How to Keep Ballin Hard Like a Boss with the Hair Extension Hustle

hairmodel When it comes to doing business in the hair extension industry, the landscape has changed dramatically since this article was first written in 2012. Today, there are more established players in the hair industry and the focus now is to squeeze out the independent smaller operators in the hair extension space. In business, when the landscape change you have to change with the landscape if you want to stay relevant and thrive. In this updated version of the hair extension article we are going to show the sistas how to remain a boss in the current landscape by focusing on the ground game. keyshia The purpose of the original published article was to show sistas how to self-brand and engaged in sista-to-sista business or S2S or the she-conomy. Back then, many sistas like Bria Myles and Ms. Koi, Buffie the Body and Keyshia Ka'oir were into King Magazine butt modeling and doing rap music video shoots participating in the objectification of black women by black media to make a name out of herself. But as you see, the smart sistas like Keyshia Ka'oir ( realize her real target market is other sistas who love seeing beautiful sistas and willing to pay for endorsed and branded products by sistas, for sistas. You can find the original article ( where we highlighted Keyshia early on and as you see, she made the full transformation into S2S. Buffie the Body switched to exercise videos – we mentioned her back then also and she made the S2S transformation. Meanwhile, what is Bria Myles doing again right now? Yeah, thought so. bria You sistas do not want to be a washed up butt model so don’t even go there trying to be a black women marketing yourself as a sexualized object to broke black dudes who ain’t got money to pay for anything..unless you sistas want to end up like Bria Myles. What you sistas want to do instead is focus on is being a self-branded sista and target your real audience – other sistas who admire you for your beauty, your leadership and strength and most of all, your style, grace and class as a sista. That is where the money at and just like the original article showed Japanese models selling branded false eye-lashes to other Japanese women with success, we talked about selling branded hair extensions to sistas and that is what this article is about. This article and this discussion is not about just “selling hair” - if you are reading this article because you want to learn about “selling hair” then you are not going to make it in this current landscape because the hair itself is moving towards a commodity with so many players involved. This article is more than selling hair – this article is about sistas creating her powerhouse brand to do business in the sista-to-sista global market space. Once you sistas learn to ball like a boss with your own brand then you will understand that selling hair is only one component of your brand and you need to focus deeper into other products and services in the sista-to-sista space. Our goal is to show sistas how to make strategic boss moves and we hope you learn how to be boss in anything you pursue. So let’s get into making things happen with the hair extension or hair weave game. The Current Landscape waveshop Before, hair extensions were sold through beauty retailers that were mostly foreign-owned and operated. Today, thanks to Alibaba, entrepreneurial sistas can connect directly to brokers and the source for hair extensions and sell directly to sistas, bypassing the local stores. But there are several channels we are seeing now with the hair extension model that bypass the traditional foreign-owned black beauty store in the black community. Hair Boutiques. These are boutiques that focus on hair and present the hair products in an immersive way and have specialists who can consult and advise. While this is a great model that engages customers, one of the challenges has been dealing with smash-and-grabs destroying stores and causing inventory loss where customers cannot wait for a replacement and risk avoidance must be considered with this approach. Affiliate Programs. This is the fastest way for sellers to ramp up by just marketing a brand and allowing someone else to drop ship the product direct to customer. The only way affiliate option can work is if the affiliate program is a quality program that has advance white labeling and a good product but this is not reality as many affiliate programs have poor quality and little to lose shipping a poor product since the affiliate will bear the brunt of the criticism and fallout. So the goal here is to make sure an affiliate is credible and top quality and has advance white labeling capabilities. Independent Sales. In this option, a sista entrepreneur buy wholesale or in bulk from a wholesaler overseas, mostly from China via AliExpress and re-package and re-brand the product as their own. Or in many cases, a sista would go direct to the source and source the hair herself. This option has the most customization and flexibility, independent sales has the most overhead and the most risk and should only be considered for high volume sellers with established markets and customers or a strong enough brand and investment. Direct-to-Stylist. This model does not have independent brokers or middleman but ship directly to stylists who actually install the hair in a business-to-business format. This is the best and most proper approach to the hair extension industry to allow the stylist who already have an established relationship with their customer be the advocate for the hair extension product. The challenge is to be the premier provider to stylists and the cost of being competitive is going to be high targeting trade shows and direct marketing cost. So knowing the current landscape, how does a sista approach the hair industry nowadays? The market has already matured and stylists know there are services out there they can order hair from. There are plenty of hair extensions boutique popping up and there are plenty of affiliate programs and independent sellers in a given territory or region. How does a sista come in right now and take over? Strategic Approach: Leveraging the Landscape strategic approach A sista strategic goal in the current hair extension market is to leverage the established business and channels and promote her own brand. In other words, create a branded hair extension product that can be sold in boutiques or recommended by stylists. Or operate as a channel such as a wholesale distributor or fulfillment. Either way, a sista is going to have to establish a brand and build a business model around her brand. To execute, what a sista should focus on is the following elements and components to her strategic approach: Area Domination. This involves focusing on a hyperlocal region first and then expand to other hyperlocal regions. Once 2-3 hyperlocal regions have been understood, then go national with the successful and best model of establishing hyperlocal markets. A hyperlocal region is a city block or a part of town like West Side, North Side, South Side and East Side and can be a part of those sides of town. Many business in all industry fail because they fail to do grassroots ground game and try to go big and national first. Then someone small come in and work the SME (small to medium enterprises – stylists, etc.) at the local level and convert business to use their product. Transaction and Fulfillment. How you accept payment and handle fulfillment should be the first defined strategy before anything else. If you accept credit cards, can shady customer use the product and dispute the payment and you fighting the claim with the credit card companies holding up your payment longer than 45 days? So you may only want to accept cash or certified funds like a money order. Do you invoice net 30 and realize the small business went out of business and overseas and you have no way of knowing? Then there are escrow services that hold products and cash and do not transfer the product or the cash until they get both from both parties. And fulfillment, can you track the order? Do you have the customer pick up or you just send in a package? How you accept payment and deliver the product define your brand more than any marketing gimmick, remember this. Avoid Overhead. The biggest overhead is leasing commercial space as you are paying $2000/month or more for rent and may not have enough customers and purchase volume to afford your lease starting out. Or buying inventory upfront where the products may not move as fast as you expect to convert to cost+profit and you have to end up selling below cost to move the product out of your inventory to convert to cash+loss. What you want to do is consider modern retailing models like pop-up boutiques and pre-payment plans and group buying which reduce overhead, spread risks and reduce risk to having inventory on hand for too long. So as you see, what you sistas want to do is strategically use lightweight