Every Day I HustleSpace, Every Day I HustleSpace..

Who these suckers think they tripping with – yes, I’m the boss. Those cats hating stacks on racks - that’s Ed floss. Every day I’m on the HustleSpace wiki at http://hustlespace.wikia.com and gathered a few contributors to help me document business models based in the hood or designed for the hood. Every day, I’m giving these other cats another reason why they ain’t real like this when it comes for doing for my people on the real level to empower ourselves. Over at HustleSpace, I already created nearly 135 pages of business models that I discovered in the hoods and urban communities around the world and documenting them the best that I can. What I do is basically click on a random page and when I land on the page, start editing the content. Over time, we are going to have all of those business models documents so brothas and sistas can have something real to start a business in the hood against. I’m going to keep it 100 million on you cats – we are working hard to get HustleSpace to surpass Black Enterprise magazine and I believe we will accomplish that goal. See, I know how these other cornballs operate on fame/recognition and the reason Black Enterprise is doing a piss poor job covering Black entrepreneurship is because they hiding behind numbers and their so-called “status quo” they believe they have. Ain’t nobody and I don’t give a damn who they think they are - they ain’t going to stop real brothas and sistas from wanting to go to HustleSpace and learn about side hustles or starting up businesses in our communities or urban worldwide markets. They ain’t going to stop cats coming around from all over the world and want to understand these business models in their urban markets. It’s already growing and putting in progress and I’m just being quiet about it, except now. I invite you cats to hop over to HustleSpace and help contribute content and help it grow. Any contribution is good and don’t worry about grammar or being 100% correct or comprehensive because other cats will come in and help out. The end goal is we have a resource that tell us brothas and sistas how to start real businesses for our hood and say it the way it need to be said as it pertains to us.

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  1. I want to thank you for taking the time out to make this website and contribute content that encourages people to go out a create a business that will bring in revenue. Your ideas are great and I’m looking forward to more of the content that you will bring on Dream and Hustle and the wiki. Keep up the good work.

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