Putting Focus on the Sistas and Her Opportunities This March

The month of March is considered Women History Month but this blog care more about the present and the future matters that need to be dealt with right here and right now. So let’s get it clear that this Women History Month, I’m not really interested in stories about Bessie Coleman or the first woman to fly an Osprey V-22. Sentimental stuff like that does not change the fact we got thousands of sistas standing in line at the unemployment office, thousands running just to fill out an application for Section 8 Housing Assistance: Now, I had to stop blogging and started laughing hard for several minutes uncontrollably at this video above because they had those Black folks running to the Jesse Owens Memorial Complex - that’s the sickest inside joke I seen in a long time. In case you didn’t know, Jesse Owens was a legendary track star who held world records for decades. But let me get back on topic – the issue here is there are very serious issues in the reality of the sistas that is simply not being addressed and not being addressed on the real level. Sorry, but Essence magazine is an unfulfilling irrelevant pile of ish just like Black Enterprise magazine. The same way Black Enterprise is not teaching brothas and sistas how to really start businesses, Essence never broke down the mission of getting Black women to the true state of self-identity and self-empowerment. If someone want to add a comment or retort defending Essence, then they should not bother because I already think that person is a simple fan spectator to the game and just rallying for their favorite team instead of looking after their own best interest. Dream and Hustle ain’t playing around and ain’t playing games with address matters relating to sistas because this whole present and our future is too damn serious. The truth is, Black women have to be wary of other Black women holding them down and some Black women are bigger crabs in the barrel against their own sista coming up. The truth is since 2001 when the Trade Towers fell, Black women were targeted for corporate marginalization and replaced with outsourced foreign workers and that whole “independent Black women but working corporate” persona has been on the extinction list. But there is one more truth and Black women are dealing and compromising with these punk losing brothas out here. I don’t blame a Black woman being absolutely fed up and want to start dating non-brothas anymore because I personally know most of these brothas on some straight punk sideways ish instead of being real men. Just as I was doing some research, here is a YouTube post I found of a brotha complaining about Black women in Human Resources: Now, this dude claiming he got an interview for an IT position and he is more worried about the Black woman in HR than the IT manager? Does that make sense to any of you? I have never heard of anybody in my life before until I hear this ish about someone worried about a Black woman in HR bread blocking him – that’s is a sign of a cat that is not a go-getter nor an owner. Notice this character use the n-word at the 3:00 mark as if I or any other brotha in IT want to work with this self-deprecating clown. If you Black women look at the comments in that YouTube video, you should noticed something I talked about years ago on this blog and will publish that article again - there is a strong hatred of Black women by some punk ass brothas on YouTube and an innocent Black woman was killed with a shotgun by one of these YouTube sista-hating brothas several years ago. These are the real truths out there they ain’t talking about on Essence or in these BS “liberated” Black women blogs. But we are going to take a different twist - what we are going to talk about on Dream and Hustle this month is not any of the negative stuff I just mention. Harping on the negative stuff about Black women is what everybody else does. Instead, what we are going to do focus on the real opportunities for sistas. Please understand where I’m coming from - the biggest problem for Black women is not the negatives – the most serious issue among Black women is sistas are not taking advantage of all of the positive worldwide entrepreneurial opportunities out there. Yes, there are a few sistas where we can throw their names out but that’s the problem – this ain’t about a few names - all Black women who are coming out of college should by default be hustling hard on that next level. It is extremely important for Black women to learn STEM just as it is extremely important for Black women to learn how to travel worldwide. Don’t you sistas give us this excuse about not feeling safe overseas - my Asian sistas travel by themselves worldwide all the time but they have self-defense training as well as mace and these loud alarms to signal they in trouble. And when it comes to STEM, well look at the type of TV shows they target to Asian sista, in fact, I familiar with young Black sistas who also love this STEM-based Japanese anime: What I’m trying to say and let me end this blog on this note – sistas have to start thinking right now and future global big deal opportunities and stop self-oppressing and self-limiting themselves in their own head. You sistas want to be a boss, then you better start thinking like a boss and set up your ambitions like a boss. I’m not playing games with sistas– I will tell sistas how to be a boss and if she can’t handle that, she can go take her behind back to reading Essence and watching Tyler Perry movies. Sistas need to learn manufacturing and data workflow process to learn how to build products they can sell worldwide. Sistas need to learn chemistry and sourcing materials so they can build more than these stinky homemade soaps and learn how to source all the chemicals and get a plant in Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Philippines to manufacture cosmetics that they can ship worldwide. And last, sistas need to realize most of the brothas in the USA are on some self-deprecating BS but they got a nice population of brothas over in London who are still quality Black men. I got UK brotha counterparts over there on some next level global ish where yall sistas can setup a real nice UK (train to Paris) and USA lifestyle while they got your girlfriends running like Jessie Owens to get Section 8 Housing Assistance. Ok, let me stop, we going to keep it real talking about sistas and opportunities this month and I just want to give yall a briefing. Just remember to free your mind and the rest will follow when we start discussing the worldwide takeover plot for sistas to consider.

4 thoughts on “Putting Focus on the Sistas and Her Opportunities This March

  1. Ed,
    That’s the thing they do in Memphis. Memphis is majority black and to file for unemployment you have to line up early in the morning. But the rest of the state does it online.

  2. “And last, sistas need to realize most of the brothas in the USA are on some self-deprecating BS”. Damn Ed! That sounds like something right out of Essence or some other Black man hating blog. I mean “most”? Really?

    1. You think most of the brothas are really about something? It’s an extreme few out of the population that are doing something and on something. I don’t speak from a bitter women perspective but come on, look at that Dallas Section 8 video where you saw the brothas running like track stars over the sistas who need that assistance the most.

      Then all the homo thug beefing crap that ain’t got nothing to do with eating and maintains shelter for the clan. I will say more than average we got a lot of bros on some straight nonsense that I would try my best to keep my daughter or sister away from if I can help it.

  3. Some men are just not men. That is it. That is all. They want to play games. Have so much “swag” but can’t even back it up. No one says you have to prove anything but my God please reduce the ego to the proper size. Like my son’s father. Driving a rental car or his girl’s like it’s his. Dude you like thirty and live with your mama. But you can’t tell him that. He think he’s God’s gift to everybody.

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