and flexible strategies that allow you to get in and get out quick. No long term commercial leases, no garage full of bundles of hair that are not sold yet and no web site trying to target anybody who doing a search on a search engine for hair extensions. Focus on strong branding, a ground game and getting in and getting out and making a quick solid transaction and an impressionable fulfillment process. Sourcing the Product sourcing If you are looking to source the product, there are independent distributors out there who are established and some are in China right now (see comment section) who can buy directly from the source and ship worldwide. But you can also consider moving to China yourself and become an entrepreneur that source the product and ship hair extensions worldwide and setup your own AliExpress shop. When sourcing a hair extensions from suppliers, you have to know the reputation of the person you are sourcing from and their knowledge of the product when discussing it with you. Obviously the best option will be local distributors but it will be more expensive but you have less risk and less turnaround time to receiving the product. Many sistas choose to take a chance and order from China which can take 3 weeks to receive the hair extensions but have the risk of receiving bad products and it take weeks to have a turnaround. What you want to consider starting out is the profit margins. In order words, focus on quality instead of profit margin and keep your day job. So if the cost of a hair extension locally wholesale is $100 and overseas is $60 and retail for $125, then you should focus on the $100 local version to make sure you build your reputation of quick turnaround and quality products. So with that said, if you starting off or you been doing hair for a while, your focus is more on quality and turnaround and building a marketing base, not having a profit margin. Here is the thing and we need to be honest, if you want to make quick money, then you need to focus on selling digital services like e-books. You sistas must understand that hair extensions are a tangible product and also a perishable like the fruit market and fish market. You have to physically inspect a product and your customer need to physically see the end product and physically consume the product. And your customer is looking for cheapest cost with the highest quality. Just like a fruit vendor or a fish market, you are going to operate starting out by absorbing the cost in your profit margin and buy quality as a higher cost and sell at a lower margin. That means finding local hair extension distributors first and create volume. Then once you see demand for your product, then move to wholesalers overseas where you can take bigger risks. So with that said, focus more on local hair extensions wholesalers where the quality can be physically inspected and quickly go to market and sold. Absorb the high cost to build up a reputation of quick turnaround and quality. Then once you establish yourself, look at overseas markets to take on educated risks and higher profit margins. What you can do is buy the hair extension product, re-package it and white label it and sell your product as a premium brand based on premium selection. Branded Packaging package_bag One of the most critical components of selling hair extensions is the packaging. This is considered “the last mile” in retailing and the most important phase of the transaction process. If the customer is handed something in a cheap plastic bag, then their impression will feel cheap. But if the customer is handed something with a bowtie or a nice box and they have to “unbox” it and have their smart camera filming the unboxing to show on YouTube, then that is a branded and desired experience. So as a sista entrepreneur trying to be a boss, always focus on your packaging to deliver the “last mile” experience. Let’s talk about the different kind of packages: Cardboard. This could be craft paper or a design box. The challenge is the cardboard can shed tiny paper specks that can get on the hair. So it is important to have the hair in a plastic package inside of the cardboard to avoid contamination. This option work best where your brand is strong and you selling the hair and just pull it out of the cardboard cover. Gift Box. This should be done for personal fulfillment where the client is there to pick up the item. Provide the box to the client and open it up in a professional manner to give a nice presentation. Customers will remember the experience. This would suit a pop-up boutique environment. Plastic Bag. It is important you know the difference between OPP and CPP bags. Most bags are OPP or BOPP bags used for hair extensions. CPP is used for food products mostly and have a smoother texture like the frozen packaging bags or fresh fruits that is also packaged. I bring this up because hair extensions are a perishable product and do not know if the question has been asked if BOPP or CPP are the best bags. Our assumption is CPP would give hair extensions a better shelf life but most hair extensions on Alibaba are BOPP. Cloth Bag. These are clothes with a tie on top. While the bag is smaller than the other options, there is limited printing options other than a font for the bag. But the good thing is the bag is actually reusable in other ways and unique. Now let’s talk about the components that goes into the packaging: Thank You Card. This is a card that thank the customer for their order and explain how you personally select the best products and your warranty. Please note that you should indicate due to health and hygiene, hair extensions cannot be returned or accepted for any reason. Next Purchase Coupon. This is a card that the customer can use or forward to a friend to order from you. Card with link to Catalog. This is another Card that gives a link to your catalog for the customer to see what other hair extensions or products you are selling. Trinket. This could be a cardboard cutout of your brand maybe she can wear on her keychain or a magnet that goes on her refrigerator or a sticker that goes on her guest bathroom mirror or a stylist mirror. So as you see, your packaging makes all the difference and set you apart from competitors. No matter what you do as an entrepreneurial sista looking to be a boss, focus hard on your packaging to make it stand out from others and that you are delivering an experience that can be talked about and shared among others as word of mouth. Inventory Management bundle The best strategy for inventory is to have as little inventory as possible. Your goal is to sell products, not store products. The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make that leads to business failure is buying and holding on too much unsold inventory. In some places, unsold retail inventory is taxable where some car lots and unsold homes have to pay taxes and fees until the product is sold. So remember, the less inventory you have, the better. In the supply chain, inventory is passing the item from the manufacturing to the consumer and the goal is everybody in the middle make sure they are quickly getting that product out of their hands to the next person who eventually is the customer. So when a wholesaler want you to buy in bulk, that is because they want you to have the inventory and not them and you are holding the product to give to the customer. When you purchase inventory with your money, your money is transferred to the inventory and when inventory sit on the shelf, your money is sitting on the shelf and not used for other purposes like marketing and hiring talent. Your strategy as a sista making boss moves is to avoid inventory if you can and only have inventory on fast-moving products that sells in days. What you sistas want to focus on is being able to perform a transaction in an escrow fashion, meaning you secure payment, then secure the product and deliver the product to transfer the payment. The customer pays upfront for the hair extension, you quickly order it (local is fastest) and deliver to the customer. Most people would allow the customer to put down a deposit for the item and if the customer do not want it, charge a restocking fee and resell the product as inventory – this option is probably the best option to receive revenue to restock the item as inventory. A good strategy used in other industry is called group buying and in this model, you list the specific hair and ask customers to provide a deposit and you will charge all of them once you receive the product. This is done online with a lot of e-commerce companies that deal with sourcing from China where a group of people pre-pay for a product which is the minimum order for Alibaba and once you reach that minimum order, you make the purchase and update the customer the order is coming. Marketing marketing Sistas should have only one rule when it comes to marketing – all marketing should lead to a transaction. You have a lot of sistas who are out there wanting to promote an image