Top Business Models for Brown Sistas

When sistas look for entrepreneurial options, several things have to be considered to make sure a work and life balance is in play. Many sistas have families to support and other sistas want to spend a lot of quality time with their friends and loved ones. This article is going to discuss the type of business models for sistas in the 21st century to pursue. Someone was complaining about “soul restaurants” disappearing but failed to realize these eateries were usually ran by one sista who was there every day from open to close. Then you had sistas who sit around and do hair all day which is another form of manual labor. These are the type of work that sistas can claim they have passion for but to be honest, the economics isn’t there no more to sustain these type of careers. They have cheap eat joints on every corner and they got Dominicans doing sistas hair for cheap nowadays. Nowadays, sistas have to think smart about the entrepreneurial choices they make. One thing they should consider is being able to work anywhere and anytime. This means the ability to work from a coffee shop to a corporate office to the North Carolina vacation home. The second thing is being scalable and not one trick pony hustles. Baking cupcakes for 20 years is manual labor and the new thing is to hire cats to bake cupcakes upon custom order and building franchises around the world. However, having a passion is very important to any entrepreneurial goals. Making money is not a passion – that is what dudes who ain’t going to do nothing but run their mouth say all the time. They call it the "chip game" and they make a no-money making career about talking about making money to other cats and it's embarrassing brothas actually do this crap. Don't listen to cats who ain't doing nothing but talking and listen to your passion when it comes to doing for self. You are best when you do something you love and dedicated to see it done well. So it is extremely important to balance the kind of entrepreneurial endeavor with the passion that you have to make sure it is done right. But there is nothing passionate about manual labor work day in and day out and getting nowhere fast. Sistas should consider the following type of entrepreneurial work when looking for something to get into: Information Workflow This is considered “paperwork processing” but we in the 21st century and information is moved digitally. Doing taxes is an example of information workflow processing. Import export processing with authorities is information workflow. Grant writing or even writing paid articles are information workflow. Building a referral web site to get commission off each person who fills out an application is information workflow. Look at the real estate market when they were doing “robo-signing” – that was an outside firm doing that and all what was done was creation of documents. The reason why sistas should consider this is because these tasks are automated and can be automated to the point it runs itself and money is just being made. This is the biggest advantage of technology and I do not understand why African-Americans don’t get it. Collecting information and selling copies of your work such as writing a book, creating a directory or selling how-to guides is a very effective and passive way to get serious money. You can write a book or collect information and resell it over and over again without any additional work and the transaction process can be automated through a web site e-commerce system. Event Planning People like to socialize and get together. There are plenty of opportunities to help create and facilitate events for people and there are a lot of diverse opportunities for sistas to look at. A lot of sistas like to discuss wedding planning – that is straight a lot of work for a little money and the last thing I’m talking about here! You want to scale the ability to have events where you can host thousands and these are the events I’m talking about. These are events that can attract people on a common theme. Personal development which is also known as motivational speaking bring in big dollars. In fact, megachurchs are not even churches – they are really weekly motivational speaking events. This same model can be extracted from the megachurch and used to go around and create these same kind of events where people gather and have someone tell them how to be. But then you got the crowd gathering and that is the outdoor cooking events, the contest and shows that can be done locally. Everything from promoting the event, ticketing for the event, booking locations, providing security and paperwork to the city as well as cleaning up afterwards is a task in itself that can be an entrepreneurial endeavor. Engineering Engineers are designers and create the plans for others to execute. For example, you have sistas that want to claim they can build web pages and that is cute. However, an engineer knows how to create diagrams and technical specifications for the web site, ship it out to a design firm to create it professionally and quickly. This is the engineering process that sistas should be thinking about and avoid the manual tedious work involved that will keep her trapped. This is where I kept saying instead of talking about sewing your own clothes to sell, learn how to create the patterns and send them to Southeast Asia or Latin America to be manufactured, even at a small plant. Have the plant drop ship the clothing directly to the sistas in Africa and Europe for customers over there to purchase. All you did was facilitate all of this and didn’t have to stitch anything yourself and just watch the process work itself out. I do have a problem when I see sistas always wanting to do manual work by hand – no, learn to start engineering and creating a workflow process for work to be done and sit back and let it do all the dirty work and just get paid. You truly do not believe these fashion designers are cutting their own fabric, do you? Resource Management In the escorting business, it is interesting to notice the one person who gets most of the attention is the “madam” who books the escorts with clients. What many people want to believe is the “madam” worked their way to the top and this is not even close to the truth. The same way most drug lords probably never sold on a corner in their entire life. What these people did was simply positioned themselves to be resource managers, that’s it. Positioning yourself to manage both the resources and the clients as the broker is a nice position to be at because there is little work that need to be done but the money is coming your way. For example, tech recruiters hire cats to program software for $200/hour but only pay the programmer $50/hour and that programmer is running around bragging they making $50/hour not realizing the tech recruiter taking $150/hour off their hard work doing nothing. It is not just people you have to manage; you can manage an apartment complex for example. You can manage a jet ski rental off a cruise ship stop in the Caribbean. You can even manage other people money to be invested, this is the general principle of just managing a resource and getting paid to have it utilized by clients. Summary Overall, sistas should be looking at entrepreneurial activities that can grow and expand with as little physical work and location-dependent as possible. These are the kind of hustles that make money but at the same time, can go enjoy life and raise a family. However, as in everything we talk about here it is very important to understand technology and how some things in technology works. Creating a database to manage content and creating script and web sites to manage the flow of information and referrals are important. So there is no excuse not to learn technologies if these are the type of opportunities a sista want to get herself into. Once a sista learn technology like download or MuleSoft workflows, then she will open herself to a lot of these kinds of opportunities mentioned above and will be getting her money on while at the same time, getting her life on.

3 thoughts on “Top Business Models for Brown Sistas

  1. Thats deep Ed and I think you have to expand on the positioning as an entrepreneur. I had the misconception that if you have a hustle that requires labor oh well you’re just gonna have to work it out. We all know how to grind but very few of us know the expanding element, how to delegate work to others so that we can build into empires.

  2. Ed, you make it sound so easy like “welp! You can just manage an entire apartment complex!” Um ,no. For that example, they want you to have hella experience. You say these examples as if you can just go out Monday and by Friday, you’re managing an apartemnt complex. These are some great ideas, but ideas for someone that’s interested in technology or technology minded. I have a cosmetology license and esthetician license. I was in for a rude awakening once I got out here and saw that the industry is not like it used to be and the tales they told us of back in the day when hairstylists easily made six figures

    So, i’m thinking of ways to make money while still having some time to be with my daughter, but within the industry I love.

    1. Honey,

      Nothing is easy but some things are straight forward once we know the steps and the process to get it done. The problem is we do not have the step by step straight forward guide to get things done and if we did, yes it is possible to start Monday and manage apartments by Friday.

      Technology, you can’t run from that no matter what your passion is or your industry. Even with a cosmetology license, you have to learn how to market yourself like a pseudo-celebrity nowadays with social networks, online portfolios, mobile offers and even handling transactions through your mobile device if necessary.

      What you going through is what many of us are going through but once we get over the process and learn, we got to learn to capture what we did and make it easier for the next person behind us. That was the goal of creating the whole wiki and Q&A section that is still work in progress.

      Again, nothing is easy but we can make it as straight forward as possible.

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