Brothas and Sistas Should Be Gearing Up For International Travel

It is critical requirement for any brotha or sista under 30 to have international experience and exposure if they want to compete in this global economy. Unfortunately, a lot of Black media want to fake and front on this reality and this topic and a lot of simple cats want to “stay on the block” and deny the reality out there. This article is for those that realize they need to do some real travel in this world to see the real opportunities and inspirational ideas I don’t know what condescending assumptions cats think of me or Dream and Hustle but the reality I’m an international-based software designer and developer (get paid like one too, homey) and I see the global economy and what’s going on in real time. I know where the money and the movement at and where the youth is coming up hard. And I hate to break it to brothas and sistas, but these other cats are coming up extremely hard and fast. It’s only be a few years that brothas and sistas are not going to be at the back of the bus, but completely off the double dutch bus. If you are an African-American freshman in high school or even an African-American freshman in college, you will not have good or real opportunities by the time of your graduation and that’s the reality if you do not have international experience or exposure. You can sit on your cheap futon and ish and imagine in your young African-American head that you will have opportunities, but the reality is you won’t if you do not get out there learn how the world works. The sad part is you young brothas and sistas are limiting yourselves to this Black media bullsh*t you consuming and limiting yourselves to and selling yourself out at the same damn time. This topic ain’t no damn joke and I’m tired of warning brothas and sistas for the past few years on this topic about being international. I can tell you that these emerging countries are growing in exponentials especially among the 12-24 youth population and African-Americans are extremely stagnant trying to love some cornball Black media better than Dream and Hustle than listen to the truth and reality of what’s going on. When I first talked about this subject, I was letting cats know and right now in 2012, I’m seeing the damage being applied and those long lines of professional educated African-Americans and a paper resume looking for work at a job fair, what can I say? For you brothas and sistas out there, top thing on the priority list if for yall to get international exposure and put our people on the global economy level. Now if you are lightweight, I suggest you do New York City as your starter city if you need the practice. Now there are some other cats and bloggers talking some bullsh*t about you don’t need to do New York and you can hustle being in Des Moines, Iowa or some ish like that. At some point, you going to have to realize cats who ain’t sh*t and pretending they on some sh*t is going to tell you some pretentious sh*t and you going to have to learn to recognize that sh*t. Most of these cats hustle blogging are professional writers and rhetorical characters and while that good for entertainment purposes, don’t play with these lightweights when it comes to the topic of getting money, power and respect worldwide. Type of Travels There are two types of international travel for go-getters and hustlers out there trying to get theirs. The first time is the getaway where you are in Latin America or the Caribbean relaxing at the beach watching and listening to the blue ocean waves, hanging out with the locales like they your family just killing time because it’s chilling time. This is best type of international travel because it helps you forget all those losers back in America, all that drama and bigots back in America and you ain’t taking phone calls or checking email either. This type of international travel that helps you realizes that this is your life and now it’s time to enjoy your life as you. In some cases, you begin to learn how other cultures do things and realize it is a lot to learn and also teach others and they become inspired. This is a very powerful thing African-Americans can do for other people worldwide. I met African sistas who told me when they were young, they were inspired by African-Americans who came to visit their village and helped them and that inspired them to be great. The second type of international travel is learning how the money works and how to build economic empowerment and find new markets and opportunities. This is the type of travel I want you brothas and sistas doing when you travel overseas and is the most mind-blowing and rewarding type of international travel. This is the type of travel that will rock your world and your foundation upside down and make you realize how it is really going down in this world in terms of emerging economies. Not only will you brothas and sistas see how money works elsewhere, you will also be inspired to see how you can apply those processes back on your block or even enter these markets. Where Dream and Hustle International is Going The international travel I’m planning for is based on what we already know about the global economy and finding the information and ideas to create economic empowerment solutions in the hood and that is Asia. The emerging economic models in Asia are the most compatible and aligned business models similar to the economic goals of African-Americans and our cities. The Black community need revitalized urban areas and concentrated business clusters as well as manufacturing and import/export trading and we being real and honest about what has to be done for brothas and sistas to stack paper. Remember that I do not pull nonsense out of my behind like