or impression and think this is marketing but this is really brand reinforcement that is only designed as a tax write-off for big marketing budgets. Whatever marketing you do, it has to go to an order form or a catalog or a walk-in to a store. Do not create any marketing material that does not explicitly state a call-to-action such as request a catalog, walk into the boutique or order online. The approach to marketing is a technique called area domination that was defined by 7-Eleven in Japan. If you watch 7-Eleven business strategy, they never open up just one shop in an area, they open up many shop in a specific area. The science is behind the fact the average customer does not travel more than 6 miles to do 80% of their purchases and when a customer walk by many 7-Eleven, it reinforce the brand and word of mouth and suddenly, all of the 7-Eleven shops are doing well. This is how 7-Eleven aggressively grow their worldwide operation through urban areas with success. For a sista to be a boss, she should use the same strategy – focus on dominating a hyperlocal area and move on to the next community and the next community after growing each one. After a while, things will just blow up big. Do not try to be big from the beginning all spread out like others are doing and they end up collapsing because they did not have the ability to execute a ground game like you can and snatch up their customers locally. Here are the elements we like sistas to use to set herself apart from the rest and establish area domination: Create Micro-Events. These are events that can fit in a small boutique like a retail shop rented out on a Sunday that invite stylists to come in and sip on wine and sign up as a connect for hair styles. Kinda like a shop and sip, right? In this event, the goal is to showcase the hair, tout the turnaround time that you have and the customer support and also to get orders and discounts for orders. Always look at doing giveaways of products that didn’t sell but the tickets to the event paid for the loss on these products. Make sure you unbox your product from your packaging as a demonstration. Vending Table. This is a table that can be setup anywhere such as a church, an actual salon or a trade show. Get a foldable table and a trade show skirt which can be bought at Amazon. But what is important is having an angled display that display hair at an angle for better viewing versus having hair extensions sample lying flat. Make sure the goal of the vending table is to help educate consumers about your web site, the purchase product and what you offer and your turnaround time and support as your selling points. Showcase your packaging on the table. Models and Photos. Find a model who can showcase all of your hair and promote your brand. It is better to get someone local to sign a branding/marketing deal with and help make that local person famous like you and yall both are up and coming. This model can be the face on your packaging and also the brand in your social media marketing and show up at the events and trade shows. Establish Touchpoints. These are tablets, kiosks, big screens and web sites that help your customer learn more about your business and what you offer. The goal of tablets is to show potential customers your line of brand and help gather their information to learn more. You can create the table to operate on an affiliate basis to collect customer information and send branded information. Digital signage and printed signage can have QR codes and call to action such as a phone number. Printed brochures and mini-magazines featuring local models wearing your brand can also spread word of mouth in a local community. Making the Transaction creamgetthemoney Transactions is the core of any operation and the most critical. It cost money to buy a product wholesale to add to inventory and if there are no transactions then there will be no conversion from inventory to revenue. The components of a transaction is the agreed terms, the payment method and the fulfillment. There are agreed terms such as no returns on hair extensions and the payment method is cash or money order or online payment and the fulfilment is how to present the product to the customer. For terms of the transaction, make sure you write down each item. Do research on how other hair extensions and other beauty product lay out their terms and adopt what is useful for your terms. If you run a web site, a checkbox stating the customer agree to the terms should be required to be checked to complete the checkout. You do not want to try to sell the customer and then state terms later, always be upfront to let the customer know that you do honest business. For payment method, cash or certified funds that are cleared are your best option. If accepting credit cards, keep in mind that there are more than enough customers who will try to dispute the charges causing your merchant processor to withhold payment from you. Cash should be accepted in a secure environment and make sure you put on the boutique that this store does not carry cash in big letters. The only environment I see cash is collecting cash on demand from a stylist and salons who have cash on hand from their customers. When dealing with a customer, a check or money order made out to you is probably best. Not saying credit cards are a good option but you are putting your revenue at risk using this option. Debit card is another option that is better than credit cards and should be considered also. When presenting the product to the customer after payment, you can deliver in several ways. If you are independent with no shop, you can meet them at their workplace or a corporate office or a lobby and deliver their product. Or bring it to the church they attend on a Sunday. If you have a store, you can have pickup at store and have the customer come pick up their item and use a phone SMS notification or email their product is at the store waiting. Or you can send the product to the stylist and inform the customer their hair is waiting at their stylist to be installed. One of the most important elements is being able to track the shipment of your hair extensions and timely notification to your customer on the delivery process. If you have a web site and allow customers to track orders which we recommend, we would like for you to know the status and how to track. The status are “preparing for shipment”, ”shipped”, ”arrived”, ”ready for pickup” and “delivered” and you need to know this with a timestamp in your fulfillment process. If you are using software or building your own system, make sure you can mark a product status which will in turn send out an email or SMS (email is cheaper) to inform the customer of the product status. This is a very important step that other hair extension vendors have not mastered but you can use to leverage your position. Managing Risk Reduction risksmash Many sistas who get into the hair business run into risks and setbacks that can hurt their business. The top 3 I can think of is damaged product from the wholesaler or while in transit to the end customer, smash and grabs and bad customers who refuse to honestly pay for a product they received. The best overall solutions to these risks were already provided but let’s go over the main points again: Buy Local. The best approach is to buy from a local wholesaler where the product can be inspected by you before paying for the goods to sell to your customer as well as deliver a quick turnaround. Let others such as the wholesaler or the distributor absorb the cost of holding bad products that will not sell. Buy on Demand. Allow a lag time between a customer placing an order and you source the product upon an order initiated. Allow customers to place a deposit to as goodwill and you have a restocking fee of 15% if they refuse to accept the hair extension you purchase. Also allow group buying by having pre-orders and when enough pre-orders are created, buy in bulk. Certified Funds Only. Accept only cash, debit or certified funds. Credit cards run the risk of withholding payments tying up the revenue for your operation and you want to always have your funds available for marketing and operation expenses. Pop-Up Boutique and Micro-Events. By establishing temporary locations, there is no permanent store for thugs to scope out and target for a smash and grab. Become a Self-Branded Boss! sista_boss The purpose of this article is to show the sistas the opportunity for sista-to-sista or S2S business models such as the hair extension business. Once you sistas learn to operate lean and nimble businesses, you can easily move beyond hair extensions to other S2S lines such as beauty products and fashion apparel. The most important takeaway we would like for you sistas to remember is do not allow others who trying to be too big and too expansive intimidate you from going in and getting yours. Stay hyperlocal, perform area domination and build up one good product, one good transaction and one good customer at a time.

