Please Give a Brotha Another Day As He Putting in Work

I’m currently coding out the example for the web service of the Geo-location code as a Part 2 series. The thing is I got a few things I got to knock out at the same time like iron and fold my clothes, try to work out something with this fine Windward Parkway Indian sista (body like a sista! yeah!) who acting very spoiled and demanding, work on the ESB level of the retailing for the hood project and also work on the two wikis I just created. I updated the links in the wikis to point to HustleSpace and HoodSpace and currently adding content in real time right now. Again, I’m asking brothas and sistas to help contribute and it look like someone already got started and helping me out. In addition, there are going to be more people helping out with HustleSpace and HoodSpace and this will blow up before you know it. Just something real quick and this is a tired subject that sounds like a broken record. It is shameful when the Black community don’t want to try to acknowledge what me and my people doing here. I got people all over the world looking at me because I also work in other markets on emerging technology and discuss with them there as well as instruct and be instructed. They know about this blog and I get it from non-Black people of color all the time about why yall don’t provide any feedback or comments on Dream and Hustle. You seriously want to believe this blog is not being looked at worldwide and by influencers when it was me who covered Tesco QR wall in detail and SK Telecom QR code in detailed and was referenced by mobile experts around the world on my opinion, when cats around the world are asking me about helping them setup NFC strategies and interactive strategies as well as startup information, but I got Black folks I’m blogging for free for acting like lurkers ain’t a good look for our people overall. Stop allowing your ego to think this is about me because I’m already doing it big outside of this blog, without your consent or approval. The Geo-Location code I’m about to provide will be very powerful. Just the database alone, cats all over are trying to copy that because there is really no code out there like that. I can use that database and once I get this web service up and running – I will show you how to do this stuff in real-time geolocation features that we brothas and sistas have not developed before. I believe I got some haters mad because they thought I was joking about the virtual pop-up store thing and didn’t realize me and my crew already got that project on lock. I have the code already developed but will spend the next day testing it out and plan to publish it soon. Just please be patient as we put in the kind of work it takes for us to use the latest technology and techniques so we can start building real things. Thanks.

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  1. We really are on the move of creating our own hustles and collaborating on each other as a think tank. Just take our silence as grittin’, Im looking forward to participating in the webinar “Whats’s stopping you from starting up your business?”.

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