No, You Go Git Your Gun Boy! I Said Git!!!

The Justice for Trayvon movement has taken a left and sideways turn with some cats trying to blame and demanding to repeal the Stand Your Ground law and speaking out against the law. The Stand Your Ground Law has nothing to do with the shooting of Trayvon Martin. This matter is about the Sanford Police Department attempting to dismiss this case as a justifiable homicide based on self-defense. If you cats lose focus on that fact, then you will lose this whole movement. The police department will allow gangbangers to kill an innocent school kid and the newspapers and the 11 o’clock news will claim it is gang-related when that kid who was shot down had nothing to do with the game. And as I stated before, the biggest documented form of Black genocide after Reconstruction was “justifiable homicide” where White people and police killed Blacks and claimed the crazed Negro tried to go for their gun and they defended themselves. The pattern of “justifiable homicide” killing of Blacks continues to this day because we Black folks have not acknowledged it and just react to it after the fact over and over. First of all let’s get some ish straight – some of you pacifist morons better watch your goddamn mouth talking about taking people guns and gun rights like those dumbass people up in Chicago. Cats in Chicago sitting up there getting shot left and right, cats breaking in their homes, robbing their ass at gun point, drive by shooting up from 169th street up to Division Street and they still supporting banning handguns for self-protection until the Supreme Court pimped slapped their silly asses up in the Chi. The Honorable Minister Farrakhan said it best – they don’t need to oppress us anymore because it is now easier for them to kill us and get away with it, like this Trayvon Martin incident. This type of stuff is happening every day in this country, several of these incidents just happened yesterday where some brotha got shot and they saying he looked suspicious or make an aggressive move towards them. Only the dumbest of the dumb Black person would actually sit there and watch all the explicit and tacit assault going on against our people would even think that we shouldn’t own guns. What the truth of the matter is, we Black folks like to be ignorant of our rights and privileges and say stupid ish like we shouldn’t own guns. You even got ignorant Black folks that don’t want us to have free speech. We don’t want to learn and take responsibility to own our freedom and realize we have to arm ourselves to make sure no one takes our freedom without a fight. I don’t believe in using firearms to protect myself – I believe in using firearms to enforce who I am to anybody out there that have a problem with me being me and want to step into the arena. That’s what brothas and sistas better understand why we need to embrace guns and this Stand Your Ground to protect who we are. We got people coming at us from all directions trying to take us down and some of yall want to act like fools? We ain’t like these NRA GOP voting rednecks who love to shoot guns – we truly got motherf*ckers out there trying to kill us! You better go get yourself a gun and get good at that ish. I don’t give a f*ck how much you flex your liberal opinions or think you hard online – we brothas and sistas down here in the dirty south are hanging out at the gun range the same way you other cats hang out at the bowling alley up North. All my cats around me got conceal carry and I got girlfriends I go to the range with creating nice groupings with a .38 special – I taught her that. We good enough to hit what we shoot and make sure we can shoot with the same level of expertise as a cop. Because as long as you don’t strap yourself and end up slipping talking that anti-gun blabber, you surrendered your entire life to all these thugs, all these scumbags like George Zimmerman and these cops who got guns and will use it on your Black ass without hesitation and no respect for your life. Don’t just get a gun, learn to shoot that ish like second nature and get comfortable with stripping it down, keeping it clean, learning how to hit your target, how to stage scenarios where you will get it when you need it and also how to keep it safely stored. Cats need to go somewhere with that anti-gun stuff – Blacks been fighting for gun rights since we been free so we can protect ourselves. How many times you need to watch Rosewood, how many times you need to hear about what they done to Black Wall Street or how they bombed those row houses in Philadelphia and Los Angeles cops just shooting wildly and don’t care who get hit? And if you are a Black entrepreneur, they will try to come at you with guns - that's the hard truth and reality of trying to do for self while Black. There is no such thing as a progressive thinking African-American that is opposed gun ownership and don’t know how to protect themselves and don’t know how to use the Stand Your Ground law to their benefit. There is no way in 2012 we brothas and sistas can actually think that anti-gun crap in this day in age, especially seeing how they coming after us with “justifiable homicide”.

7 thoughts on “No, You Go Git Your Gun Boy! I Said Git!!!

  1. Took the little boy to his first gun show on saturday morning. Pulled up behind the expo center where a line of one hundred pick up trucks were parked on the median.

    “Daddy, it’s sure a lot of rednecks here. Are we gonna be safe?”

    Safest spot in the world son. Here are the rules. Smile and be very polite. Yes ma’am, no sir. Don’t touch anything. I repeat, don’t touch anything. Ask very politely if you may touch anything, make eye contact, smile, and wait until you get an answer. Got it?

    Of course, we were the only black faces in the place. By the time we’d wound around about 1/3rd of the exhibitors, the boy had everybody charmed and offers of dried fruit and venison jerky were coming fast and furious. He got to pick up a Barrett .50 cal this thing is too heavy to carry! Predictably, we had a ball.

    So, what’s the moral of the story? A very large room full of very heavily armed people is the politest, most deferential, and friendliest place you can ever be. Remember that as a first response in any and all situations. Smile, yes ma’am, no sir, be polite, deferential and friendly at all times – and be prepared to put in work in a split second. Everything else is merely conversation…,

    1. What you describe is how it does down here in Atlanta, especially at Dave and Busters.

      Black folks be at the bar in D&B and conceal carry and I’m carrying, they carrying and you will see the most polite and respectful set of young Black people having the time of their lives without dissing each other.

      I laughed at one cat carrying an 1911 on his side holster while picking out some prizes he won from the D&B tickets with his kid next to him..

  2. Stoopit gun of the decade and its evil twin stoopit knock-off version. Why oh why do I want this real world looking version of Deckard’s Blade Runner Blaster?

    .410 ballistics suck, the 45 ACP don’t work, and the 45 LC costs an arm and a leg. Obviously this hog-leg is impossible to conceal, but the Buck and the Preacher sawed-off side-piece fantasy is just sooooo skrong!!!!

    Common sense prevailed, and I didn’t make the impulse purchase. But I still can’t get the sugar plum fairy of this big bertha looking mug outta my head…..,

  3. @CNu – for the same reason I’m still thinking of getting that .50 revolver. Hey why not buy a toy here and there?

  4. Ed this post is dead on point! I was literally just arguing those same points to this utterly clueless sista on Facebook. I swear I’m continually saddened at how gladly ignorant of the law SO MANY Black folks really are. I even laid out for her a scenario where a guy was coming to attack her and the law would give her the right to defend herself. She said the law is still backwards. I mean WTF!!?? That idiot would rather stand by her dumb ass convictions and end up raped and killed, instead of knowing the law and using that option to defend herself. I keep seeing folks acting like the law says you can only stand your ground against Black folks. No you f*cking idiots! Black folks are the ones that don’t know their rights and end up getting blasted for talking sh*t to the wrong person.

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