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      If you have any questions regarding hair extensions in general, I will be happy to answer your questions.

      I am a hair vendor out of India and we are purveyors of 100% Remy Human Hair of all styles in virgin (unprocessed) condition and all colors. We source the finest hair from the temples of india, which is considered in the industry to be the highest grade.

      I live here in Chicago and represent the mid-west and have a partner in L.A. We recently began looking at opportunities to sell directly to buyers, no matter what size, here in the U.S at FACTORY COST.

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      1. Attention please, sistas in the NYC and CT area. Director of Business Development of is in NYC area to meet all the wh lossless and salon owners in the area. If you happen to be in the area, I can help you arrange a meeting with him. You can see the samples and discuss price strategy with him directly. Again, We Supply Unlimited imports 100% virgin hair directly from factories in China. we help you brand your own hair from the factory! Text immediately: 1-978-760-1897

  11. Ed Your God sent! I’m currently in Afghanistan working as a contractor surrounded by plenty of brothers from India. Just last year I was thinking about doing this when one of my brothers from India asked me if I wanted him to bring me anything back. But at the time I wasn’t ready and now with the draw- down the timing is perfect. What you did for me was remind me of the idea with the blueprint to follow! I can’t thank you enough! i would really like to talk with you about this because although I’ve been doing research and planning, I still have some questions. I travel alot and wout love to do international business. I already have the info about Qr posters and have contacted the major airports for advertising info. Ed I’m serious! I’m ready! Thanks again my brother for teaching me how to win!

    1. I can tell you this. no one will tell you at all. I have a boutique and thats all we sell. No one will tell you because they don’t want more competition. Its a site called Blackhairmedia, and if you ask for a vendor they will curse you out real bad. They don’t want to give up connects, they don’t want anyone making money unless you are cutting them in too. How I found one, is to not trust anyone. The thing with hair is, everybody has different taste. Some like this texture some don’t. Its hard to find two people that will agree. i just ordered samples and tested until I was comfortable with one I would put my name behind. The danger in giving up the vendor name is this: The crowd effect. Most of us are dealing with trading companies in China and not the direct factory. The direct factories don’t speak English well or want to deal with smaller orders. So they use the trading companies who buy from them and bump the price and deal with us. if they get too many orders too fast, their quality goes down. Almost every single time. I was hoping that this business would be explored more on here, but every since that Good Hair movie, cats are acting like Chris Rock invented the wheel and everybody is getting in on it. Like Atlanta is the most over saturated hair market in the states. EVERYBODY is selling hair. And the conscientious is now that Atlanta has all this bad hair floating around. A lot of trunk and weekend sellers trying to kill the game lowering prices to make $10 off a sale and think everybody will buy from them. What ended up happening is everyone lowered their prices to compete, quality went down, and nobody wins like the Asians did and we did it to ourselves.

    2. I sell 2holesale human hair,I walk you from the beginning to the end we’ve been in business for 5yrs we ship all wholesale orders 10 or more OVERNIGHT long as its in stock otherwise 7-10 days

    3. We actually will do better and TAKE YOU to the collectors ourselves. These are trusted collectors we have used for years. Some not on social media some are. If anyone is interested in signing up for our hair tours contact

      We have dedicated a lot of time money and resources to putting this together and if you want first hand experience, then we will give it to you.

      We have Indian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Russian and Filipino collectors ready to meet you and talk business.

      Good luck everyone

  12. I’ve been licensed hairstylist for 14 years and I am looking to expand my services. My goal is to not have to spend so much time in the salon on my feet all day and still do it big in the beauty industry. I believe in infinite possibility and abundance. Its out there… we just have to go get it. Thanks for the article and the useful comments.

  13. This is amazing article. I was thinking about investing in this same business. Your guide and tips are a blessing to the women who are wanting to jump off their small business.

  14. My brand of unprocessed virgin hair is called Hype Exotic Hair and I am pursuing international markets. You can;t think small in this industry or you will stay small. There is abundance, and the market is big enough for all of us to make it big. If you do your homework and put in the time the resources are out there. I wish you all good luck in the business. Our company has some great partnerships oversees and get all our hair from the source.

    1. Hi, I just started my Virgin Hair extension business and I want to know how to improve my business. And I want to take my business to the next level as well as make money.

