What Would Be Your Real Talk Message to the African-American Class of 2012?

First, let’s congratulate the Class of 2012 for sticking it out and making their graduation moment happen which is testament these brothas and sistas are accomplished. People with degrees are accomplished people and stuck it out for themselves and that why they get paid more than other cats when it comes to salaries. Because they invested in their own education and achieved a goal, that is what matters and what speaks volume at the end of the day. Many of you brothas and sistas are now grown and mature and been out in the real world for more than a minute. You have something the Class of 2012 do not have and that is real-world experience. During their graduation ceremony, they most likely heard from some notable person lecture them about chasing their spirit, following their dream and all that blah blah blah. But someone has to be real with them and talk to them about the journey going forward after graduation. We already spoke about the current climate where unemployment among African-Americans is around 15% - 16% on paper but unofficially, we are looking at 38% to 60% in some African-American communities. The Class of 2012 has something that many of did not have growing up and that is on the other side of the world, they are graduating people of color in emerging nations who are going to compete for the same jobs on a global basis. In addition, we are beyond peak oil and the scramble for energy and food resources are real. However, in these dramatic changes, there is a dramatic opportunity for those that position themselves correctly. What is your message, a real talk message to the brothas and sistas that make up the Class of 2012? Do you have any corporate experience you want to tell them in terms of what to do and not do? How about financial decisions while they are young? Do you have any relationship advice in terms of getting married fast or waiting for the right situation? Do they go global or do they go home and rebuild the community? Trust me, they read this blog and they are listening – tell them the real talk.

8 thoughts on “What Would Be Your Real Talk Message to the African-American Class of 2012?

  1. Class of 2012, just because you have a degree doesn’t entitle you to a “good” paying job. Here is my little advice

    * Travel outside of the States
    * Prepare to have a few side hustles
    * Live below your means
    * Plan to become your own boss
    * Network, network, network
    * Give back to your community

  2. DO:
    Establish financial responsibility
    Travel outside of the U.S
    Take an international internship or job. Just Go.
    Explore every avenue
    Continue to educate yourself in the classroom and out
    Lead a responsible sex life

    DO NOT:
    Become afraid
    Let others get you down
    Get yourself down
    Dwell on one, two, or three hiccups.

  3. Skip the country and don’t come back so you never have to pay back any of that mountain of backbreaking student loan debt you’ve built up in getting that mediocre ass degree you’re so proud of that will never pay off. Oh and congratulations!

  4. I would tell my grads to just like everyone else would. Get overseas and look for a job, fuck it you may even be homeless but not for long if you have persistence in what your doing. I will let them know they would be surprised if you go to these developing African countries and look at whats needed there and make a fortune solving a problem in an emerging companies. I will tell them to watch bloomberg and catch the singapore sessions and see how they doing it out there. Basically tell them everything that is on the D&H blog and claim it as my own lol!!!!

  5. My real talk message to the class of 2012 would be the following based on what I learned and experienced:

    1. Get into technology. Technology is the only real industry that you can go from zero to trailing zeroes, stack up paper fast all based on Google searches and copy/paste stuff already out there.

    2. Build a portfolio. Have some real working examples to get jobs because typing up a resume is just a bunch of text. For example, I showed cats how to setup a geo-location hustle – a smart grad would swagger jack it, create their own $5/month Godaddy site and put on their resume they can create these type of stuff and get a $75K job offer upfront.

    3. Learn to eat/live on the cheap. All of this ballin at the club, going out on a date to eat somewhere is a waste of time and money. Get with a person who want to spend real quality of life moments with you like go biking at the park, hanging out at the beach, watch television over a friend house and stuff like that. Learn to prepare dishes with rice and beans as well as smaller portions of meat and use nutritional supplements as well as work out and stay active.

    4. Don’t cling on to friends/cliques. Most of these people from college will pretend they don’t know you anymore the second you get into a crisis and are not real friends. Even better, these same friends will disown you as you try to hustle hard and do for self and be jealous of you while smiling in your face and never giving you a positive sign of encouragement. Focus on meeting new people along the way which is more fun and rewarding.

    5. Go into business, now! Do not think about entrepreneurship, do not read about entrepreneurship and do not talk about entrepreneurship. Just open a goddamn business and start learning the ropes and mistakes and get better. The current generation of our Black community is hostile to entrepreneurs and just ignore them and understand the need to do for self is a survival tactic and not an option.

    6. Travel. As everybody else said, it is extremely important to travel overseas and see the bigger picture of how things are. There are people in this world who won’t treat you like shit like the cats around you right now and respect doing business with you and buying from you. There are systems and things other people doing in this world we can learn from and apply to our own hustle. A lot of shit is going on outside of America right now and don’t fall for that “No place like the USA!” crap without first going around and seeing for yourself what the world is about.

  6. What I will tell them.
    1. Be prepared to start a business.
    2. Be prepared to start a business.
    3. Be prepated to start a business.

    Black unemployment is sky high and it has been that way since I was young. What makes you think that is going to change. Better higher yourself.

    4. Travel internationally. If you are unable to atleast travel to different parts of this country.
    5.You can’t prepare for everything so whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability and worry about the positives and not the negatives.

    6-10. Start a business.

  7. Another option would be to learn Spanish and some Portuguese and move to Brazil. IMO its the next boom economy…also, consider getting there before the 2016 Summer Olympics!! P.S., if you don’t have kids, don’t start, for at least another 10 years–stay golden!! Don’t misconstrue it, I believe children are Heaven sent, but if unplanned, that responsibility and the potential drama that comes with it, will completely change your trajectory by weighing you down and limiting your mobility, IMMENSELY!! True Story.

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