Launching a Geo-Location Hustle to a Billion Airport Travelers Worldwide

In previous articles, we discussed targeting mobile phones at airport hubs is the real big opportunity that cats are sleep on. We also discussed how to create a geo-location web service using a $5USD/month GoDaddy account. Now in this article, we going to show how to put all of this together and create your global empire side hustle targeting airport hubs using geo-location. The goal here is to show you brothas and sistas to start realizing the big empire hustles that you can go after. It’s a lot of untapped opportunities out there and the field is open. But you got to first learn to focus on the simple and basic steps first and put the basic stuff together to build more powerful stuff. This is why I want to show you cats first learning how to build out the basic building blocks. Learn how to do a database and build up some basic services that you can re-use over and over. In this hustle, you will have a service for both QR codes and geo-location. But I’m going to warn you, while I’m trying to show your Black ass how to stay ahead of the game and you doubting and lurking, I can promise you other cats around the world do read Dream and Hustle. Understand the Market As we discussed before, the top 20 busiest airports in the world have over one billion travelers a year. It should be obvious these billion travelers have decent income, have smart phones and sitting idle waiting on their flight. And when cats are idle nowadays, they playing with their mobile devices so this airport hub ish is the perfect market. You do not need to spend serious money to get at these idle travelers physically with airport billboard displays and stuff like that. If you understand the invisible pop-up store concept where you can drop a store anywhere virtually based on geo-location that can be accessed by a smart phone, then you realize you can plant stores in all of the airports around the world without the airport authority permission or politics. Marketing to airport travelers is more powerful than any other demographic in the world. As stated before, just marketing to brothas and sistas at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport is more powerful ROI than any Black media, Black community, Black event or venue, period. By the way, we are not just talking about the one billion travelers – you forgetting about all the idle non-flying people who are driving up to drop off or sitting there waiting for their people to arrive or fly out these airports. The Solution In this example, we are going to do the same hustle as the invisible pop-up store in the hood where we create a geo-location service providing discounts and offers to the cats at airports around the world. We are going to detect their location and see what airport they are at. Based on the airport they are at, we are going to see what offers are available to them. Now, we got to look at how they are travelling and we have to arrange the offers in that fashion. We are going to base the offers on if the traveling is departing to a destination or arriving at a destination. If they are leaving from an airport, we can put up last-minute offers in the terminals. If they are arriving at an airport, we can offer everything from rental car discounts, entertainment discounts and luggage service. These airport or destination related vendors are going to pay you to list and market to these airport travelers and you can accept using PayPal or whatever or write a check with your name on it. Your customers will be all over the world so you need to have a way to accept money from all over the world. Now there is one thing you got to keep in mind – if you are going to go global, then you going to need your web site in different languages, right? Because if someone from Malaysia is doing a stopover in Qatar, then we can help that Malay traveler see what’s up in Qatar in their native language right? So guess what, I’m going to show you how to do multiple languages in your $5USD/month web hosting hustle. Yeah, I know you laughing at the $5/month and it’s really funny how these tech bigots and fake Black technology clowns trying so hard to make sure you don’t know who Ed Dunn is and now you see why. Even funnier is you know I’m waiting on those divorce papers – watch what happens when I really show you how I get down after my divorce get final. But enough of them, let me help you chase this global paper. The Design Remember that mobile apps do not have to be complicated. In fact, you want that web site to be as simple as possible because remember, you need a web site that has to be translated into a lot of languages and the more stuff you create, the more you got to translate it. Keep it simple. The way we going to design this app is we have a start page in HTML5 and it will have a start/begin button. That button will determine their location and if they are not at an airport, we sent a message that they must be at an airport. If they are an airport, we display the airport and then the next buttons is to view current offers or they can set their destination or arrival offers and see what deals are available. Now, one feature we going to do for language barrier is have a “switch to local” button on the actual offer. What this means, is someone from China is at Narita in Tokyo and want to take advantage of an offer, they press the “switch to local” that will show the offer in Japanese/Kanji to the Japanese cats at Narita to understand the offer and process it. That’s how you keep it international, brothas and sistas. The Execution Plan When creating a hustle, we are going to have to write out the execution plan. The problem in the Black community is we like to talk too damn much and always talking but we don’t execute. Well, I’m not one of those kinds of people and I execute and that’s what the execution plan does. Database. We are going to add new tables to the geo-location database for the offers and the language culture. We are also going to add the airports and their locations and the various language cultures. Code. We need to create code that calls the database to determine what airport the user is at, what offers to display and how to handle the language. Web Page. We going to create an HTML5 page that will work on iOS or Android mobile devices that will be using ASP.NET to determine language and culture and how to present the data in a way. I spent about two hours gathering all of the airports for you cats as well as the languages and did not realize there were 200 languages out there. We are only going to support the popular languages that are part of the airport hub markets we planning to serve. Next Step I have a lot of code and scripts to publish and not going to do it in this posting. When I did posted it, it was so much and was ridiculous. What I want you to understand is what we about to create and how to do it with the basic blocks I provided in other articles and see how to put it together. I’m just trying to tell you cats that no one is there to teach you geo-location, teach you qr codes, show you how to create virtual stores and do things because they too busy trying to make themselves look important. Even further, you know these other cats like tech media don’t want to see a Black person they don’t approve of doing it big like this and you got to walk around them and do it anyway. So I will continue with the actual code in a follow up article but real talk, start thinking big and go for big and get big returns.

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  1. Tiara,

    Thinking on the international level, we see the airport in India as New Delhi airport but they see it as Indira Gandhi International Airport. Then someone from China see the name with Chinese characters and so on. So if we set up text input of airport names, we have to translate all of that based on how the user see the airport. And the traveler with a 7 hour layover at Schipcol in Amsterdam may not know the name of the airport where they at.

    Geo-location let us know exactly where they are at and language detection let us know what language they speak and make it easier on us. When doing international, we want to avoid having them input any text to us if we can.

  2. Ed or others,

    What’s my first step? To get the godaddy account? I am so ready! I’m at the edge of my seat waiting for the next article!!!

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