Would You Ever Consider Being a Token Apologist Like Joe Oliver?

Joe Oliver is to George Zimmerman what Angela Benton of Black Web 2.0 is to Michael Arrington. These are Black apologists for these bigots who always appear to pop up out of nowhere and start apologizing for these scumbags that tried to do something detrimental to us brothas and sistas. Then when the heat get turned up on these bigots, you start seeing these token Black apologists come out of nowhere like they was living in some cul-de-sac up in some White suburb all their lives acting like they can speak on behalf of Black people defending these bigots. Joe Oliver is running around talking running his mouth and been nowhere near the scene of the incident or as a witness who can testify. Joe Oliver talking like he actually lend some kind of credibility to the situation and he is the kind that use his Blackness in these situations hoping that his Black face show me and you that his friend is not a racist. This routine is so tired that I’m surprised this kind of crap still goes on as if this technique still work, do it? You guys seen and will see a lot more of these token apologists come out of the woodpile during President Obama re-election. Let me give some of yall a hint – most of these Blacks are not African-American and usually from the Caribbean and Latin America like Panama and the Dominican Republic and they come to America trying to be next to the Whites and start speaking like they are Black people and speak on the behalf of African-Americans. Can you imagine me going to Nigeria and then start defending the foreign corporate entities on Nigerian television acting like I know what’s best for Nigeria and ish?! Hey I have a better one – can you imagine someone Black in America running their mouth about Libya and apologizing for Ghadafi and make up stories about how Ghadafi treated his people so well?! See what mean about these apologist Negroes popping up out of nowhere? Here is my take on this matter and I hope cats document this because I’m being real. If someone I know and I call a friend shoot a Black kid like that and I knew them all my life, I’m going to do some straight Of Mice and Men sh*t on their ass. I’m not going to television and let cats know, I’m personally going to ask that cat if they want to go walking with me in the woods or an alley somewhere or meet me under the highway so we can “talk” about this incident. No one should be going out of their way to speak up and apologize for cats who did someone else wrong. Joe Oliver don’t know a thing about what happened and he definitely don’t know what the parents of Trayvon Martin is going through. Somebody came and pulled this “Black friend” of George Zimmerman out of nowhere and he now on television with his bald-headed ass talking like he got some credibility in this game. That clown will get his jaw broke by real cats out here who seen brothas and sistas get gunned down by police and other cats. Let me break something down – first of all George Zimmerman is a snitch, he is a wannabee cop and as soon as that cat get behind bars, you don’t need to put a $10,000 bounty on his behind, the cats inside is going to have a field day with him. If he go free, he going to need more than a Black friend because he got everybody coming after him of all races because he is a snitch, a wannabee cop and someone who killed a child and trying to get away with it. Ain’t no way you will see me on television apologizing for this piece of work even if I knew him since grade school. That’s why I’m wondering if any of you cats think it’s okay to be some kind of apologist token Black that think you can speak for someone. Real talk, these cats can’t speak to nobody and these tokens can’t convince anybody either. They will straight get their punk ass sucker punched walking down the hall by a real cat for running their mouth about something and someone that has nothing to do with them. That George Zimmerman got blood on his hands, how the heck this Joe Oliver got the nerve to put himself in the middle of this. I’m going to be straight up because I will tell yall on this blog way in advance. When you see me launch the next generation business and it will be a big deal and I start saying the truth about how Silicon Valley is racist, watch all of these tokens in the technology industry come out of nowhere. Some b*tch name Paul Scrivens shows his face or someone from Black Web 2.0/NewMe show their face because they ain’t got the kind of skills and swagger like the 30 Rotten Dissidents and they going to act like they can speak about me with some kind of authority. And me and my people will be right here waiting on their token apologist ass when they want to step up too. Let me keep it up in summary – unless that person is your own son or daughter or grandkids, you really ain’t got ish to say about their actions or defending them and need to just shut the f*ck up. If you are one of these token Negroes that think you are special because White media is giving you attention to apologize for some bigot or attack another strong Black person, you better be a real badass because you will be approached by cats out there at-large who tired of cats like you showing your fake Black ass on television when you won’t step out in any Black forum with that ish you talking.

7 thoughts on “Would You Ever Consider Being a Token Apologist Like Joe Oliver?

