Maybe I’m Not Ballin Hard Enough for Cats to Take Serious…

A lot of people say things on Facebook I wish I can respond to but I know the Facebook poster too personally and know they will take it personal. But then again, maybe they should take it personal but I have better things to do and decided to talk about this matter on the blog. I really appreciate you guys input on this FB posting in the image above so maybe I can address this type of posting the right way when I see it again. This posting above is basically self-explanatory – the author posted a picture of the “new Bentley truck” and made some comment that the rest of us who own 2000s models are “foolios” who think we “ballin” and end it with a hashtag of if you going to do it, do it right. I personally felt very put down by this post because I thought I was “ballin” with my 2000s car and now pondering if I need to buy this Bentley to maintain my status where I gotta keep “ballin” on these cats. Deeply concerned about this, I did some research at another web site geared towards stadium upper seat spectators to the cars, clothes and butt model game and that is ATLNightSpots. I found this article about that “new Bentley truck” also: Note: please don't laugh at the ATLNightSpots title about adding a V-12 to a SUV as if that is groundbreaking.. I also noticed ATLNightSpots is calling it “whip game” and that slang is very similar to a term called “chip game” I heard used before and now it is beginning to make sense to me. I’m dealing with cats who are living in a fantasy virtual world exercising their unrealistic fetish for making chips, driving whips and gawking at a butt model hips. Now it makes sense to me - I believe Dream and Hustle attract these kinds of fake cats and I was wondering what the heck was going on in Black America because I know full well cats are hungry and hurting out here under the Obama administration. Before I go on, let me get this straight – we are in one of the worst economic periods this country and world has seen since the Great Depression, cats are rioting over in Europe over austerity cuts, cats and Greek/Portugal college cats are moving to Africa to take jobs, grain prices and oil prices are hitting all time high because of the peak phenomenon due to a bigger worldwide demand and we got some broke ass Black people here in America talking about a new Bentley truck?! Do you guys realize this is a mental disease that basically slipped through the cracks because it mostly affects Blacks? Do yall remember how these Dungeons and Dragon cats back in the early 80s would actually believe they are a level 29 wizards and ish and how cats in the 90s actually believe a spaceship following the Halle-Bopp was coming to get them and they committed mass suicide? In the 2000s, there were number of people extremely out of touch with the real world and believe in EverQuest and World of Warcraft too much. This reminds me of an episode of Paranoia Agent I saw where the disillusioned cat was caught up in the trading card games they have over in Japan – this is exactly what I’m seeing: This materialistic-based virtual “alternative reality” addiction is the same mental disillusionment that African-Americans are going through and we are not addressing this mental disease. This is not the same thing as “fronting” because any cat that got a BMW 7-series even if they are still living in their momma house is not fronting – they actually own a BMW 7-series they can drive around and maintain the air pressure on their tires. These other cats are sitting around on the Internet talking about driving Bugatti, wearing Versace, smashing a butt model and how to think about the chip game and how other cats are getting their chip game on. This is where this whole ultra-materialistic obsession in the Black community got to the deep end and we need to discuss this. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is the Dream and Hustle problem. See I’m actually real and trying to show cats how to really do it but cats want to mentally imagine the making money or "chip" game virtually and not put in real work. That’s why we are seeing what we seeing with Blacks and technology where cats want to believe some fantasy about an 9 year old building software and apps without an ISO-certified quality assurance process in place. Cats really don’t want to put in the work and that’s why we got hustle bloggers trying to chase social network fame instead of step their game up to reality of growing into new phases such as new media channels to distribute the message. So back to the FB poster, how would you approach this person or would you just ignore them? Well, you cannot ignore this because this is a widespread problem running rampant in the Black community. Do you believe this materialistic fantasy in this current bad economy is a mental problem we have in the Black community?

10 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Not Ballin Hard Enough for Cats to Take Serious…

  1. Yes Sir! We have a problem in the black community and and yes we are materialistic to the point of not building real wealth that you can see and touch. This has been going on for decades in spite of the massive information source to create wealth known as the internet. I said all that to say this I have been guilty of these kinds of thought patterns in the past and I aim high to change my future everyday. Rule of thumb a wise man leaves and inheritance for his children’s children. I can’t take it with me but I’m gonna leave it to future generations instead of leaving a bill for the funeral lol. Peace.

  2. I totally agree. There are a lot of mentally ill black folk whose mental illness is manifested to materialism We see it here in Atlanta all of the time. This has to be the most materialistic place in the world. What about these people working two and three jobs and the kids are left to fend for themselves just so they can park a BMW in their driveway. The economy is bad this is true but here is where I may differ from some folk. I feel no pity for these folk especially in the Atlanta that lost their homes and a$$e$ cuz they new they made 40,000.00 and for some reason they decided to buy a 300,000. interest only house cuz the broker manipulated numbers when they knew they really could only afford a 120,000.00 house in the first place.

    @ Ed What can you say to someone so stupid? I would totally ignore the guy and just keep on doing what you are doing because it will most likely be a waste of your time to respond. There are people out here who are paying attention. Some people are living within their means starting businesses and working their jobs and putting back for the future.

  3. Guess I am real jacked up cause my car still in the nineties. But guess what? No car note.

    Sometimes folks need to hear the truth even if it hurts. ‘Bout it’ individuals should have no problem when someone offers real advice. Since you know the person and hopefully the person knows you, they will get where you are coming from. If it was a one time mishap (lapse in judgement) still say something so it will not happen again.

  4. I fully agree with Regina. Most likely it will just be a waste of time telling the person how silly they look. Because if they posted it, you can assume that they already lack the mental capacity to grasp what you’re saying.

  5. Perfect example of hustling backwards…

    Hmm lets see for the cost of that car I could probably visit 100+ countries with 1000.00+ dollars for ever country. Hustle, meet connects, see more of the world than 98% of Americans, 100% of black people, lay up with some girls that can put me on to some international hustles. Come right back home to my 2000 model car and take over my hood with what I learned.

    1. @Toma – when i travel, I usually see a lot of Black Americans. So let’s not make negative and incorrect assumptions about our people.

  6. Not to come off as a hater , but if he’s in the process of getting the car I wouldn’t even take a picture of the car just the title with my name on it.

  7. Ed, keep doing what you doing man. You are providing the blueprint how our people can get ours. White folks got 20 times more wealth than we do. It’s easy to stay broke if you keep giving your money to folks who already got more than you. My ride is a 90’s Ford with business signs on the doors. Some cats smirk at me and shake their heads when I roll by. So what? Trying to do for my damn self and no car note. Also thanks for the heads up on Enterprise Service Bus and Pop-up malls. Peace

  8. The people who promote the balling hard lifestyle are usually people who worked hard to get it. Like your favorite rapper or ball player. You don’t get to Baby and Slim’s level of living without a massive amount of hard work and pure unbridled determination. Most people see the toys and the jewels and think they can steal or ‘sling’ their way to it.

    I won’t crap on anyone’s dreams. You can build enough of an income to become a super-consumer if that’s what you want. Just know that in order to do so it’s gonna cost you many sleepless nights. You’re gonna lose many good and close friends. In fact most of the people you hang with now won’t be along for your ride to the ‘top’. You’ll be misunderstood, accused, envied and hated on. Mostly by people who mean a lot to you. You’re probably gonna make some decisions that will pierce your soul through with many sorrows.

    But you’ll be surrounded by your toys. They’ll help keep you comfort when you suddenly look up and realize you don’t have any true friends around anymore that you can trust. And that’s when you wake up one day and realize: the paper chase was never the key to long term happiness or fulfillment. Contentment is.

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