  15. Inbox me we need to talk…I am ordering from KL now. Its like you were directing this article straight at me…I was told someone would be acting on an advice I needed to hear in the upcoming 2 weeks and to watch for the signs…could this be the sign I was waiting for…who knows but I have a feeling it is… lets chat #entrepreneurship2014

    1. Great article! Positive energy! I’m looking for a source as well. I’m researching now and plan to open a wholesale store & website. Michael Hall email me at, if anyone needs my help hit me up as well.

  16. For those of you who are interested in getting into the hair game without a lot of upfront cash or having to find your own distributors, etc., I just want to turn you on to House of Beautiful Hair, a black-owned company, that carries high quality 100% virgin Remy hair (Brazilian and Peruvian) that lets you set up your own online hair store for just $9.97 a month. You don’t have to handle any inventory or shipping. The company does it all for you. All you have to do is refer your friends, family, customers to your site to buy hair and you get 20% on everything they buy. Even if you plan on owning your own global brand someday, this is a great way to jump in and start making money now! If interested, you can check it out at or call 832.819.0757. See you at the top!

  17. This article is very informative…putting the plan to work as we speak and expecting to go global!

    1. Hello. I was wondering if you had any insight on how to get raw virgin hair directly from the source. How do you find the source ? How do you establish a relationship with the source ? Where is the best place to find the source ? How do you check the authenticity of the source and/or hair ?

    2. I just emailed you. I am looking for a source for virgin remy. Trying to start up a business. But no one wants to help give info on a source. Any help anyone can give would be awesome.

  18. Ive sourced the Hair, created the packaging and every purchase gets an unexpected gift as well, web operation is done and bootstrap enabled for mobile devices, now Im just trying to wrap my head around marketing with QR codes

      1. My question is how do you get your brand out there. What can I do to make women want my hair. In my city there’s this hair business with horrible Remu hair that sheds a lot but because my city is busy trying to look the best there not sure what good quality hair is and they keep buying from there what can I do to bring my brand out so everyone will want my brand and know it’s better

  19. I have read your articles, clicked all the links, and agree 100%. My sister was just telling me the same thing, technology and worldwide networking is going to lead our generation business wise. She even touch on international travel. After reading this article, I was eager to do my research. I have a plan I want to see out and you have brought light to a lot of my concerns. However, after doing more research, I find that there is no path over the internet to finding virgin hair sources overseas. At least, it seems that way. If you have any suggestions, contacts or sources that would be great. I also want to thank you. I read these articles with no way but to accept the real because that’s what your words were …the real. I want to set myself apart from all these other people ‘selling hair”. I want to offer a way of life, an experience to my clients, future clients that is. I have had several opportunities to start a line, using a middle man, etc etc and was skeptical because I want to be hands on and go directly to the source. Again, if you have any suggestions, etc please let me know. Feels great to feel empowered.

    1. We actually will do better and TAKE YOU to the collectors ourselves. These are trusted collectors we have used for years. Some not on social media some are. If anyone is interested in signing up for our hair tours contact

      We have dedicated a lot of time money and resources to putting this together and if you want first hand experience, then we will give it to you.

      We have Indian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Russian and Filipino collectors ready to meet you and talk business.

      Good luck everyone

    1. @Alicia be careful on Alibaba and Aliexpress. Everybody will tell you they have the best hair. Now they are saying they have 7A Hair…. To that I say if you can’t go to China and India to get your connects, make sure you order samples and test the hair. Then search online forums to see if anyone is saying anything about that company. In the beginning, I spent almost $5,000 ordering all these different samples from vendors and testing, It was worth it because that probably gives you you’re back up connect also. Always have a backup because if your vendor gets too much buzz and they can’t handle all the orders, the quality will start to go down. Guard your connect with your life once you get it as well for that reason.

      Also a really important tip. If you are serious, make sure you set up everything in your business the correct way. Incorporate, trademark, etc. Its so important. Trust me!

      1. @key thanks for the heads up and information. I’ve been all over aliexpress, YouTube, Internet looking at their reviews, I’ve seen some consistent good reviews for a few vendors but I don’t trust it for myself or that’s not really what I’m trying to do. Although I can order hair and test it out, I think going directly to the source would better satisfy what I’m trying to accomplish. My thing is, do I just go to china, etc and tourist like ask around .. Like what can I do from the states to make the transaction/interaction/business agreement concrete ? How do I come in contact with them ? Where do I find them ?

        1. @Alicia, Two ways with that, you can research where the beauty market is there. Its in Guangzhou, you will need a visa to go into mainland, They have a lot of vendors in the mall type place. All types of hair. The reason why I say test it is ALL hair is pretty when you first get it, but the trick is after a month or two, or after you dye it or wash it. Don’t ever take there word for it. You can also use a sourcing company. They are expensive though. Use google and just start emailing companies as well. They have to invite you to get a visa for business or you can just say your touring. Highest concentration of hair companies is Guangzhou (most will be trading companies aka middle me that sell for factories that don’t speak english well) or Henan. I’m going back because at the end of the day you have to ABL (Always be learning) and keeping up with whats going on with the companies and competitors and such. The best I advice I can give as you start, don’t just hustle hair. Build a brand. If you build a brand you can sell anything. If you hustle, when the next thing comes out or gets hot, you have to struggle to find that and to win over your client base again. Oh, when you get there everybody will pretend to be a sourcing agent, from the cab drivers to waitress. If you ask they will tell you where to go but be prepared to pay them because China is not a cheap country. India is super cheap. cab ride all day is about $10, not China though. Even if you source from India, don’t trust their wefts, they tend to shed really bad. If you get it from them, have your own wefter here or in China.

    2. Hello, I am looking to take my Virgin Brazilian hair business to the next level. To be honest I’m starting from the ground up and do not have the sources to travel over seas. Please contact me so I can discuss the possibility of doing business with you.

