Informing Clueless African-Americans on the Global Economic Situation

Nothing is more amazingly tragic than the current generation of African-Americans completely clueless about the global economic transformations going on in this world. It’s like Afro-Americans are looking at Noah building his Ark and Noah got all the animals lined up and Black folks still walking by and saying whatever. This article is going to try to clue brothas and sistas to what is going on in this world and hopefully, their Black ass can get a clue. One of the most priceless things I saw recently was, well let me start this off. I was at this Omega Psi Phi party at Atlantic Station a few weeks and it was this cute sista I already knew at the party getting all the attention from the brothas and she was just the life and knew she was all that. Well, very recently at a corporate complex I was waiting at the elevator and these two Brazilian chicks showed up in all tights and had curves more dramatic than a sista - they are here on business. I noticed coming to the elevators a bunch of fine sistas, including the one from that party. Trust me, I cannot describe the look on these sistas faces at these two Brazilian chicks and one of them was bending over showing her big behind expanded. We were all in that elevators and the sistas were looking at the Brazilian chicks in so much envy and jealously and silence and the chick from the party had her mouth open in a gasp! I was in that elevator wishing I can snap a photo of this ish because this ish was priceless! The look on those sistas faces is exactly the look all of you clueless African-Americans need to have on your face instead of some artificial smug that is the result of a reinforced ego. As much as you clueless brothas and sistas want to believe so badly you are a privileged racial class in America, you are extremely failing to recognize what is going on globally that has already seriously impacted your lives and will further seriously impact the lives of your children. The first thing the Black ego wants to do is try to come at me. They want to classify me as some nutjob or an alarmist or whatever. Well, anybody who thinks that way, my response is their momma is a nutjob, an alarmist and after I slept with their mom, whatever. Unfortunately, I’m not some kook and if the data is as real as I see, I really wish I was a kook and all this ish is a lie and just praying at a Black mega church, posting some cute phrases on Facebook like “So blessed” is going to solve all of these problems. But it ain’t and we need to get a clue. Arab and Euro Spring Cleaning The Middle East has went through a revolution toppling many dictators and it is apparent that more dictators are going to find themselves on the way out without any mercy. The reason for the overthrow in the Middle East was simply because the people were getting doctorate college degrees but fighting for taxi cab jobs in their country. But now that they are going through transformations, the one thing they got is they are smart and cheap in the Middle East and that doesn’t bold well for African-Americans who feel a sense of entitlement to opportunities. In Europe, the American news is not even covering how bad it is actually going on over there. Europe have experienced the most serious economic disaster that is not going to hold up, even with austerity cuts. All you Boule and bougie Black folks wanting to run to Europe and ish, go knock yourself out but you ain’t really seeing what’s about to happen to that whole EU in the next 5 years which is why I don’t talk about Europe so much on this blog. Europe had a lot of social programs where they were paying a lot of social services but not bringing in the kind of money to pay for it. What happened is a majority of the citizens weren’t producing and just enjoying social services to get by and when you spend more than you can bring in because you have a floating settlement date that settlement date will eventually come around. And that is what’s going on in Europe right now. The danger here to Afro-Americans is we got Black folks in America wearing kinte cloths and talking about they on some Pan-African nonsense but the Europeans are running to Africa like Mexicans were running to America to see better opportunities. In addition, Europeans are also running to other emerging nations such as Brazil and throughout the Pacific Rim. Go take your Black ass to Costa Rica and see how many young Spain cats are now in the area as ex-pats setting up hustles. These ex-pats are running from Europe and taking global hustles away from African-Americans who are just sitting on their ass and think these global hustles are just waiting for Black folks to take over. Overall, the Middle East and European youth are creating a diaspora and setting up a global hustles. African-Americans strongly risk being shut out of global economic opportunities because we sitting here on some bullsh*t listening to Radio One, reading celebrity gossip blogs and watching reality shows and just wasting away. Pacific Rim Rising In the Southeast Asian region, one of the biggest economic disruptions that will seriously impact clueless African-Americans is going on as you sit here. I don’t know what you are going to do tonight, but it damn sure will not be us brothas and sistas collectively dealing with and understanding the ASEAN collective that is forming. When you check out the overview of ASEAN economic goals in the video below, please freeze the video and 2:10 and tell me what you see. Yeah, you take a long hard look at what you see at 2:10 in that video: Oh, did you also noticed at 2:32 the traffic sign with the animated walking symbol? Your Black behind still want to believe these cats are lightweight and on some “me love you long time” ish? They don’t need to run from their country to move in your Black community anymore because they building up their own. Better yet, they don’t need to open a store anymore – they going directly after middle class jobs Black folks used to work and offering 60 cents on the dollar. In Asia, they are learning in a collaborative format, not this BS standardized test that is destroying our Black children and all of American children from being globally competitive when