How to Break More Bread than a Butt Model and Stay Beautiful At the Same Damn Time

We will talk about this sista named Keyshia in the picture above later in this article. But I want to let you cats know upfront about this sista named Keyshia – she is the smart one that other sistas could learn a lot from. I will start by saying the overall majority of sexy African-American sistas are making a dead-end stupid move in their hustle by going about the game as a butt model instead of a diva. This article is going to go to Japan to give two examples of a diva career and come back to this Keyshia sista to help sistas understand how to really be about it.

Japanese Case Study: Milky Bunny and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I was doing some research on two Gyaru icons in Japan which is Milky Bunny and Kyary Paymu Paymu and found something interesting about both of them. Basically, both of them made some extremely smart moves from the beginning and blew up fast. But the way they blew up is what made me write this article because I realize sistas can learn a lot on how they did it and apply the formula to their hustle.

Milky Bunny

Tsubasa Masuwaka started off as a model for a teen fashion magazine and became very popular. But instead of just being a pretty face, she launched a fashion line for young women called Candy Doll and Dolly Wink selling make-up and false eyelashes converting her audience into customers of her products.

Notice how you see her face and wearing her products in all of her packaging. This probably did nothing but made her more of a branded face and a household name among teenage girls. Now as a household name and a brand in herself, she is now in the big leagues and doing commercials and appearances.

In these next set of videos, notice how she is doing photoshoots for her products and appearing in her own commercial for her own products:

Now Tsubasa Masuwaka, now a music artist known as Milky Bunny is a successful entrepreneur who started as a model an a fashion icon with her products selling all over Asia and even here in the USA. So by being a model, she actually started marketing a product for her audience under her own identity and the rest is history.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Many of you see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu a lot on Dream and Hustle lately and the reason why is Kiriko Takemura is certified and my kind of girl. Not only because Kiriko is a piece of work but she put in real work to get where she is at. Here is the Wikipedia entry for Kiriko:

Kyary started as a fashion blogger, and then began her professional career as a model for Harajuku fashion magazines such as Kera! and Zipper. After achieving a measure of fame, she began to establish herself as a businesswoman by launching a line of fake eyelashes called “Harajuku Doll Eyelashes by Eyemazing x Kyary” and appearing at fashion shows.

I believe Kiriko was blogging back in 2008 if I’m correct and from blogging, she started modeling. Now, after she got her fame, she did the same move as Tsubasa Masuwaka in our first example and release a line of fake lashes. It wasn’t until 2010 that like Tsubasa Masuwaka, she began her music career. So she is another entrepreneur and even started out as a blogger in this game and moved her way up to also being featured in commercials:

What’s the Takeaway?

What is the one thing you took away from these two ladies in terms of how they were able to propel their career to pop icon status? Because how both of these Japanese sistas blew up is so obvious but it appears the African-American butt models cannot figure it out. Bria Myles didn’t figure it out, Mizz DR didn’t figure it out, Buffie the Body was close but missed it and even Ms. Koi missed the boat altogether. If you are a sista reading this, I hope you realize not only the biggest mistake these sexy African American sistas are doing, but you don’t repeat their mistakes.

The way these Japanese sistas that I talked about was able to blow up so fast is because they marketed to women, not men. That is the biggest and dumbest mistake these models from Bria Myles to Ms. Koi made, marketing themselves do a bunch of horny broke ass dudes who ain’t going to pay for anything. Many of these sistas try to run some subscription paid web site for brothas that feature photos of them posing with their butt sticking out and failed because all brothas did was copy/paste those photos among message boards.

Mizz DR could have sold a line of glasses for sistas to wear, Buffie the Body and Ms. Koi could have made fitness DVDs like Donna Richardson did and got paid, Bria Myles should have focused on both false lashes and a clothing line for thick sistas and I could go on with all of the missed opportunities these butt models failed hard not marketing to women to elevate their career and blow up fast.

The Japanese sistas above targeted women and marketed their beauty to women. They sold products under their identity such as the false eyelashes to women and they became successful among women. Women are the ones who got money and here is the part the African-American butt models failed to realize – it is Black women who would have been a paying customer if these butt models marketed themselves to Black women.

