Identifying and Cultivating Creativity Out of Your Child

Sandra Rose, which is the only entertainment blog I read, featured a story about a 9-year old child that built his own little arcade out of cardboard boxes. The kid was featured in a short film documentary called Caine’s Arcade that went viral and $150,000 scholarship money was raised for the kid. This article will discuss how to help your child become innovative and cultivate talent that will enable them to do for self when they grow up and take care of you when they get old. A lot of people were making smarty comments about their kid also play with cardboard boxes and talking like this kid is not doing anything special that any other kid does. Granted, the video and the viral nature was most likely constructed propaganda to elevate the filmmaker status but I believe the kid is real. And most important I need to say that most of these people talking like their kid is like this kid – no, their child is probably a cornball just like the parent running their mouth saying any kid can create an arcade out of cardboard boxes. If you watch the video, you will see that he is a tinkerer that when he see something, he want to figure out how it is built and recreate it. That means he is not a customer - he builds it custom after seeing it and want to recreate it with his own hands and vision. Anybody who is successful sees in this kid what is known as “knack” and talent to see something and make it a reality. That’s why he got a huge attraction and cats putting their money in him because they can recognize talent. A lot of people like to throw around the word “gifted” which is bullcrap – all children by nature is extremely gifted. The problem is when adults and the environment the child is put in tend to suppress their talents and condition them to be obedient children who better not color outside of the box. Even worst among these single Black women, they let someone tell her that her kids have ADD and her independent Black women behind start drugging her own child with ADD drugs. The reason a child has ADD is because they are likely too talented and wired with activity to conform. However, society want to drug them (especially Black kids who are outspoken) with downers to keep them in line and millions of Black women every day in America go along with that BS and drug their own kids. When we put kids in the right learning environment and allow them to be creative, then that’s how they become cultivated to exploit their talents and become good and innovative at whatever they put their mind to. Many adults do not know how to do this and then want to wonder why their kid ain’t turned out to be anything special but end up bagging groceries at a supermarket. Parents and adults should focus on creating an environment for a kid to explore their talents and natural knack for things and then you can claim your kid is just as good as Caine. Dream and Hustle which is this blog you reading already discussed several things related to this story on multiple occasions where cats basically laughed at me. I did an article on papercrafting and how to make things out of paper to prototype your hustle. I also talked about getting fake money to play “store” with your children do you can learn how to operate a retailing business and show your kids how to run their own business as a game. And I also talked about getting your kids into Arduino microcontrollers. These are the environment you put your kids into to get them learning. So let’s talk about how to prep you kids to have the same kind of talent as Caine instead of just believing they all that. The way you prep your kid to become innovative and creative and develop talent is through the following techniques. Get Them Away From Media Consumption! That means get them away from watching television all day, listening to music all day and playing video games like a consumer. That is what most of us is doing to our kids is conditioning them to become consumers when we put them in front of the media. Because that is what most adults are doing – being customers. Focus on Simulators. When you want to introduce the kid to games, have them do simulation style games. These are the games that allow them to control scenarios, military units, control a shipping line and these games are really fun and involve strategy. Even in non-gaming, simulators are creating stuff in the garage like soapbox cars, models and R/C airplanes at the park. These help a kid learn to interact with items. Show Them Online Videos of Kids Their Age Doing It. Show them videos like Caine running his arcade, or a kid building a model car or a kid fixing and riding his scooter and stuff like that really inspire kids to want to do those things to. Turn those videos into instructional videos for the kids to try to do the same thing and once the kids see they can do something they saw another kid on YouTube done, then that helps them with confidence building. Explain to Them How Stuff Works. Whenever you and your kid see something real nice or amazing, explain to that kid how it works and even show them how to recreate it. This also involves papercrafting or creating things with cardboard and let them play with it. Even stuff like building castles out of pillows and making a tent with a bed sheet are things kids should be doing to explore their creativity to build things. Now once you got your kid all prepped up, you have to focus on the three types of activities with them. The first activity is role playing with them where you have them throw a concert for their teddy bears as the audience or you have them be the store owner with play money and you buy things like your own purse or sports jacket from them. The second activity is very important and I will repeat it again and that is papercrafting and making stuff out of cheap materials. It may appear cheap to you and beneath you but to the kids, that’s probably the best thing they will play and deal with in their childhood. But most important activity is to get your kids out there in the real world. It’s really sad when I’m messing with these single sistas and their kids all bored and ish and they excited when I take them out to the library and they pick out books they interested in. The one thing kids like most is watching other kids do things in activity and let them join in. You should have noticed this when your kids were playing in the McDonald’s playground. In summary, many of you out there got kids who got talent but you adults and parents are destroying and limiting their possibilities by having them conditioned to be consumers. Instead of conditioning them to be consumers, work on conditioning your children to be creators like this Caine kid and when you do that, then your kids will be ready for the world and will actually be whoever they want to be when they grow up.

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  1. Great article! Looking for more ways to get my 11 y/o to realize his opportunities and potential! Simple stuff, but I’ll definitely be looking into it for he and his sister. Can you recommend any additional activities to help encourage understanding of STEM technologies?

    1. I recommend for STEM projects but the biggest thing is to see what the kids are interested in and build upon that. Sometimes, kids just say they want to do this and that but if you work with them, they will find their passion from trial and error.

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