  20. @Alicia. Key is absolutely right regarding the sourcing and building a brand. One thing I have learned is that most of the hair which china processes comes from India. There are two different sources of hair one from the temple which are cut at the pony tail and sold as REMY. China buys tons and tons of hair but its mostly combed or mixed hair after cut at the temples and processed in china and resold as remy. You need to understand the differences between Remy, non- remy, virgin remy. Although all of these are supposed to be 100% human hair be careful and source and build a relationship face to face. I am also a middle man but one thing I have going is that I have relatives who live an hour away. So if there is any problems with the consistency or quality of the hair delivered to me its dealt with in under a day. Please feel free to contact me. Like I said I am a middle man but I will keep providing you the same quality product on time every time and I will deal with the manufacturer face to face. Oh and you are welcome to come with if you like to learn more.

    1. Hello my business name is Blush Hair Bar. I am looking for a assistant with taking my business to the next level. Please contact me at 470 219 8166.

    2. Pranay, I am starting my own business and looking for a vendor(or a least someone to connect me to a vendor). Please email me at so we can set up some time to talk. Thank you in advance.

    3. Hello Pranay, I am starting my hair extension business and I have read your comment and I wanted to know if we can connect. Although you are a middle man and my goal is to one day deal directly with a vendor, I feel that you are knowledgeable and have a lot of wisdom about the process and I would certainly appreciate your input…Thank you in advance!!!

      1. I can consult people one who are looking to start a hair business , or looking to get in touch with vendors , and from their you can begin to prosper with your hair business ,

    4. So who is the best supplier to contact I’m new to this and starting a boutique and need to buy some wholesale bulks of bundles…

      1. Yes, I’m happy to assist you with sending you virgin indian hair in bulk. Out company currently have 48 bundles of virgin indian temple hair for $3500 including free shipping.

    1. Hi I’m a wholesale hair vendy I’m very professionals we submit samples every Friday if you’re interested

  21. Hi, Thank you for taking out the time to write this article….IT WAS SIMPLY AMAZING!!! You made a lot of since and have brought a lot of light to some thoughts that I had questions about. I am a hairstylist who is trying to launch my business as a weave distributor and also for me a hair salon…I wanted to know if you could give me some advice on how to go by getting funds to fund my adventure from ground floor. I am struggling to make ends meet and need to go further. Where can I get a small business loan to start my hair weave and salon business when my credit score is under 600? Please advise!

    1. MeToo – what do you need money for? Be specific. Most of the time, you don’t need money but what you really need is suppliers to provide you with net 120 or you can have customers pre-order. Or you can enter a drop-shipping arrangement for starters and do lower margins.

      Rarely do you need a loan or venture capital funding for your startup business and it just debt and more problems – avoid it at all cost and look at as many alternative options as you can.

  22. I am motivated and want to start right away … this is my first time seeing any of your articles. Love your mind-set.

    1. If u want to start small I have a start up package for $495 u get 5 bundles of hair your choice the texture

    2. Hi if you’re still interested I bought 30 bundles from flahlezzhair she’s on here somewhere the hair is tru to size bundles are so thick it doesn’t shed they’re very good

  23. @Ed. This is a good article. I was wondering if you could address one issue: The korean take over of the black beauty supply industry. How would a sista or brotha start up their own beauty supply store when the koreans have such a lock on the industry? This issue has been discussed for years, especially over the net, but many black hair entrepreneurs have not found a way to solve the issue at all.

    It’s a shame because many black owned hair product lines are not getting into the average urban beauty supply store because of the korean foothold. I was wondering if you could provide that business model or advice for starting a beauty supply store?

    There is a documentary on the entire issue which details the problems in full:

  24. Whether you are importing hair from India, Malaysia, China or any other country, your hair extension packaging box matters a lot. With well designed hair extension boxes, you don’t need to advertise your brand through television, newspapers, etc. By placing your packaging box in the display area, you can grab the customer’s attention. Customers while shop for the hair extensions, would get attracted towards your product due to packaging.

  25. This article right here is EVERYTHING! I have been doing research trying to find out the “how” to enter the hair weave industry and this article answered everything for me. Thank you so much. This answered my questions regarding the “business” aspect of it. Now the only thing left to do is educate myself on the actual hair. I already have my wholesale license and distributors lined up ready to go!

    1. Contact me
      For vendor connections I don’t want to be anyone’s middle man , I will give you the direct contacts . My contact is
      Facebook:imoni brown Williams
      I’m 22 I know about dream and hustle! It took me years to find vendors , and bust through to the world of wholesale hair ,I’m not just talking I’m acting upon my dream and hustle ,I currently rent my own suites, where I sell and do hair, I’m now so confident in my vendor and quality that I’m am currently creating packaging , let me state this I was just doing hair last year in my house, I started off braiding , and doing kitchen hair lol which I loved but my hustle had to grow and move with me, my suites are located next to Michigan state university
      That’s were I am now focusing in on;) promoting my product . I literally chat with my vendor every day on a application on my phone . I ran across many vendors who offered quality , quality that I would also be confident in selling , but I personally love my vendor and he fits my needs, and I’m marketing a brand so it works just fine for me, I do what you call “specialize in Indian” I love indian hair from the temples , some prefer Brazilian it’s all about what your confident in selling. I’m willing to help out a few people who are really wanting to get in the hair industry. I just know I’m loving where I’m headed ! Check me out talk you future dreamers soon !

  26. This blog is such a blessing. I have been going from site to site on how to start my own hair line and I stumbled here and got all my answers. You guys are amazing xx…. @pranay reddy, how could one get in touch with you?

    1. I’m a wholesaler I don’t based my prices by length more of your budget I ship fast same day u pay we process your order no order is to small or big contact us @5208814393 text your orders and all orders are thru PayPal your $ is fully refundable if you’re not happy either our services

    2. If you’re looking for a company that works directly with the factory that ships all orders within 3-5 days we DoNot do per bundle prices but we have a range of different wholesale packages that u can profit off of tremendously…….

