right now. This is how they conditioned us Black folks to always be late to the game so you need to understand that. Now once you understand that, you have to unleashed yourself from this whole trap game and put yourself in a position where you are in control and not reacting to everything around you. That is how so many broke brothas and sistas are caught up because they keep reacting to everything around them instead of hustling ahead of the game. So with that said, let’s talk about how to stop this day late and a dollar short nonsense and get on top of yours and get somewhere. Screw the Past and Black History. The biggest thing and the number one is we have to stop talking about the past and start focusing on the future. For our generation and future generation, knowledge of the future is a million times more important than knowledge of the past. Brothas and sistas really have to learn how to operate in real-time as well as predictive sciences to anticipate future events. It is the future that is always coming at you and trapping you up if you are not ready, not your past. You have to keep this mentality first and foremost in mind or you will never get out of the trap game – think the present and future situation, not the past. Tap into Your Paranoia Because It’s Real. Don’t ever let anybody have you second guess your gut instinct because that is your natural instinct. It is the same instinct an animal have sensing something ain’t right around them and will dart away. Look around and think about all the things that ain’t right around you and pay attention to how you really feel. Write down everything you don’t feel at ease about and be honest. Once you do that, you see all the threats around you that will creep up and get you later and keep you trapped and now you can anticipate those events. Anticipate and Create Crisis Management Strategy. You want to think about all the things that can go wrong. For example, you living in Austell, Georgia and your car broke down and you work downtown Atlanta – how are you going to get by with work and buying stuff and moving around? Today, my computer hard drive crashed but guess what – I already had a backup system and kept it moving because I had prepared for this kind of disaster. You need to plan for everything that can go wrong and document it and have a plan to deal with so you don’t be surprised. Get a Calendar and Mark Dates of Upcoming Ish. Your computer calendar is not good enough – you need a calendar that you can physically look at and see all that going on in the future so you can prepare for whatever. You don’t need to buy a calendar; you can print a calendar using any word processor or print off the Internet and just paste it to your refrigerator. This is important so you can see what’s going on and be ready for things that are coming up in your life and let you scan. Take Control of Your Future Today. There are things you can do right now to own your future. For example, you can setup your clothes for the next week or two weeks and as soon as you get up or be ready to go out, it is right there waiting on you. You can save money for a rainy day and when that time come around, you will remember that’s the money put up in the past to help you enjoy your life today. That’s how you take care of your future today. Always take care of that person you will be tomorrow and the future you will thank you and appreciate you for it. In order for you to stop being a day late and a dollar short, you have to be proactive and aggressive about owning your present and your future. If you are caught up right now, you have to spend some extra hours each night until you finish up all the stuff to get ready for tomorrow and down the road, reducing to four hours of sleep if necessary. Look, you can’t be thinking about the past, even right now. The best thing you can do is preparing for tomorrow where you get ready to deal with that same old ish or that new ish that going to pop up. We can’t be upset and thinking about how life was wrong and we never got what we wanted yesterday. The thing we can do is control what we can do right now and set up for tomorrow and make it easier on us. Once we brothas and sistas understand to focus on our future instead of reflecting on our past, then we realize how important these young brothas and sistas coming up are to us. I don’t give a dog f*ck about an old ass elitist Andrew Young, some old school Frankie Beverly and Maze music or some Black Wall Street in the 1900s – I give a damn about making the future better for younger brothas and sistas. And in order to give them a good future, I have to learn how to make a good future happen and the best way to practice is to start working on making the future better for me.

4 thoughts on “How to Stop Being a Day Late and A Dollar Short

  1. Great insight! Very relevant article because many of us are experiencing this day late, dollar short scenario. However, our history is extremely important..just like a person’s medical history. We need a better teaching of our history that highlights not only what we did centuries ago but also what we did just yesterday.

    1. History is only good to extract data points and patterns to deal with the present. If we Blacks used history in this manner we would a million times better off. But I see the same dumb mistakes generation after generation in our community which concludes our people don’t know how to “appreciate” our history. We view history as nostalgia and anecdotal memories and storytelling, not data points and something to grow from.

      Show me the diaster planning in the Black community after what we saw happened with Hurricane Katrina? Yeah, so let’s stop this crap about saying history is important but act like we shocked and devestated when the same things been happening for decades. So I agree we seriously need better teaching of how to extract history but the present and our upcoming is the only reality and what matters.

      In regards to your medical history, that’s data points and support my argument 100%. How previous generations means nothing – how you will use that medical data to deal with right now and your future generation is the only game in the table.

  2. Thanks for this piece and all you do with Dream & Hustle. It helps me think on how to improve myself and the community & work on getting the skills needed to support me and my family going forward.

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