GTFOH with that America the Best Country in World Ish..

You hear these cats say that all the time about how “America is the best country in the world” and others will say “I been all over the world and there is no place like the USA” and some of you cats buy that line, hook and sinker. Well, we going to keep it 100 in this article because you better make up your own mind if America is the best country in the world. Fox News and country singing mother*ckers running around talking to me and you about how great America is and there is nothing like it. But brothas and sistas actually buy that line hook and sinker and then you hear them saying that ish and their ass ain’t been nowhere, and seen nowhere and ain’t lived nowhere. If a cat ain’t been nowhere then the only thing they can speak of is the same ish, different day. I remember being in a barbershop in Seattle and some cats bragging loudly he from Chicago blabbing Chicago was the best city and got it going on. Of course, the obvious is why this cat in Seattle and ish if Chicago was the best city in the world, right? The truth is, cats are just stuck on stupid and limited thinking and that’s where you get all of this “God Bless America” as if God supposed to tell the other 195 countries in this world to go f*ck off somewhere. This is all I’m saying to brothas and sistas – if someone or something treats you like ish, have no respect for you, then anything else out there is better than that! They setting up brothas and sistas with an unjust and bias justice system, running anti-Black media programming on FCC-regulated channels and try to stifle brothas and sistas from becoming self-empowered entrepreneurs anyway they can. "What I'm hearing which is sort of scary is that they all want to stay in Texas. Everybody is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway so this (chuckle) – this is working very well for them." –Former First Lady Barbara Bush, on the hurricane evacuees at the Astrodome in Houston, Sept. 5, 2005 But here is the most popular comment these bigots try to say and that is “if you don’t like this country then leave!” as if that is a retort. Well, here is the problem – America damn sure ain’t going to let you leave this country without trying to tax your ass and do all kind of other nasty ish to you to try to make you stay. See, they want to talk that “leave America” but you got to jump through hoops and hurdles because the truth is, they scared of death of you leaving and contribute elsewhere in this world. This is what I want brothas and sistas to understand – I’m not telling cats to leave America and say f*ck America and on some Marcus Garvey stuff. As far as I’m concern, I don’t know why anybody even talk about that outdated and obsolete Marcus Garvey stuff anyway, real talk. Man, we in the 21st century and we way beyond that kind of Black Star Line nonsense and that’s lightweight compared to our reality for right here and right now. Stop talking about the old days and crap. What I’m trying to tell brothas and sistas is we need to look at what’s best for us and be real about it. If you go down to Belize and buy some land to do your own farming, raise your own livestock and marry some local down there and your kids are getting smart enough to attend school in America, who the hell can say you ain’t living in the best place in the world for you? If you move back to Africa, feel like you are immersed in your ancestral culture around your people, seeing growth opportunities, seeing a lot of things you can help do to better their lives because that’s in your heart, meet a beautiful African brotha/sista down there and look at sunsets and sunrises back in the motherland, how the f*ck me or anyone else can tell you that ain’t the best country for you? If you move to Malaysia and they ain’t eating pork everywhere and got sistas down there with curves like a Black sista and she don’t eat pork either and you two get together and start up a social network/qr code business down there and also making serious money selling stuff to Americans, Canadians and Austrailians through and Ebay, cats will be full of sh*t saying America is still the best country for you. The number one thing I hear from Blacks who move overseas is they don't have the pressure dealing with bigots anymore - that is the first thing I hear from cats overseas. They say they don't have to deal with all the bigotry, the self-hating and self-destructive and ineffectual among our own people and sh*tty Black American relationships based on drama and not real love. They say being free from that is the best and most exciting feeling in the world and then they focus on what they have to look forward to. America is just one subset of what the world offers and America is not you. You may have different values, different perspectives and different things you want to do with your life. Maybe you like racing sport bikes in the mountainous regions in Japan – then that’s you. Maybe you like shopping and attending fashion shows in Milan, Italy and blogging about it – that’s you. Maybe you want to adopt a whole African village and raise the local kids with good water supply and clothing and good educational books and discipline and see them ready for the world – that’s you! Don’t make the mistake of assuming some skin color hating, debt ridden, peak oil, great recession, foreclosures, 1% owning more wealth but paying less taxes, inequality, employment discrimination, don't give a f*ck about their war veterans, police brutality, unjust mother*cking country is the best country in the world to you because you get teary eyed up at the opening of a major league baseball, stock car racing or football game. Look at the person who you are and decide where you want to be in the world where you can do you the best. That’s how you find out what’s really the best country in this world to you.

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  1. Much, much truth to this. Sad that the Chinese are realizing more opportunities in Africa than African Americans and Caribbeans.

  2. I was talking to an African Sista yesterday about a not-for-profit she wanted to start. Her mission is to get Philadelphia youth, especially black youth, off the block and traveling overseas to Afirca and different regions of the world. We talked about how important exposure to other cultures and societies were to our development as human beings and how we see the world. Technological advancements has continued to “Shrink” the world and providing access to internationl travel to the next generation of Black youth is a “Must” not a luxury.

    I think that part of the reason why Blacks are falling behind economically has to do with a lack of relationships outside of our local communities. When we begin to establish relationships globally, then we can take advantage of entreprenuerial opportunities, both locally and internationally.

  3. You’re right. Mildred and Frasier too.
    I just had a conversation with a fine sister about Dubai. She said it is off the chain. She’s on her global hustle and told me to look her up overseas. You think a brother is staying in America for long? Folks is doing it.

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