  27. This article is amazing. I am going to go back and re-read and re-analyze everything. Thank you so much. Both myself and all of my friends spend $500+ on hair at least every month and the quality is not always up to par. I am interested in entering the industry and provide quality, affordable hair extensions. I am prepared to invest $15,000 – $20,000 in hair and I am looking to go directly to the source. I have been dancing for 2 years, branded myself, modeled and have been in music videos. However, I was also in the military, managed car dealerships and I am currently in nursing school full time. I definitely don’t want to make dancing a career like some of the 10+ year vets I know lol and I also don’t want to be a 9-5 slave for the rest of my life. I plan on going overseas once I get receive my passport in December. I see that this ad is quite outdated and the hair industry changes every season. Can you please give me an update on a starting location recommendation? I’m considering India or Malaysia, since, through research, I’ve learned that China tends to have mixed, poor quality hair. I would really appreciate any insight anyone could give me. I am definitely not asking for anyone’s vendor, because I know that is an absolute no-no lbvs (laughing but very serious.) On the other hand, if anyone feels like they would benefit from sharing any valuable info that would be very beneficial to me, I would be more than happy to make it worth their while. For example, I would place your order for you, out of my pocket of course, along with my order, which would make a large order and lower the cost and I would sell it to you at exactly whatever the vendor charges. Or, if someone who is based in another location, other than Miami, wants to partner up and figure something out, I would be very interested. (I am not accepting anyone’s money to go in on an order nor am I giving anyone my money) I am going to be selling out of a salon here in Miami that has an online following of 1 million + people and I am very excited to enter this industry. Good luck to everyone and thanks in advance! I can be reached at

    1. Hi Nikol, I live in Atlanta and I’m interested in the hair business as well. Did anyone reply to your post? I agree that Malaysia and India is the route to go based on my research as well unless someone can vouch for a good quality vendor in China. I have my own money to invest as well but if you would like to partner up on looking for vendors or just learning the hair business in general…I’m in. I noticed your post was dated back in October so you may have more information on the business now. If you don’t mind sharing information, please contact me at Thank you for your time.

    If you have any questions regarding hair extensions in general, I will be happy to answer your questions.

    I am a hair vendor out of India and we are purveyors of 100% Remy Human Hair of all styles in virgin (unprocessed) condition and all colors. We source the finest hair from the temples of india, which is considered in the industry to be the highest grade.

    I live here in Chicago and represent the mid-west and have a partner in L.A. We recently began looking at opportunities to sell directly to buyers, no matter what size, here in the U.S at FACTORY COST.

    E-MAIL :

    1. Hi I am starting a hair business out in Arkansas for my ladies and gents. I do buy from a middle class person but I will definitely like more information on what you are talking about and be able to have a more better successful business. My email is

    2. Hello every one, all the information on here was very helpful I’m really glad I seen this I was searching something else on google and this came up, I’m a young girl thats been trying to get in the hair business for a while now.. I started off buy purchasein hair on aliexpress, spent lots of money and always seem to get bad quality of hair, my clients were only satisfied fo a couple weeks, the young girls my age that I came across that’s into the hair business as well wouldn’t give you no type of information what so ever about anything I just need someone to tell where to start how to become a better young business women in this Hair industry any information will help..

    3. I really need to get in contact with u I’ve been in the hair game 12 yrs and I really need a good connect plz contact me at 7067992228 facebook: chiquita gore thanks

  29. I’ve read the article and contacted hair companies trying to just ask what direction to go in not their vendors and was shut down I love hair when I say love I mean love I’m ex specially big on quality I have spent $800 on hair just for a sew in now most people want spend that much but if the quality is good I will I look at the hair from top to bottom I examine the hair by bending it to make sure the hair strands are all the same lengths I want to make sure my hair has only one donor because I come to find out when they don’t have one donor you have long strands and short strands mixed in most of the hair companies I do follow on ig will put a video showing themselves overseas and showing a little of the process I would love to go overseas I got my passport I would love to see the whole process from beginning to end i just don’t want to go overseas and be looking crazy because I don’t know who to talk when I’m over there what’s the next step when you go overseas is malasyia and India the only places you can get hair or are there other countries if anyone can help me I would gladly appreciate it I want to be hands on because it’s hard to trust people who know your starting out in the business as some will say first timers you just don’t want to get ripped off but my dream is too one day build me and empire off what I love and if anyone could help me I would gladly appreciate it I ready to take the first steps into making my dreams come true in the hair business and I’m glad I found this article because it really helped me a lot mind set has always been global and not small and I would like to accomplish that if someone can help me please contact me at

    1. We actually will do better and TAKE YOU to the collectors ourselves. These are trusted collectors we have used for years. Some not on social media some are. If anyone is interested in signing up for our hair tours contact

      We have dedicated a lot of time money and resources to putting this together and if you want first hand experience, then we will give it to you.

      We have Indian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Russian and Filipino collectors ready to meet you and talk business.

      Good luck everyone

  30. Hello I am very impress with the information you shared on here we need more black people like you to give advice and share information on how start your own business. Believe it or not I’m just starting to build my empire and I know I have what it takes because I have always been a hustler. You have to know how to hustle and you have to have the drive to do it. Anyone can do anything as long as they put there mind to it which I have found out, but I am doing it. I just want to say thanks for sharing your information.

  31. Yes Yes Yes. I am taking notes. Wish I would of came across your previous articles, or even seen this when you first wrote it. I am already selling hair to people in my city but I am also the middle man so it is not really a profit. I love weave and know a lot about it. I love selling to my small clientele. Just wish I was able to work with a real supplier just like everyone else wants. But this was very inspirational!! Now only if I knew how to create a website!! Again your insights were appreciated!! Any wholesale suppliers out there want to help me out??? =-) Good luck everybody!!

  32. @key,I would like to first say thanks for your honesty speaking about the hair game there has been so many good and bad hair places to purchase from, it is about doing your research and finding someone you trust. I would love to hear directly from you to discuss business feel free to contact me at
    I truly appreciate your insight on this topic, thanks again!!

