How to Decipher Business Headlines for the Hustler in You

Many cats are on the Internet just wasting time away and not learning anything or uplifting themselves. But brothas and sistas who are go-getters have to learn how to find the content that matter and extract key points to apply to their own personal situation and their personal ambitions. This article is going to give a sample of the type of news I read and explain to you how I pull the information I need for my pursuits. Japan Today - Lady Gaga Touring in Asia In this article, the key points is not Lady Gaga but the bigger picture and what I told you cats a while ago about international traveling. I explained to you why Dream and Hustle talk about Asia so much and mention aspects of Asian culture on this blog. When I did that article about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (who I will also feature again in an upcoming article) concert and those little girls, did cats actually watch the video and realize something? If cats actually looked beyond their simple minds and looked at the video, they would have noticed those little girls were doing our dance routines and moves - that is what I wanted you to see out of that video. This is from the article in the link above: The singer leads off her travels with sold-out shows from South Korea to Singapore in a striking upgrade of her Asia itinerary over a previous tour that included only Japan. Western pop stars are increasingly criss-crossing the upwardly mobile region in search of new markets while financial malaise continues to afflict parts of the West - and Asian fans are ecstatic. Japan has long been a hub for gigs by Western headliners, but touring activity has been building up in the rest of Asia over the past two years, Alan Ridgeway, president of international markets for Live Nation, the worldwide promoter for Lady Gaga’s shows, told The Associated Press. The reasons boil down to supply and demand. Asia makes economic sense now because rising disposable income among fans here has driven up demand for live entertainment across the region, Ridgeway said. The story also talks about Erykah Badu who had to cancel her concert in Malaysia due to her having an Islamic tattoo or something like that. Now, from everything we reading we should already have some clues and let’s talk about that real quick. The first thing we should notice is the entertainers always go where the money is at and now they setting up tours in these Asian metropolitan areas. As you read in the article, the youth over in Asia has serious disposable income. I remember when Black media cats like Target Market News would be in Ebony/Jet, Black radio and BET and other crap talking some silly ish about Blacks in America has this disposable income. We need to be honest and acknowledge our Black asses ain’t never had disposable income in our entire existence. Instead, our people history with income generation was wasting money on material crap instead of invest and build economic sustainable frameworks and infrastructures for ourselves and our future. We Black folks were disposing our income on silly crap, not having disposable income. So the youth got money over there in Asia and they spending serious money on technology and gadgets and other nice stuff like beauty and luxury like it is crazy. But I’m trying to get you brothas and sistas to realize and put it together. I mean, they got disposable income over in Asia and they like us Black people and our culture. So why are some of us Blacks folks in America just sitting on our behinds going broke still looking to work for bigots instead of go after and develop economic opportunity in this region? I told you cats over and over again about one guy I know and he seriously rich and you know what he does? He used to be a pharmaceutical rep here in the USA where they make $200K/year and now, he flies out to Asia to these cities and cut deals in all those major markets there for American pharmaceutical companies and all I got to say is this cat is no more special in talent than most of you cats reading this blog. He telling me they just like doing business with his Black behind because he is presentable and they respect him and most important, they respect us. See, he just decided the world was his and went out there while some of you cats still listen to crap on Black radio and these Black shows on cable television looking at someone else Black bragging they got money. So let’s look at the markets over there that we can extract from that article. Those markets are South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila, Bangkok, Singapore and more. I even read and mentioned this over and over that Apple Bottom jeans are a big seller in these markets – ok and yeah, cats can stay here in America handing out paper resumes at a job fair while the smart cats are going where the money at. NPR – Nigerians Setting Up Trade Lines From China This is a series on NPR this week that talks about Nigerians who are going to China to buy wholesale and sell retail back in Nigeria and they have a community setup over there. The story above I couldn’t believe because that story talk about how one Nigerian cat got setup by the Chinese cats and robbed during a bad transaction. I couldn’t help but shake my head at how unsophisticated this one chicken