Stay Strong to the Haters and Stay Suspicious to these Biscious

Because it Sunday Hoodie Sunday, I decided to support Trayvon Martin by posting a pic of me wearing a hood on my blog. But the only problem I'm having taking pictures is that I'm a real hood cat and I can't be "fashionable" like these other cornball cats sporting hoods. So I decide to hide my face and look more preppy and hope this pic will do. The one positive thing coming out of the Trayvon Martin case is the same positive pattern that is coming out of the Oscar Grant case from Oakland a few years ago – elements of mainstream America have stopped doing nothing as the national response. Since the beginning, the mainstream media want portrays social and legal injustice against people of color as a “brown people problem” to mainstream America community and portray it as just they are angry and mad. However, the mainstream media is having a challenge trying to suppress stories of Trayvon Martin and trying their best to spin the story. Look at ABC News coverage of trying to defend the shooter and throw in that “Black friend” reference in their media clip to bolster the claim the shooter is not a racist: video platform video management video solutions video player But thanks to social networking and collusion of media outlets, the mainstream media cannot silence and control the masses anymore. You cats need to remember this happened over a month ago and the mainstream media didn’t talk about it. We were talking about it and I remember hearing about it from some guy at a barbershop who was over passionate. Then more and more people standing up and now people are speaking up and out in force: They are killing people and getting away with it through “justifiable homicide” and that’s the core issue here. More Blacks during Jim Crow were killed from “justifiable homicide” than all forms of lynching events where the law enforcement and justice system basically let the murderer of Black people walk free and clear. This practice goes on today where cops are killing people of color shooting them for holding up a wallet or leaving a bachelor party. The last article I remember writing was about Black teenage sistas shoplifting – I hope you cats fully understand why I didn’t write any articles for a while after that. If you sitting up here reading Dream and Hustle and think I was going to “blow over” the fact young Black girls are getting their life destroyed through the justice system for petty shoplifting, then you are as big as a hypocrite claiming to support this Trayvon Martin case while ignoring that article with young sistas shoplifting, which was what most of you cats were doing and why I didn’t bother to keep blogging. What is changing is we need to stop being silent and I think that is the message that most of us are getting nowadays. Mainstream America already saw how the cops treated them during the Occupy protests and it looks more and more that as we brothas and sistas are blogging we are keeping it real on these cats and everybody is responding and speaking up now. Because bloggers like me will tell you that you wrong for sitting there doing nothing in the face of adversity, you are wrong still trying to assimilate and sellout and be validated by bigots. Being silent ain’t got Black people no damn where! We can look around at our own communities, look at all the older Black people and how messed up they looking right now and you young cats better look and pay attention at how your ass going to end up if you sit there and do nothing and stay silent. And this selling out crap and trying to be liked by bigots and voting Republican crap? Look, how the hell you going to sell out in 2012 when ain’t shit selling? Real talk, do you and be you and be ready to stand for yours and deal with these cats when, not if, but when they want to come after you. Yall don’t want to hear the truth but I’m going to tell you the truth because I’m a real hood cat – this is a perfect example of you middle class Blacks ain’t being ready for primetime and lost your damn mind running out to these sprawl communities. At 17 years old, your Black son should know the protocol of how to handle anybody “following them” instead of talking to their girlfriend on the phone, teach him to call the cops himself or call his dad and have them come out to the streets – these are records that need to be around for the legal stuff. This is not 20/20 vision – that’s the predictive stuff these middle class Blacks ain’t teaching their kids. This is why I keep telling yall to screw Black History and your kids and even you need to start recognizing things in real-time and anticipate future events quickly as things unfold in front of you – that is the real skill we need as brothas and sistas. This Trayvon Martin cat wearing a hood but he ain’t hood, that’s a real problem especially when you got people like Geraldo Riveria looking at YouTube videos of Black people smashing and grabbing stores with hoods on and rioting in South London wearing hoods all of the time. We need to teach our kids, especially these middle class Black kids how to be Black kids and stop that crap about the surburban gated community life. Ain’t no bigots like George Zimmerman running around the West Side of Chicago following 17-year hooded Blacks because we will straight do him and George Zimmerman know that. No, bigots like George Zimmerman are running around your suburban sprawl thinking if your child is not an assimilated self-hating Black kid, they are a little pants sagging thug or a drama video ho. I’m still trying to figure how the hell you think your middle class Black kids are less oppressed being out of the inner city – they are more oppressed racially in those suburbs and yall need to sit your kids down and keep with real with them about what’s going on and how they being targeted. Now, once you middle class cats see how they coming after you with profiling you, pulling you over, targeting your kids and trying to punish them to the fullest extent of the law, then you got to be real about who you are and do you. Stop trying to be liked by everybody so much out there in those suburbs and start being who you really are. Stop staying silent when we see injustice and stop trying to sell out and be liked by cats who don’t like your ass anyway. Not only are you self-hating yourself, but your Black ass can’t even compete against real hood cats like me in any arena anymore where you want to act like a cornball thinking that’s how you get them to like you. I’m always going to be 100% me and not going to compromise or apologize to anybody for doing me with the life God gave me. Teach your kids, especially you cats who ran out to the suburbs how to be street smart and deal with bigots. You put your Black kids at more risk than a kid in the hood being out in those suburbs because most of those suburbs are broke as hell in this economy and trying their best to trap middle class Black folks and get them paying legal fees and fine to add to their suburban county funding and budget crisis. Yeah, you arrived alright – you arrived in some more serious stuff that took the life of Trayvon Martin and more and more of our kids.