  33. Hello, I’m a hair enthusiast ready to venture into the hair vending business. Hopefully I should have my online hair shop open by spring 2015. I’m very interested in learning more about the hair industry so if you have any knowledge you would like to share, I’m very open to it.

    1. If you’re ready to be your own boss making unlimited a mound of money the hair game is where its @ I sell wholesale hair 10pc each package for $320

      1. Jinglin, what type of branding options do you have for this kind of business? What can exactly are you offering?

        1. Lashonda, I am surprised that you haven’t tried our samples. LOL this is how we help with branding. If you have come up with your LOGO, name for your brand already as well as design for your brand, we can easily help you get the packaging set sourced out in China, as a matter of fact, we have a few factories that we work with. we will cooperate with the packaging companies in China, so when you get your hair products, they are in your unique package already with your brand name, logo and contact information. Therefor, you don’t need to pay huge amount packaging fees, or store up boxes or bags at your place. The manufacturers can store for you, which is much less expensive! Not only the packaging, any supportive accessories and other beauty products we can help you all branded and packaged and sent to your door with very little investment. If you need some pictures to guggle ideas, please send me an email request. Or text 1-978-760-1897.

          If you need help with design and logo etc, I can refer reliable business consultants who can help you without charging you upfront but get paid by the small portion of your sales after the service.

          1. Hi. I actually have my logo design and company name. Is there a website or youtube channel you have so that I can see and choose some packaging design?

          2. Yes, I can send packaging ideas to you by email. As a matter of fact, any way you want to package your products we can help you accomplish as a added on service. We are not fancy enough to do YouTube yet. But it’s great idea to consider.

  34. I really needed to read this, as a mother and spouse, I have been searching for ways to make extra money for my family. I’ve been interested in selling virgin hair for years now but I’m always hearing others say things like “everyone sell hair, you won’t make any money doing that” But what people don’t realize is that I don’t want to just sell hair, I want to build a BRAND. I want people to see my packaging and say “That’s HER, we love HER product!” It is difficult to find a supplier but I will NOT give up. Thank you again, this article helped me a whole lot. Well wishes to you all!

    1. I work directly with manufacturers in China, I can help you not only select the true 100% virgin hair, bit also print out your own logo, get your own packaging and more!

  35. Omgee, this article just really gave me life at 2 in the morning. I’m a young mother interested in doing so much more to make myself successful and make a living for my daughter. I just recently decided to go into the hair business back in October of 2014. I did some slihjt research on and realized there can be thousands of dollars made in this business. This article gave me so many ideas on what to do to further get myself out there. However with the fact that I am a single stay at home mom I have begin to scout out possibly people to be sponsors and/or investors. If anyone could further help me out with advice, investments and possible sponsorship even though we all our on here trying to start the same type of business that would be really great to me. Thank you Sir Ed and others who respond to my reply. God bless you all.


  36. To start out is it better to just order the hair and sell it. Or should I find out what my clients want and then order the hair?

    1. I’m a wholesale vendor its better to have product instead of images want to get your wholesale order today send an email be ready

  37. I am much too late but this article was indeed amazing and very intriguing. I found all of this information and many of your other blogs to be intresting. If your account is still activate do you mind exchanging contacts just so I can have you as a reference to to refer to.

  38. Hello All! This was a really great post and well needed to be put out there! My name is Allisha,I am a African American female currently living in Shenzhen,China, where i started an Exporting company and one of my main products is Virgin Hair. I have traveled to Vietnam, Cambodia, and India and have access to all origins of hair! My company would be considered the middleman , but I still offer factory prices and consistency of the quality of hair which is most important in this industry to keep loyal customers and to gain more. I am looking for partnerships,distributors and retailers in the USA. Any one who has any interest or questions of any sort, please feel free to contact me, i am open for discussion! I can be reached at

    1. Hello Alisha, I am currently searching for wholesale vendors to purchase hair from at a reasonable price. I just started a beauty supply and could use your assistance.

  39. If you’re ready to stop talking aboutggetting into a million dollar industry being your own boss then order your wholesale package today we don’t go by per bundles we build your package based on the amount you’re spending act fast sale end June6 2015

    1. Hi I’m a wholesale vendor as well I don’t go by bundle prices but by the amount spending

    1. Luv I emailed u I’m waiting on u I move fast please contact us @ the store let’s get this moving I can supply up to 60 bundles per order if you’re serious contact us 520-891-4393

    2. hi if you’re ready to get started selling great quality human non shedding hair contac us 866-376-6029

  40. please customers if interested in becoming a wholesale vendor or opening your own shop contact me we submit orders same day……………SERIOUS CUSTOMERS ONLY

      1. Yes, I am currently selling hair extensions wholesale. I am selling 48 bundles of virgin indian temple hair for $3500 with free shipping.


  42. This was a great post with good healthy information, I am a minority, women, and veteran business consultant with my own firm and also a not for profit geared toward assisting people and businesses get started, I notice a lot of energy here with people ready to jump in and that is great motivation. Should any of you need help or knowledge in setting up your business from structuring, small business certifications, tax exempt status assistance, grant writing, or just how to legitimately form the business (regardless of type or industry) you can visit my website or send an email to: or! I love working with motivated minorities. Oh btw Im one of the sistas that sits in front of a desk top or laptop lol!

    Thanks for the good work on the blog/post!

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  88. My name is Shay and the weave industry is thriving where Im from. So much demand with so little supply. Being that Im well acknowledged in my city for good looks and hair, I feel as if starting my own brand would be a smart and profitable move. I just want to see my city looking their best and if I could help, why not? I love making people happy and the best way to reach that is through her confidence. Id love for someone with the proper experience to reach out to me for a session or two on how to get started. I just want to start small, buying small inventory from a wholesaler based off demand. Before I invest my money, I would need a sample of the products for quality assurance. Ill be willing to pay for the samples. Just trying to start from somewhere. Serious inquires only please

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  90. Thinking about getting hair wholesale and branding it as my own. This article was very helpful and made me realize that I can do it. I want to do this with my sisters, but unsure where to start. Or rather the best place to get some hair. If anyone has some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

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