wing Nigerian cat was and all I got to say it this Nigerian brotha better not become a wholesale cocaine buyer in Miami or Atlanta anytime soon if that’s how he operates, real talk. I cannot believe this idiot grabbed his pants letting them know where the money is at! Yeah, you know if that was me interviewing that Nigerian staring at his one chicken wing and hearing the way he was talking in that audio above, I would quietly walk outside and start laughing real hard until I fall to my knees, cannot breath and my stomach hurt. This is probably the most funniest ish I heard in a long time! If Tony Montana used this guy for the Ocean Ave deal, Tony and this Nigerian would have been chained sawed to pieces! But on the more serious note, they setup a Nigerian community over in Guangzhou which is where most of the stuff you see on is coming from. It is right outside of Hong Kong and while you can get over to Hong Kong with just your passport, you will need a visa to get into Guangzhou area. NPR has more episodes on this series. I know this because I was planning to go here before something came up a few years ago and already had the paperwork process. I have Chinese friends and people from Hong Kong as peers in the technology field and they already briefed me on the trip here. They told me when traveling to China to do business, always have a Chinese person with you to do any deals because they will always screw over anybody who is not Chinese. Second, be flattering at all times and also humble at all times as it is appreciated. But there is a third rule that I hope everybody should realize from this story. If you got $19,000 in your underpants and they ask where the money is at, don’t grab the crotch area out of fear letting cats where the money at! For real, who the hell walks around with $19,000 cash?! But here is the opportunity that comes to my mind. First, why isn’t there an African-American community over there in China setting up trade lines to ship stuff back? Why we sitting over here standing in a Congressional Black Congress career fair line with a paper resume in hand asking someone to give us a job instead of go over there to China and create the trade lines to enable jobs? For the record, I do know American brotha in Hong Kong who is helping Westerners work with representatives and he living decent over in Hong Kong. The problem is he is the only one but guess what – he made his own job! When we go over to Hong Kong I will be working with him but again, we brothas and sistas are not realizing how to move the money and ship the products and think that’s just the drug game when we can be making moves like that legit. The young American brothas and sistas have to go international and setup shops worldwide like these Nigerian cats are doing. Wal-Mart is Accepting Cash for Online Orders Wal-Mart web site setup a process that allow people to shop online for products and instead of entering a credit card during checkout, they take a special number to the real Wal-Mart and pay the cashier cash who punch in the special number. Once they receive cash, the order will start processing and ship to the consumer or using Site-to-Store. This is the process from Wal-Mart own web site: •Customers go to from any Internet-connected device to select an item and place an order. •During checkout, the customer selects the “cash” option and their shipping preference. Customer immediately receives an order number on the order confirmation page and an email receipt with their order number. The item is reserved in the system. •The customer has 48-hours to take the printed order form to any cash register of any Walmart store or Neighborhood Market. •Once cash payment is completed in the store and received, shipping then occurs via Site to Store or to their preferred address. It is a totally different experience to pay for a product physically than order it online. When you order something online, you get a confirmation number and see stuff deducted from your account. When you do business in person, there is an intimate person-to-person interaction there and that is a different experience. So this is probably a very good move on Wal-Mart to make it easier for cats to go to their store and pay cash for drop-shipping products. However, my problem with Wal-Mart and this is a serious problem with Wal-Mart in all of their new endeavors such as the Money Center is they have these employees with an extremely sh*tty and slow attitude delivering extremely poor quality of service. These crappy employees be working at Wal-Mart like they don’t want to be there when their behind can be working at no job going hungry and I don’t like dealing with people like that in any business setting. So with online ordering, you don’t see the people behind the scenes of the transaction even if they don’t care about you. But if you go to a location in person and run into a crappy Wal-Mart cashier that act like they don’t give a sh*t about you paying for an online order you excited about, then that is a negative experience and this whole process just went south. I have no confidence Wal-Mart will seriously train a specialized person in their store to deliver a level of quality of customer service for those paying online orders with cash – bet on it. We can probably facilitate this business model in our own communities