they grow up. When your American kids grow up, they are just going to be someone who took tests to guess the right answer competing with a whole multi-national front of children growing up telling each other the answer and they all know the right answer because the schools taught them to use knowledge from one another – something we call cheating here in America. Our American education system is screwing our kids over super hard by this whole testing nonsense. These kids overseas are learning to share knowledge, collaborate on knowledge and execute against shared knowledge while our kids in America are stuck on some stupid ass outdated test-taking BS! Do you honestly and can you honestly look your kids in the eye and believe they will grow up and compete with these other kids sharing knowledge?! Right now, African-Americans are being trade consumers with a 100% trade deficit meaning we have next to nothing we are producing to sell to them but we are 100% customers of what they have to offer us. That is economic failure on behalf of African-Americans and clueless cats can run and go read their Black Enterprise magazines trying to stay in denial if they tired of hearing the truth of our current situation. Now, Back Here in America I had an incident with my business taxes and when I ran into this incident with the government, that’s when it hit me what’s really going on. Overall, entrepreneurial Americans are being punished in the USA for starting businesses and trying to contribute to this country economic engine and create jobs. It is not the Federal government or the US President, but at the local level at state and county level where businesses are catching the most hell. I realize something as I was listening to this one government worker sound really nasty to me with an attitude over the phone about the taxes. I was thinking to myself that this kind of red tape stuff would not even occur if I just started an online business or even better yet, I move to another country and start a business. When I looked at business opportunities in other countries including China, I realize it was easier to launch a capitalistic venture in Communist China than free market America! I’m not the only one who realize that as much large CEOs made this same statement. The truth of the matter is some people with talent are either starting online businesses or moving overseas to launch their operations. Cats are not opening up physical stores or launching physical businesses because the red tape and licensing and other crap is just too much. Remember that food truck park I blogged about a few weeks ago? The City of Atlanta was shutting these food trucks down because they didn’t have permits to be at the location – shutting down micro-entrepreneurs instead of just letting them stay operational and gave them a 7-day waiver to work out the permits. That’s exactly what I’m talking about with doing physical business here in America. If you cannot open up physical businesses, you cannot create an economic engine that creates jobs. We got a lot of politicians who do not understand this basic concept and quick to attack free enterprise operations and that’s why a lot of new entrepreneurs don’t want to create storefronts. When I was in Nicaragua and in this small village, it was this guy from Louisiana who opened a breakfast café near the jungle serving some damn good food! I actually remember him telling me he was doing what he loved, he hired his people easily and he contributes to the community down there. I didn’t realize what he was expressing until just now. Black politicians are extremely frustrating and even more frustrating is these fake ass Black leaders like Al Sharpton who don’t even talk one damn word about entrepreneurship and economic development. Cats cannot open businesses without barriers and red tape and some bureaucrat trying to shut them down over some trivial incomplete paperwork. So that means Blacks can’t find jobs, the county is pressuring cops to find any reason to lock up people and make them pay fines or probation fees. With that said, African-Americans are being extremely targeted for arrest and hopefully incarceration and in most cases, targeted for justifiable homicide. It is still a lot of clueless brothas and sistas do not realize the environment and still running their mouth and showing their ego not realize the entire trap game is setup for them. Blacks do not want to believe a system is in place to marginalize them at the first opportunity and designed to take them down and marginalize them with the goals of having little to no recovery as a result. Summary African-Americans are scared to move globally and make global moves. Nigerians and other Africans are setting up new communities worldwide while educated African-Americans still working jobs and ish thinking that job and paycheck stuff is going to sustain them like the previous generation. Well, go look at the previous generation – they ain’t doing too well, the last I checked. Brothas and sistas have to understand before they go to bed tonight the global economic shifts that is happening in Europe and Asia as well as the pullback going on in the US economy. Black media, Black leadership and Black friends are clueless or not wanting to tell brothas and sistas the truth because they want to keep as many Blacks here in America as Black consumers of their products. We got to wake up. I have not even went into Africa because that is a whole blog about African-Americans running to Nollywood to produce films, how Africa is setting up sustainable construction and food efforts as well as growing a next generation financial payment system which will in turn create a rapid growth in their economy. The thing I want to leave is this – you young brothas and sistas need to realize the reality of this whole situation. You young brothas and sistas don’t got people around you to tell you how the world global economy is shaping up and you need to be a part of it. You young brothas and sistas need to listen to this right here because I’m doing it on that level and I’m straight telling you the world is already moving ahead. You need to get global, you need to make global moves and you need to position yourself or you will be left out.

