Chobits is a “super girlfriend” romantic comedy genre and Chobits is one of the funniest I’ve seen in this genre. A “super girlfriend” plot is the reverse of the “superhero boyfriend” or the Superman character where some guy is saving his girlfriend in a super macho fashion and the girl is drooling over his superpowers while ignoring the nerd version of the same person. However, the “super girlfriend” plays a reverse role of when a lady has all of these awesome powers and the guy is some straight doofus who kinda thinks he in control but he isn’t, the superhero girlfriend is the one saving the day. These types of shows are not serious like the Superman series but more comedy-based and actually funnier with better content to write against. If we are going to write e-books for brothas and sistas and write original books of the type of stuff brothas and sistas haven’t read before, we should learn these type of genres. We have a lot of “super girlfriends” plots we have in the African-American community that never been explored before. For example, a college sista who is the girlfriend of a brotha playing college football who helps him throughout college with his study, prepare his uniform, keeping him on schedule. She even watches the football game and studies the game and help the brotha play a lot better on the field and he thanks her for it. She conflicts with the football player mother and they form a bond as a result. Then the way the story ends, he get picked in the 1st round of the NFL draft and sign a large contract and dump the sista for a white girl who is related to his sports agent. See, isn’t that funny? Hahahaha! The thing about Chobits that makes it so funny to me is how they learn to make “creative perversion” that is pretty juvenile and immature but it is effective. Even better is you cannot call it p0rn because it is not. Like in the picture above, you cannot say what you see is p0rn because you just see her pulling at his t-shirt but you know what you think you know what you is looking at – that’s what makes the writing/content of Chobits funny to me. In the Black community, most of these movies and content focus too much on actual p0rn in their content and that is a turn off to me. I don’t need to see, read or hear about anybody having sex or explicit sex and that is so uncreative to me and don’t understand why Black movies have to show these explicit sex scenes. What is good content is when you learn to focus on implicit perversion and that is more entertaining and actually more successful and we do not have that kind of content in Black media today. The intro to this series is considered one of the best introductions for any television series. I like how the introduction looks very simple and clean and the song is real nice. I will be discussing how to do these simple but powerful and impressive animation effects in a future article. In my opinion, a good introduction can make any show successful because it is something people look forward to. It sets the tone and the mood and get the audience to sit down and prepare. The reason why I’m saying this is because when we do the IPTV and start programming original content, we definitely need to have the introductions really tight and remember that simple design is very effective. I watch Chobits on Netflix but they also have it on Hulu for cats to check out. Basically, it’s some farm boy who goes to the big city and encounter this female android and the rest is pretty much comedy and science fiction and perversion.