The African-American Strategy Guide to Getting Media Justice for Trayvon Martin

Data manipulation has been the tool of the trade against African-Americans since the beginning and it is also the one thing our people have not identified. The mainstream media in America has a very colorful and well documented history of working with both public and private interests to suppress anything positive about African-Americans and promote negativity about African-Americans. Now that Trayvon Martin killer is now in the justice system, the American media system is working overtime on this matter. Me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents are seeing some of the American media data manipulation carried out to portray George Zimmerman as the hapless victim in fear of his life with the attempt to sway the public to forget Trayvon Martin was the victim. However, me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents are too busy working on economic empowerment and other worldwide matters right now and that’s where you come in the picture. In this article, we are not only going to tell you how to not only identify and analyze data manipulation patterns, we are going to show you how to turn the tables.  What brothas and sistas do not realize is they have the sheer numbers against the small pool of propagandists and closer to zero in the zero sum game theory framework the American media operate on. I have a lot of faith that you brothas and sistas will not only do the right thing for Trayvon Martin and his family to get media justice, but you will also be ready to deal with the Republican propaganda around the August/September timeframe. For example, we are seeing the Wall Street Journal and NewsMax rehiring their contracted anti-Obama propagandists to start writing articles against President Obama. We already know specifically who these writers are because we dealt with the same people back in 2008 and they don't realize we know this. See, that’s the kind of information you are going to have to learn how to gather and realize these cats are simple as heck in their game and we brothas and sistas are going to learn how to put up a real fight to show them we ain’t the people and Obama ain’t the President they want to mess with. Analyze the Players Involved in Anti-Black Media Propaganda The best way to show you cats how to go about fighting data manipulation is to perform an analysis on a real example and walk you guys through. The Chicago Sun-Times published this article a short while ago: You should first notice how the headline of this story is framed. This headline has no regard or empathy for the Trayvon Martin family as the headline specifically states Trayvon Martin name and states whoever killed Trayvon should not be held accountable for his death. What did a 17-year old do to get killed and why would a grown person write an article saying a killer of a teenager should go free this early in the game? So you need to not get emotional but realize the intent here was to inflame or offend a population of people. The Chicago Sun-Times is based in a large city with a large African-American population and the Chicago Sun-Times knew this when they approved this story to be published in their media. So with that said, what you need to realize in terms of data manipulation is not only the author is who you want to dig into but you also have to realize that the Chicago Sun Times or the media organization is pushing these kind of stories as an agenda. I want you to look at all of the players in the picture above – can you identify them? If you cannot then let me explain who they are. The first entity is obviously the Chicago Sun-Times who is responsible for promoting this article to the public. These media companies are the distributors of these negative headlines and they are usually have a covert agenda such as promoting racial divisiveness to get Blacks and Whites arguing in their media, increasing the ratings. The second entity is that T-Mobile banner ad you see and that is the advertisers. These are the corporate sponsors that co-sign media companies like the Chicago Sun-Times and basically finance and bankroll this kind of anti-Black propaganda.  Many groups like the Color of Change have gotten sophisticated and learning to target the financers of these bigoted media outlets and making their advertising more of a liability than an opportunity. The third entity is the author of this article named Jacob Sullum and these are the “hatchet men” who job is to write these kind of articles and stories for media companies like the Chicago Sun-Times to carry and distribute. When you get good at identifying these scumbags, you will learn that Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp employ these kind of people all the time to attack Barack Obama and portray African-Americans in a negative light from time to time. The fourth entity which is new to the setup and you cannot see them here are the comment section bigots who are there to sling mud and insult anybody and everybody who have a problem with this article. Their goal is to hopefully distract people in the comment board section from doing anything other than engaged in exchanging insults with the resident comment board bigots that lurk the Chicago Sun-Times each and every day. Now that you learned all of the entities involved in promoting and preserving these negative stories about African-Americans like this Chicago Sun-Times article, it’s time for you to fight back. How to Fight These Anti-Black Media Outlets and Win To be honest, it is very straightforward for brothas and sistas to take down these bigoted media companies. The problem and the number one real challenge is we don’t want to do the right thing and put in the work to get things done and that’s the truth. We like to approach data manipulation after the fact and act like whimpering puppies scratching at the door to get in the house.  