17 thoughts on “Informing Clueless African-Americans on the Global Economic Situation

  1. Ok, Ed, don’t beat me up for this question. But, I’ve been following and studying some of the things you have mentioned here on your blog.

    But, how would a person even get started on capitalizing on global opportunities? What’s the first step?

    Let’s take a scenario — say you’re unemployed/underemployed at the very moment. Your first issue is to generate basic survival cash as quick as possible.

    The only thing I’ve found is online writing generates cash without having to invest cash as proposed by many of the so-called “online gigs.” I know there are a ton of other opportunities I am missing, but so far, online writing seemed to be the easiest way (smaller learning curve), if you’re starting from $0.

    I’m trying to pay down credit cards and student loan debts before investigating global opportunities more thoroughly. I can only speak for myself, and possibly a few others, but I recognize the threat against our people. I witnessed it the day I stepped into my first comp sci class and all the TAs were middle eastern and Indian, while I was only one of two black females in the class.

    The issue now is now is first how do we get our finances above water, and next how do we catch up? Thus far, my only source for overseas opportunities has been the (international business times – for international news). Do you know of any others?

    1. That is correct – online writing is the fatest way for someone unemployed/underemployed to generate income, provided they have a checking account.

      Think of it as the street hustlers who get two empty plastic paint buckets and drumsticks and start making beats in Times Square. They produced something out of zero cost equipment to an audience and generate income. It is the same hustle where you use what around you and convert into something others willing to pay for.

      I already blogged about this before but typing from my mobile how to hustle up from zero. Another hustle is hosting parties charging 20,000 people $7 and making $140k before the cops show up. Or you promote passing out flyers as a street team promotion on craigslist.

      The key thing is look at what cats done already like don king promoting boxers and events with no money out of his pocket upfront. Or these comedians with nothing but a routine and jokes getting paid in front of an audience. We Blacks been hustling from zero for the longest time and that is exactly why this blog is the only real Black Entreprenuer media blog because Black Enterprise see those hustles as beneath them.

  2. I am literally amazed by how much more easily our business efforts go as we pursue opportunities in Korea and the U.K. People want to do business instead of posture.

  3. Ed,
    It’s funny you mentioned Facebook because I was just talking to my cousin yesterday about all those church folk that constantly post and or say phrased like they are “blessed and highly favored” as if they’re reading a script. When the reality is that, because of their own choices, their lives look more like they are damned and forsaken. On top of that their next post is a picture of them half naked and drunk.
    Also I was just talking to a friend about this Facebook IPO. Now after we finished the serious discussion on the valuation and of the company and the decisions on an investment strategy; we realized how the overwhelming majority of the people we know are not talking about this at all. She mentioned specifically how most people she knows are more interested in Basketball Wives than potentially making or losing a fortune. But that is so typical of our community. Just like you said we’re a bunch of consumers.
    About those sistas you mentioned that were shocked by the Brazillian women. Man you know the back story on that. 85% of American do not have a passport. And no disrespect to Omega Psi Phi, but I’m certain that the majority of the people at that part (just like the lady you mentioned) have only been out side the country on a Tom Joyner cruise or one of those ignent ass V-103 vacations. So there’s no surprise that they have no idea what the worldwide competition looks like.

  4. Btw, I’m not shocked at all about how the how the local government is doing you and other entrepreneurs. You gotta remember that they are the employer of last resort for the dregs of humanity. So are you really shocked at the fact they are hating on somebody trying to do something?

  5. @Carl,

    I discussed the Facebook IPO with my supervisor at work. I told her that folks are quick to join in a lottery pool but wouldn’t pool their money to go in on the Facebook IPO. Plain and simple if I had the money I would buy and then I would sell. My sup advised me of all the taxes that I would incur for selling so soon. But I thought about it. Mark Z giving himself a $1 salary, plans to sell a hefty amount of his stock and knows he will pay a lot on taxes but will still come out with so much money. In hindsight folks were given a lot of time to come up with a strategy to invest if they wanted to

  6. IPOs do not go to the public at the opening price. They are sold to institutional investors who then sell them to the public through your brokerage account. What you should notice is how everybody holding shares want to cash out and transfer the bag to the general public. This is a pure sucker play on the people and I say sit back and just watch out this IPO plays out. Looking at the number of shares they put out is not a good reason for me to jump on it.

