The Hustle and Passion of Shux Wun

Shux Wun is considered to me to be one of my Tokyo families I never met I think you brothas and sistas should take notice. He is featured in the We all Japan documentary describing his journey from being in the US and when the economic crash hit in 2008, how he transformed into doing something he loved to do. People like this brotha Shux is who I strongly want you young brothas and sistas to look up to as role models – people like Shux Wun, Francesca Conte, Caged Lion and another cat out there Henry Seals. All of these people are pioneers and not realizing they are laying down the blueprint, trail and inspiration for the next generation of brothas and sistas here in the States to model after in terms of doing what they love and most passionate about. Check out Shux documentary on his come up and no one can tell it better than the cat covering the storytellers and the culture of hip-hop. Not only I'm a big fan of Shux, but anybody who read the short story "A Tokyo Story" that is being re-written for the upcoming e-book should recognize who indirectly educated me on understanding the hip-hop culture in Tokyo. His web site is

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  1. Its great to see this Brotha makin moves outside the U.S.. It was interesting to see that he was exposed to other cultures via his parents. I got to travel because of Uncle Sam(Military) also and it has been the best opportunity I ever was given by the government. My parents and family stayed in the states and international travel was not even spoken about. International travel and experience living with other cultures can elevate your HUSTLE to new levels, especially if you learn other languages. Great post Ed.

    P.S. See why Hip Hop artist love to tour outside of the United States.

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