these other cornball hustle bloggers who just want to spit opinions and commentary about making money. I talk to real cats worldwide and talk to real Black folks worldwide getting their money up and they are extremely helpful in understanding what I’m trying to do and more than accommodating. The people I’m talking to are also in Asia getting their money up the same way I just mentioned. With that said, here are the international destinations that are on Dream and Hustle list: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This place has been identified by my own connections and worldwide resources as well as established low-key Black multimillionaires making world moves as the place Dream and Hustle should focus on. Diverse ethnic background and friendly people and plenty of local opportunities in terms of outsource manufacturing of fashion to sell worldwide and mobile applications. In addition, this is a good getaway for real relaxing beaches and islands and no one in the world will know you are here. They are also extremely influence by Black culture and many of you may seen Kanye traveled here and other rappers to throw concerts a lot. It is a known getaway for the business ballers and the rich to relax and not be disturbed and can relax without cats bothering them. So this is on the number one list for Dream and Hustle as recommended by our connections worldwide and looking forward to checking it out. Hong Kong, The People Republic of China This is self-explanatory and a critical place we African-Americans need to setup shop for our own manufacturing and trade opportunities to create real global empires. This is where we can design our own products and services and go here to get it manufactured and sold worldwide from this location. Shanghai, The People Republic of China All you have to do is look at the video above and understand why I want to take a helicopter ride myself over Shanghai - this city is absolutely floor-dropping awesome, beautiful and the future. If you want to know what the future and how a real city should look in the 21st century, this is it. Someone at my level in the technology game need to be in this environment to see what's next and what's emerging as well and contribute and stay ahead in the game. Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan is a very important city for brothas and sistas because it's already established and they are already making the kind of moves we can learn from. Tokyo has a lot of business models that I was able to extract and bring to Dream and Hustle such as mobile commerce business models, vending machine business models and most important, IPTV business models that we should have in our hoods. Look at the large video screens in the video above - this is a requirement in any Black community I'm looking to revitalize and develop: In the video below, I want you to not notice the huge robot that is freaking cool and awesome, I want you to look at the jumbo video screen in the background and the graphics they are displaying - this is why Tokyo is so important and influential to Dream and Hustle mission to establish the communication framework in our communities to promote our businesses and our interests: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai is on some blowing money fast game and they are doing the latest and greatest over there while we are stagnant here in the USA. The thing about Dubai that I like to go there is some of the things they pulling off, we can actually pull off in our own communities. It's really just design and understand electronics and digital processing. See, this is why I was so frustrated when I wrote a blog a few years back about creating light displays and people ignored it and blew it off - this video above is the prime example of displays and other design cues of why this topic is very important. We can build waterfalls and interactive water shows with Arduino and some water pumps and time everything to a MIDI track - we Black folks already know how to do these things!! We can build a lot of nice retailing interiors and design even in our own hoods on the cheap and just focus on using nice color combinations over expensive materials. That's what I want to learn from Dubai. Another great thing about Dubai is you can get around on train - that is a major plus and why I love traveling to places like this because I can just get to where I need to go on my schedule. Look at all the places the train stops as such as the mall and you can see the tall buildings in the background. These places we just identified are the hotbed of economic development and these are places we can learn a lot from or do business with to empower ourselves as brothas and sistas. Now, these destinations are actually a little more advanced travels and not recommended for lightweight brothas and sistas. First reason is because you need to be drug free, second reason is you need a sponsor or someone who can show you around and third, you need to be a good-orientated, outgoing and charismatic and not have a stank attitude about others and life. No, They Do Not Hate You Over There! One of the biggest annoying things and saddest things is when I hear an absolute ignorant Black person in America who never traveled their ass anywhere say some BS about “they don’t like us Black people over there” because that is further from the truth. The real talk is they admire, inspire, imitate and look up with respect to African-Americans and our struggles and want to reach out to us. We brothas and sistas have failed to take our own initiative and reach out to them because we stuck on trying to impress White people in America than work with and do business with the billions of people who look up to us. The real story and