Well, That Was Pretty Easy!

So in just a few hours last night, I created the majority of code to detect the airport, detect the mobile user language and display offers by category and the details. So I created a geo-location mobile service that can target over 1 billion airport visitors a year with local offers and will host it on a $5USD/month GoDaddy hosting account to get it started for you cats. As you see, I whipped up a logo so I can show you cats the entire solution and show you how you can build upon simple technology building blocks to do major global empire hustles you will never see on Black Enterprise Magazine because they on some Boule bullsh*t. Nor will you see any of these bigot White tech media try to tell you how to do this because they want to badly believe we brothas and sistas don't got tech skills like that and just want to feature White people as technology experts. Second, you already know those lurking NewMe/Black Web 2.0 cornballs real mad because the tip of their tongue is brown from all the butt-licking they do hoping to get fame and popularity and think that sells to a VC firm. By the way, I have VCs harrassing my Black ass all the time, while Black Web 2.0 running around trying to be liked by them. And they bragging they know VCs when their ass ain't got no talent worth talking about either. AisleFinder and Playd...whatever... Now this is that last part I have to do to this code and this is major but not impossible. If you really researched the business model. You would know that I would have to translate the offers in multiple languages. So if someone in Japan pays for an offer ad, I have to translate that offer for all of the other mobile users at Narita or visiting Tokyo who don't recognize Kanji. So now I'm going to put in a translation engine that can do that for us. All of this on a $5USD/month hosting account. See, you brothas and sistas should realize this hustle and stop sleeping on this airport hustle. Because once you do the offers and set up business in all these airports all over the world using geo-location and QR codes with your logo, cats all over the world will recognize your simple mobile service. Then you upgrade to doing mobile money service all over the world with your same brand and now you start your worldwide mobile money hustle. Now you running worldwide money mobile transactions, get paid and blowing money real fast on these fake f*cks out there and bypass all these fake ass tech b*tches because you was a smart tech entrepreneur that started simple and worldwide and learned from a real tech master in the game on how to hustle this ish. So I will work on the translation engine part, you see the logo and we'll have all of this together for you brothas and sistas to do something. By the way, I only expect just one person to follow through while everybody else just read. Even a simple ass $5USD/month solution, I still only expect just one brotha or sista actually follow through but that one person is all that is needed to rack and stack their paper.