6 thoughts on “Stay Strong to the Haters and Stay Suspicious to these Biscious

  1. Well said Ed!

    I was at the rally in Fla and I’m from NC! It was something that I could not let pass and not be a part of. I took my 17 yr old son and my 10 yr old daughter. And I told them this is how things get done. Speak out and be true to yourself. This could have been my son, my nephew, my cousin, my neighbor. I told my kids, this is your first demonstration take it all in and if things don’t change, please don’t let it be your last! To see small children with signs that read “I am Trayvon Martin’, really hit home for me and family. I am absolutely heartbroken for the Martin family. May God see them through this terrible terrible tragedy.

  2. I said it to myself. When it initially went down the media did not comment. But now it’s like they have to because we are aware. Prior to be informed about Trayvon Martin’s death, I told this guy from Africa that racism against blacks still exist. He told me blacks are the biggest racists. I had to tell let him know real quick. These folks don’t care that you went to medical school in Russia and traveled the world. Because at the end of the day you are black. Don’t matter if you come from Africa, London, Jamaica, hell even Cuba. And I wasn’t speaking from paranoia but from incidents that have happened to me and things I witness on a daily basis. It’s like your guard has to be up at all times.

    1. I can’t believe he actually believe someone is still falling for that “African with a Russian” degree hustle.

  3. My thing is, if you stay ready, you never have to get ready. So all these damned fools trying to make that whole case all about the “stand your ground” laws, just amaze me with their ignorant babbling about a law they know nothing about. And that ignorance could easily get them killed. Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe that Trayvon was out right murdered. And the law has nothing to do with that. But all these Black folks acting like the law is the problem because they know nothing about it, just reminds me of a major reason our people are consistently victimized by the law.

  4. @Carl, I agree that this has nothing to do with race or the Stand Your Ground Law. I do not know why this issue is being diluted with those two matters.

    Plain and simple, this George Zimmerman targeted, confronted and end up shooting an unarmed individual. That would get anybody thrown in jail immediately with trumped up charges they have to fight. I already displayed a video in a previous article about a Black man running from someone chasing him and the cops arrested him in the police station!

    But in terms of Stand Your Ground, I better not hear any Blacks/Negroes talking about repealing or getting rid of that law – they better learn how to use that law to protect and defend themselves….

  5. Ed! They’re down at the State Capitol protesting to repeal it right now! I swear it utterly amazes me how stupid some people really are. And the flat out ignorance of Black people when it comes to guns, just plain saddens me.

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