something some of you guys don’t want to hear but Ed Dunn is going to be straight up in your face and telling you what’s real. The truth of the matter is the majority of us African-Americans have a slave-conditioned inferiority complex and we tend to project that inferiority subconsciously when it comes to the global economy. For example, Black people told themselves the immigrants who moved in their communities to open up shop hate them – why the f*ck someone from Vietnam or Cambodia want to move in your Black community when they themselves were poor coming here? If anything, the fact they traveled overseas to open up a business in your Black neighborhoods and conducting transactions in your Black community means that your own Black ass ain’t doing what you supposed to do for your own community! If you are one of those cats that want to talk about them coming into our community and opening up stores - don’t put some blame on them coming into your hood, look at your own damn self and ask why haven’t you opened up a business in your community and served your own people?! What I discovered later in life is that many of these Asians wanted to do business with Black people and admired Black people from what they learned about us from their homeland. Sure, it is fair to say that the Jewish business owners in these urban communities who still own the buildings and lease out to these immigrants and not the Black community as a form of discrimination but don’t put that on the foreigners and look at it from their perspective. But the real blame is us and we need to accept that responsibility that we Black people did not focus on commercial and economic development like we should have for the past 30 to 40 years. That’s our fault and Dream and Hustle acknowledge it and that’s why we are the only real cats out there about true Black empowerment because we acknowledge what we in the Black community did wrong and what we need to do right from here on out. That’s why I advocated that we are going to help cats overseas with micro-grants and help them start their own businesses. I’m not interested in how we were treated in the past because I grew up in the hood and saw the same amount of disrespect for my hard-earned money as the next Black person by people who don’t live in my community but want to sell to me in my community. What I can do is focus on being a better person than them and do the right thing and also do for self – that is what we can do and what we can control. They do not hate us overseas and if anything, they look up to us but we brothas and sistas failed in our responsibility as African-Americans to help others become empowered as we were by Martin Luther King, Jr. This may seem like a sidebar and off-track but it isn’t and a very important topic if we are going to create global empires. We African-Americans are failing extremely hard at realizing our influence and reach worldwide and we allowing our inferiority complex to prevent us from working with others. Cats are running around saying these people overseas hate us and don’t want us over there and their simple behinds ain’t even traveled anywhere and want to get mad when you call them out on that BS. The one thing they respect and this should be straightforward is they respect us when we have self-respect for ourselves and respect for them. That’s wrong of African-Americans to claim they graduated from this college, they worked at all these places then get some inferiority complex about they hate us over there when these same people are leaving their own homeland to work international. We acting like we got special favors or the Black economy here in America can actually sustain Black lives – no it can’t and our economic sustainability situation around Black American communities is deteriorating as we speak. Real talk, we got to be global leaders and realize they look up to us and we got to extend our hand out as the leader who can not only help them, but realize they can help us and teach us a thing or two also. That’s why I targeted those countries on the list above to learn as well as see what we can contribute to these emerging economies to launch our own global empires. Getting Started in Your International Travel One of the biggest advantages of military veterans is many of us already got the travel thing down already. Many cats who played sports or are entertainers who go on tour got the travel thing down already from our school background. Many cats who do missionaries at church got the travel thing down also. So these are the type of activities you should try to position yourself to be in if you still young. Try to join groups that do international travel and save up your money and sell t-shirts and candy bars and wash some cars if you need to. You will need to get your passport and I recommend you go and get your passport immediately even if you do not plan to travel soon. Just have it on you so you can get ready to go places and not have to deal with waiting on one which is the worst case scenario. A lot of Americans do not have passports and in the African-American community this better change, all of you including anybody reading Dream and Hustle better go get a passport. Most people I know of start with Europe and will start off with London first and I do concede that might be a nice place to start off. You can take the train to Paris if you want and knock out two great international destinations in one trip. Japan is also a great place and I’m finding Black people going there and now want to relocate there for some strange reason, hope it ain’t me. By the way, I am house-hunting in Japan right now as a second home for my family as we need to expand our reach worldwide for my nieces and nephews coming up to have