  7. @Ed

    1) I read an article on how the CPD was stopping food trucks from doing business as the food truck owner would post their location on Facebook or something, then the police come right to the spot and shut them down. Overall I feel like they got us stopping each other from coming up. It truly bothers me when folks get like that.

    2) There is so much damn red tape it’s ridiculous and almost discouraging. I was looking into how to pay employees and I really wanted to go the 1099 route after finding out as an employer you have to pay a portion of the taxes as well as deduct taxes from employee wages. But of course if I do not do things correctly I put myself and my business at risk. Which leaves me feeling like I am operating out of fear oppose to my will to succeed. I remind myself to stay on task and not cheap out over paying some taxes. If I play my cards right, I will break even or come out better by utilizing every tax break and credit possible at the end of the year.

  8. @TIARA – taxes? Your supervisor is utterly clueless!
    @Ed – that’s exactly what I was thinking about it. get in and get out quick, let the next sucker hold that bag.

  9. Exactly what we said happen regarding Facebook IPO did happen. People were trying to pass it to each other hence the large volume but no one took anything for a $40 ask, dropping it down to $38.

    They were passing this stock around looking for a sucker and someone is now holding the stocks no one wanted.

  10. That animated sign is off the chain. Europe is in trouble. Spain and Greece are bankrupt. A united Asian economic collective..they are taking the global markets. I saw the Facebook thing and I was like forget buying it, I want to make my own. Does the new Obama crowdfunding act in effect this year or in 2013? That frog video is funny. You are on your game, Ed. Folks waiting for this to be on 106 and Park before they do something.

  11. Ed when I read articles like this then look at my FB timeline and what our people are focusing on it scares the hell out of me. Black people are doomed in America only a small minority of us aren’t mind-fucked.

  12. Looking at that ASEAN video reminded me of when I was stationed in So.Korea for a year in 1993. I travelled to Japan, Hong Kong, and Beijing while I was living there and the Asian “Power Huslte” was in full effect at that time. I met a fairly large community of African-Americans that were Ret. Military and civilians. They were collecting monthly pensions, running businesses
    and/or doing both. They were Living overseas like “Royalty” and laughing at me when I asked them why they didn’t want to go back to the “States”.

    Did you notice that China and So. Korea are part of the AESEAN community? Trust me, there will be a reunification between North and South Korea and when that happens the economic development in that peninsula is going to “rock the world”.

    What do you think about the AESEAN development model being scaled down to fit the African-American community? City/Hubs with the Largest Black Demographics could be linked/networked strategically to create economic opportunities on a local,regional, national, and global scale.

  13. Frasier,

    The first thought that came to mind is how the ASEAN leaders are sitting at the same table.

    In the Black community, we got divisive egos with no real leadership except a religious title who cannot sit at the table.

    We have a serious problem in the Black community and that is we Black people hate Black entrepreneurs and conditioned to want to get a job instead of do for self.

    1. I got that Ed.

      Any time you have Communist nations colloborating and partnering with Democratic/Capitalist countries, you KNOW the ego was put to the side. The bottom line was HOW ARE WE GONNA GET THIS PAPER!!! Real Talk

  14. BTW, I want to share an example of how some cultures just “Hustle”. I was stationed in Osan, South Korea, about an hour outside of Seoul. A Korean man was running a restaruant/nite club called ” Soul Train”. The business targeted Black military personel and civilians. He had a complete “soul food” cuisine and they would slightly flavor traditional korean dishes a certain way to add a familiar taste. His peeps in the states would send video(VHS) tape shows like Martin, Soul Train, In Living Color, Living Single, BET video shows, sports etc, etc. He played those tapes on a big ass 60″ floor model flat screen television, that sat on top of a stage. During the happy hour people were drinking, playing dominoes, cards, and talking ish. He sold fragrances, and any kind of bootleg merchandise you wanted. If he didn’t have it on site, he could get it with just a one phone call. The business was ran by all koreans , but they all spoke english and gave excellent customer service. That place is like being at your favorite “hood” spot and it has been their since 93′ and still thriving.

    I’m just saying that “hustling” is a mindset and this cat was making money off of Blacks without steppin foot in the U.S. Us “Blacks” are in deep ish if we don’t transform “Who” we are being and take action. Its not enough to talk about it.

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