where we create e-commerce sites that showcase stuff like heels, kicks, purses and other stuff we get from or other trade lines. Then we create a physical store that allows people to pay for their orders with cash option and we facilitate the shipment either to their home or they come and pick up. This is actually a good model for the hood because we can create showrooms like Sears did nearly 100 years ago and sell products upfront without purchasing upfront inventory. This will help create entrepreneur class in the hood which is more important than the satisfaction of buying products in the hood instantly. The Black community have to accept the fact we got to crawl before we ball in terms of creating economic empowerment and doing for self. We ain’t there and we just spending money and not even at the level of the game where we are getting money and need to go simple right now. The most important aspect of this transaction Wal-Mart is proposing that we can take away is the hood has to do good customer service with the people. We stay on top of orders and keep the people informed throughout the process. Most people going to say this is layaway when it is not, this is drop shipping and guaranteeing the transaction will go smoothly. But I don’t think a store can be stand-alone and solely drop-shipping and some products will have to be sold. The point of sale retailing solution for the hood we are working on already have this feature and I explained it in a previous article. We already have a module that enables hood retailers to allow customers to shop Amazon for products or shop manufacturers for products and an automated drop-shipping workflow will kick off. So once we get this retailing solution for the hood out there, I believe you guys will be pleasantly surprised at what we offering. But the key thing here is we need customer service and if this kind of model be done in the hood, clientele skills are required. Summary I do not believe any of the stories I presented above came from any of these major business news media that many cats like to associate themselves with. And you don’t see any Black Enterprise or any other self-important Black bougie media crap like that putting this kind of analysis on business stories and what we brothas and sistas can draw from these stories. So it’s really up to us to do our own research on our entrepreneurial goals and learn to read behind the lines on stories relating to our industry or business. A lot of things are going on in 2012 that African-Americans are not being made aware of. The new money is in Asia right now and that’s where the smart brothas and sistas are going to setup business opportunities to not only sell back here in the states, but setup businesses in those countries under their brand. You have to avoid these silly media outlets that want to stick to some Black identity script and have too much tunnel vision to see where the money at, how the money is being moved and how we can get in the mix and get our racks on racks of stacks as a result. Second and I stated this several years ago and in the last article about doing international but the Nigerians are the real leaders of the African Diaspora right now. The African-American problem is we allowing bougie Negroes to act like they important hanging out in Europe acting like they trying to identify with some aristocratic bullsh*t but we are not as regular folks moving around the world. I told cats my episode last year where I had Niko Bellic with me visiting Atlanta who migrated from East Europe and West Europe and asked me about all these young Black homeless people in Atlanta near the Underground. He wondered why we Black folks stay homeless instead of move around the world like he and his people did and he did nothing for affirm what I already knew and trying to tell yall brothas and sistas for years. If your Black ass is broke in America and ain’t seeing any opportunities, then pack your sh*t and move to better pastures! The grass is greener on the other side and if it ain’t, then you better bring some fertilizer with you and make that sh*t greener! There are still places in America you can just move to but don’t sit there staying broke in the Black community when you ain’t got it in you to be a hood entrepreneur. Brothas and sistas are still smart and educated and have skills 90% of the world do not have, remember that. We got the skills to go to that Nigerian community in China and help them get their money right and also teach ourselves the science of international money transfer at the same time without any USA involvement. It’s a lot of opportunities out there and no one is going to explicitly tell you brothas and sistas this because they don’t want to see you get rich. Either they want to make themselves look important or superior to you brothas and sistas or they want to run some game or scam on you brothas and sistas with the information out there. That’s why they ain’t telling you brothas or sistas the stuff I’m telling you. So learn to focus on what kind of major entrepreneurs you want to make and do your research and you will start seeing opportunities and new perspectives the more you read on the hustle you going after. That’s the only way we brothas and sistas is going to be to get ours on the global major empire level and that’s the way it is.