international options. Using Google Maps But the most important thing I want cats to do is learn how to use Google Maps and the street view feature for international destinations. Zoom in on locations in the UK, France, Japan and other locations and like San Paulo, Brazil and get familiar with the layout of these countries and these destinations. This is important because it helps you understand the country before you even go and help you prepare what you want to see in person when you get there. For example, on my upcoming London trip I already know where I’m going, how the neighborhood looks and the streets and even know my way around before I even get there. This enables me to not be lost, not asking for directions and get to where I need to go and what train to take. Also, me being street smart know what parts got the cats hanging out and where to be at and not be at and be on my guard. What I usually look for is high density commercial zones that resemble our inner cities and also rural communities that resemble some of the smaller Black communities and see if I discover something new. Do most of your “exploring” on Google Maps because once you get there, you want to be on mission and not waste any time getting to the places you want to get to and not miss anything. This is how you can maximize your whole trip and knock out a lot of missions when you get there on the ground. At Some Point, We Going to Need African-American Tour Operators Based Worldwide One of the ground floor international jobs that an African-American do right now is get themselves to these markets and help the rest of us get around and take us around. If an African-American go to Korea right now and know all the spots to take young brothas and sistas to have fun, discover business models and see some unique sights and can speak in our language and be a network point, that African-American will find out it’s a lot of us that want to pay for that kind of service. As I told you before, I have professional connects who take me around when I travel worldwide. We brothas and sistas are missing these kind of liaisons in places like Hong Kong where we need a brotha or sista who can act as a ground-floor liaison and take us to the Guangdong Province to work out deals to manufacturer and sell wholesale back in our hoods for retail. You don’t have to serve just African-Americans, it’s plenty of other people who would want that service and probably trust a brotha or sista more so. We Got to Develop the Diaspora in the 21st Century Sometimes you got to put your foot down and cut off cats who pretty much don’t make the cut what kind of people we should be nowadays. And with that said, I’m pretty much not listening to a lot of cats who like to run their mouth but ain’t been nowhere and ain’t travelled nowhere. I really don’t know what a cat who haven’t been anywhere can tell me except something that will make me laugh at their simple behind or realize I’m glad I get out and see what’s really going on in this world. There is nothing complicated about what I’m saying and what’s going on. We have a global economy with youth from emerging countries competing with Americans for jobs and opportunities – I do not know what part of that statement Black people do not understand. Some of us are sitting here in 2012 on the same old script of graduating from college and trying to work somewhere when we saw how people give years and get laid off and have nothing as a result. Why some young African-American 18-34 still want to go that route is perplexing the living ish out of me. We got to do for self and we got to develop economic empowerment and sustainability. But we cannot accomplish this in a vacuum and at the same time acknowledge we are in a global economy and there is competition for resources and opportunities. We got to get at the global level and take charge and get ours and start building real empires so we can do for self, our people, our communities and our future. If we believe the world is ours, then we have to understand how the world works out there and start traveling and seeing for ourselves. Right now, the same way the NASA US Space program has to rely on other countries to get out in space, I have to rely on Nigerians and other Africans and only a few expats to advise and consult me on international matters. We brothas and sistas need to step our game up and get into some of these markets and define how we are going to be seen and portrayed and don’t let others portray us with negative stereotypes. I know smart Black folks in their 40s and 50s who left corporate America and now making moves in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia and they are the ones who telling me this is the place the new money is at. It’s even a lot of well-known professional sports athletes I run into telling me the same thing. I really don’t know what it will take to get African-Americans to realize our global opportunities. I really hate and offended and disgusted that it’s brothas and sistas out there on some “I wanna see Ed Dunn do it before I’m convinced” as if I give a f*ck about their prosperity like that. If cats don’t want to go for theirs, that’s their problem and not mine to convince to do right by themselves. No, cats need to wake the hell up and look in the mirror and say they want something different, they want to new path to take, they want to do something real with the life they got and this current ish ain’t working and turn the corner and go there. Yall gotta get out there and start doing the international travel, I cannot help you if you want to stay local and closed minded and not understand how money works worldwide. Yeah, the world is yours but you got to at least go out and see how it works, don’t you?