All I need is one or two dedicated nutjobs to do the following task to bring not only media justice to Trayvon Martin but deal with the anti-Black media establishment for good. Step 1: Setup a Data Management System for Tracking Create either a database or an Excel spreadsheet or you can use OpenOffice to collect all of the entities involved and record the date and media publication. So the fields that you want to create in the database or spreadsheet should look like the following: Media Publish Date: April 24, 2012 Media Title: Why Trayvon’s Killer Should Be Acquitted Media Type: Printed Article URL: Content Producer: Jacob Sullum Media Company: Chicago Sun-Times Underwriter: T-Mobile Notes: Article headline attacks the murdered victim and praise the killer and this was the intent. All of this is one line that goes into the database or into the spreadsheet. The goal here to capture in a database all of the articles so you can develop a pattern and see what’s going on. What you are going to discover over time will be the same articles, the same writers and same affiliate media companies are colluding with each other to promote these types of headlines. The problem with the Black community is we are not actively tracking this kind of data against us and is only reacting. Because here is the secret – they don’t have hundreds of thousands of writers and media companies coming after us, they don’t even have a thousand of these cats creating this type of anti-Black content. At most is a few hundred and we can take them out through sheer numbers and turning the tables on them. That is what I need a few brothas and sistas willing to put in the work and do it the right way to take upon themselves to get Trayvon Martin justice. Step 2: Marginalize the Content Producer The content producer is the most valuable target you want to take out. It will take a congregated and collective force of people to pressure advertisers to stop advertising. It will take disrupting the revenue model of a media company to curtail their promotion of anti-Black media. But you can take out a content producer by targeting the very thing that keeps them getting paid and that is their content. Look at the big picture here and that’s why I’m telling you brothas and sistas don’t realize the power they got. The Chicago Sun-Times and any other media organization would have to spend serious money in order to keep hiring these bigoted content producers if we keep taking out their main chess pieces. Finding new content producers is not an easy task and the real goal here is to go directly after the content producers and do it like we don’t got nothing to lose and go hard. Marginalizing the content producer is doing the same thing to them that they are trying to do to Trayvon Martin and to Black people overall and that is through content producing. I want you to think what is the biggest asset a content producer brings to the table to keep them employed? That asset is content and their perspective and their writing style. That is what you take out and destroy and begin winning the battle. The way you go after anybody who is in the creative arts business is to swagger-jack their style and put it out exactly how they write or exactly how they produce content. I’m not talking some opinion analysis, I’m talking about technical breakdown of what they write, the words they use, the techniques and the angles and you tear all of that sh*t apart and bring it out. Because once you break down the content produce game to everybody at that level of detail, then they become predictable. Once they become predictable, then they have no effect and people will not be interested and they will have to find a way to change up their style, which is something they cannot do easily because they spent their lifetime crafting that style of content producing you broke down for everybody to see through them. The second step is pre-emptive strikes against the content producer or even against the media company. You should know from the data you are collecting in advance what media company is going to produce what bias angle or who they will have write the article ahead of time. The media companies are very predictable because remember these content producers are on payroll or contract writers but you are not and that means they have more to lose than you – they lose their career while you fight for brothas and sistas to have media justice. Now, we can follow this Jacob Sullum character for example and see every media company who publish him, everybody who he is associated with and even extract the advertisers who always happen to be around when he writes articles and we publish all of those facts. Now we got these patterns detected and that is what Black people have not been doing to fight these bigoted media companies. That is why I’m saying go hard after the content producers. We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down. Summary The reason media companies continue to attack and portray African-Americans in a negative manner is because they believe we do not understand the science of data manipulation. However, brothas and sistas have some strong advantages and technology at their disposal to fight even the largest media companies and win. It will take guerilla warfare where only a few brothas and sistas learn to collect the right data and learn to use that same data against the producers and publishers of that data. So with that said, brothas and sistas should start the battle to get media justice for Trayvon Martin and his family. You see the stories talking about Trayvon was caught with an empty bag of weed or trying to focus on George Zimmerman head wound when Trayvon has a bullet hole in him or giving George Zimmerman attorney plenty of airtime to humanize George Zimmerman. Then you also see the headlines about Trayvon mother saying it was an accident and the media exploiting that statement. You can't just sit there and believe all of this is not orchestrated. We cannot just sit there and allow the media who is just as culpable and involved in holding Black people back in America and just let them go unchecked when the media companies have a clear agenda.  Going after the advertisers or the media company or their racist audience or consuming base is not who you want to take on. You want to take out the workhorse engine and that is the content producers. But most important in the zero sum game theory, these bigoted media have a huge flaw that they are aware of. See, they already portrayed Black people so negatively that if you brothas and sistas come after them hard, they have nothing to take you down with because they already been taking you brothas and sistas down as their full-time mission. They have nothing new to offer, but you brothas and sistas have all new material to bring right at them and yall will steal the show as you knock off their content producers one by one. Again, me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents got other work to put in and do not have time or bandwidth to deal with the media injustice of Trayvon Martin. I’m counting on you brothas and sistas out there to do the right thing and fight these bigoted media operations head on. Once you get good at what I just described in turns of detecting and marginalizing their data manipulation, then you will be good enough come August and September to go after the cats who are trying to take down President Barack Obama during his re-election campaign. Don’t look around hoping someone else will step up – I’m talking directly to you and saying it’s on you to do the right thing.

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    1. The storyline about George Zimmerman great grandfather being “Afro-Peruvian” comes from Reuters and this is being circulated in overseas media companies. This is the stuff we need to know where it comes from and who putting it out and what purpose.

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