  1. This man should be ashamed of himself. But I guess this type of character has no shame. But he got his hat handed to him last night on ‘The Last Word.’ The ‘coon vs goon’ comment was put on blast and couldn’t hold water. He stuck his foot in his mouth by trying to explain away Zimmerman’s motives and actions so poorly to the point that admitted he wasn’t THAT close of a friend and could not answer basic questions a friend should know about another friend. Absolutely rediculous! Get the **** outta here! Now you see right wingers using this man invalidated statements as a reason to justify this murderer! I truly feel they put him out there to test the waters on which version of the bs would be accepted and then they will use the best one as a defense in court. But I tell you this if this man is not charged or is set free you will see uprisings all over this country! And I use uprisings as the most politically correct word I could find!

    1. Keep in mind Obama is president and Eric Holder as a Black AG haven’t done much to address this matter. This was going on way before Trayvon. Expect Black media to put Obama image above getting justice for Trayvon.

  2. [quote]they come to America trying to be next to the Whites and start speaking like they are Black people and speak on the behalf of African-Americans.[/quote]

    Brother Ed:

    Let me add some additional context to your statements quoted above.

    I don’t believe that the problem is that the INTEND to “Be Next To Whites”.
    The problem, as I have analyzed it, is that the Black Community has suffered from “CONSCIOUSNESS INTEGRATION” into the biorhythm of America.

    We have lost our connectivity to the larger world “The Black Diaspora” and now what you are seeing is the damage that the marginal focus upon the TRANSACTIONS that America presents before us has done.

    WITHIN the Black Community those who now control our institutions have failed to retain the “Institutional Integrity” that will allow our people who matriculate through these institutions to DEVELOP as we desire to.

    Now that we have the laws protecting Black people as we vacate from our local concentrated clusters, in pursuit of better living – we must understand that the ironic point that many Blacks move to the suburbs and live next door to their ideological adversaries because, ironically, they have a better chance of obtaining their ‘Black Permanent interests’ (education, safety, economic prosperity) in these places than in the places were we are concentrated is evidence of the problem WITHIN OUR OWN RANKS as this “Institutional Integrity” has been jettisoned for the sake of TRANSACTIONAL, POLITICAL GAMESMANSHIP in the ‘Malcolm X Political Football Game”.

    For Joe Oliver, who I have not followed in dept – HE is only guilty of the “CHERRY PICKED FOCUS” in which he defends his friend George Zimmerman while dismissing the clear “racial profiling” that Zimmerman has conducted.

    Keep in mind though, Ed, Mr Oliver’s contextual focus is no different than those who are able to look past the dead carcasses that line the streets of Black America as they look past “Street Pirate On Black Crime”, instead believing that “White on Black homicide” is a SUPERIOR focus.

    If there were ever “I Am Joe Oliver” t-shirts printed THEY deserve to have the first batch.

  3. Constructive Feedback, this is the perfect timing to show the hypocrisy of these leaders.

    These kind of killing went up eight fold in Detroit but no mention by the same outlets. We don’t know if those victims are innocent.

  4. Constructive Feedback… Well said!

    I whole heartedly agree with you. We have forsaken our true identity in order to ‘get along’ or be ‘equal’ whatever that means nowadays. It almost makes me wonder about the debate between Malcom and Martin. Malcom was separationist, seperate but equal, and Martin was an integrationist, social equality. Every time these issues present themselves I always ask myself, what if we favored Malcom’s philosophy instead of Martin’s, where would we be as a people? I listen to alot of family and friends who grew up pre-integration and they preferred it actually. I maybe digressing, but that question frequently crosses my mind.

  5. Can’t wait to hear Ol’ Joe explain Zimmeran’s police surveillance tape–no blood from a broken nose or bashed in head.

  6. @ bullcitydiva:

    I am with your relatives. I believe when we lived amongst each other and traded with each other our lives were much more enriched. I am with Malcom and I think in the end Martin was with Malcom too hence the saying “leading his people to a house on fire.” The movement should have been about I can live where I want but I chose to live amongst my own.

    @ Ed:
    Even if my kid, brother, sister pulled a Zimmerman move and killed an innocent child they had best not call me to say anything cuz I don’t uplift wrong. And I was soooo surprised Obama said anything about Trayvon. He tends to stay away from black issues but that is another story

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