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  1. Working in travel, I see the many trends. One being despite the media coverage, Mexico tourism is still thriving and the company I work for not only refuses to decrease tours to Mexico they’ve added more flights. That’s a decent place to dip your toe in the water. But if you really want to go all in I really suggest South America. That is trending. It started with Costa Rica but now expanded into a push for which from what I understand is more of a business route but they are getting more leisure travellers. Or could do Chicago-Panama- Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Starting off for business and then to the D.R. for a caribbean vacation.

  2. The one thing I cannot stress enough is Black folks have to be drug-free when traveling international and not trying to act like a stand out fool. That stuff may be funny for videos but cats will find themselves in a jail cell overseas and paying several thousands of extra money to get out of that situation. That would be the biggest mistake for anybody traveling.

  3. My first time in the D.R. , I missed the scheduled transfer from the resort to the airport. We had to get a taxi and pay out of pocket for it. It was not a big deal to me but to them it was. Everything was all good but before we exited the cab the driver said to us matter of factly. “They’re going to check your bags because they think you have drugs.” When asked why he said two things. We diverted from our tour operator by missing the transfer bus which was a big no-no AND we were black Americans. He said they will think we are smugglers or something. I looked at this man like he was nuts and laughed it off. Got in line to check in for the flight and within five minutes a officer with a dog demanded me to open my bags. He then told me to get out of the way and not say nothing. Then his sidekicks surrounded us. I was livid but the last thing I wanted to do was cause a scene. My fiance was like do what he says or we will miss the flight….the only flight for us that day. The officer didn’t find anything but was so sure he would. It was an experience. I do not mess with drugs at all and this goes on my list of reasons not to.

    Oh and in Jamaica, If someone asks if you want some “Bob Marley” tell them you got iTunes for that.

  4. I really love your article, I found you looking to know about how to sell hair extension and I think I hit the jackpot! I’m in the U.S and I have been wanted to leave the life I’m living now. I am miserable where I am, i wanted to do more and I’m planning of going back to France, I was a little skeptical but more then ever I’m going. My next step go to Malaysia.. I want to thank you you the bomb!!

    1. This article is dated and market conditions changed since. There may be no need to go to Malaysia and I will try to revise this article when I get the chance.

  5. Hi Ed,
    I appreciate the article that you wrote. I haven’t had a chance to experience international travel yet but I realize that what I’m doing right now isn’t working. I’ve been contemplating the idea of starting my own hair extension business and appreciate you taking the time to even provide the information to help someone like me get started. I fully understand your perspective and get what you are saying. I’m actually inspired and appreciate the motivation. If you have any other advice or suggestions you would like to provide, I would love to hear your updates!

  6. I also came across your blog researching marketing hair extensions. What I found most interesting is how you kept mentioning the respect and adimiration we have overseas. As a hairstylist (24 years of braiding and weaving) I found a Japanese hairstylist in Japan who loves black hair styles. They are over there doing dreads and colorful braids. My goal is to teach classes online and travel overseas to teach.

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