Going back to Japan again, did you realize that these sistas were models in female fashion magazines about women in terms of fashion and sexiness? Do you realize Black women in America really do not have this kind of self-beauty magazine? I’m not talking about that Essence or Hype Hair stuff, I’m talking about real magazine for real everyday Black women that show and specializing in everything from how to wear makeup and look sleazy in a body suit that is among sistas to read. These magazines have nothing to do with men and if these butt models had a clue, that is where they should have targeted their efforts, not these BS magazines like King Magazine or whatever with broke dudes just looking.

Fact: The market demographic of butt model viewers are dudes who average income is only $48K/year.

Black women love looking at Black women, especially beautiful Black women and out of admiration. These sexy Black women posing as butt models if they actually was spending more time figuring out how to get paper instead of seeing how many dudes follow her on MySpace and Facebook, would have blew up just like these Japanese sistas I mentioned above if they focused on the right audience which was women, not men!

Now You Understand Why We Mentioned Keyshia..

Keyshia was one of those butt models from the last decade appearing in those magazines and all over the web. But Keyshia clearly separated herself from the pack because she appeared to figured out what the other butt models did not and realize who she should be marketing her beauty to. She released a lipstick line called KA’OIR for sistas to wear.

See, Keyshia is obviously someone who is smart and exceptional and on the right trajectory. I noticed in one of her YouTube videos, she was wearing a clothing brand that comes from Japan and wondered if she already studied what I’m telling yall sistas about how to really go about it. Now the only thing I have a problem with how Keyshia going about it is she need to be quiet and just be a model and sell the product. Those videos on YouTube where she talking and talking in all that English language need to disappear and go away because that is counterproductive and get in the way of the real mission. The more she talk in English on her videos, the more she alienate her international consumer base.

Someone in Keyshia camp need to tell her delete all those YouTube videos and shut the f*ck up because selling lipstick is still the groundfloor level and focus on distribution at this point in time to build up the brand. Then I hope they tell her to stop putting herself around Lil Wayne and Rick Ross and focus her image solely on women and leave that video vixen crap behind and transform herself and move forward targeting women. If she need me to tell her, I will because she is in a way a pioneer and may have no one to be real with her about how to proceed forward.

Look, I understand sistas want to talk and preach and explain their struggles but if we entrepreneurs got to be discipline and realize it is about the customers at the end of the day. In a global economy and what I’m learning, your customers worldwide may not identify with your local issues and statements and it may distract. Beauty is universal and I just hoping Keyshia figure out to just sell an image like these Japanese sistas doing above and just get to the next level. Her lipstick line is scalable to be sold worldwide and I hope she focus on that trajectory and build her brand up.


The biggest thing I wanted sistas to realize is they should stop marketing Black, female and sexy to these cornball horny dudes and instead sell the sexy brand to the women. The moral of the story here is you want to market beauty to those that want to be like you, not those that want to screw you. Eyeliners, false lashes, lipstick, makeup with your face on it is obvious a recipe for fast track success. I really hope you sistas, especially you butt models realize the money ain’t in men, the money is selling who you are as a beautiful Black women to other women.

For example, yall sistas love Beyonce but I ain’t never see a real brotha nutty about her. Yall sistas are the ones who supporting that sista and some of yall sistas are her biggest stans, not any guy I know of. You sistas are the biggest consumers of your own species and I don’t understand why you trying to sell anything to broke and horny brothas who spend too much time on the Internet and can’t get a real girlfriend in real life.

I’m trying to tell you sistas to stop all this butt modeling posing for these cornball web sites and focus on showing your curves in magazines that feature sistas by sistas for sistas. Show sistas how they can be as beautiful as you and sell some white label China makeup with your face on it to build your brand and be a recognizable face to become an actor or whatever later in your career.

This is where the butt models screwed up big time during that King Magazine era, focusing on broke dudes who ain’t going to pay for anything. A lot of those butt model sistas are out of the game and straight stagnant and a few weeks ago, one of them (won’t name her) gave me a full booty lap dance for $10, real talk. Those butt models are busted and I hope you sistas in this decade learn from that and realize the money ain’t selling sexy to dudes but to other sistas.

Women all over the world from Latin America to Asia want to look like Black women and yall sistas instead of selling your own beauty globally and making mad money and stacks, yall sistas is posting up these ignorant amateur butt model photos up on social networks just to get some Black dude to say something perverted and he won’t pay you a dime. No, do it like Keyshia and I can tell you that Keyshia will be going serious places in a few years if she stay on the path she smart enough to take already, bet on it.

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