Just a Whole Bunch of Mid-June 2012 Stuff

What a weekend! As I work on the next articles to cover on this blog, it always a bunch of random real-time stuff going on that I usually does not cover. So what I’m going to do is a pour me a drink, sit at the bar and just blab on a whole bunch of issues going on at this point in time and just say it like it is. Chicago Violence Is Not Gang-Related Over and over again, I keep hearing references to the shootings in Chicago attributed to “gang-related” activities and this is the biggest lie that keeps going on unchecked in the Black community. In fact, no police chief or anybody should get away with calling any crime in the Black community “gang-related” and the so-called Black leaders are letting the Chicago Police Department get away with it. The term “gang-related” is really euphemism to say “they are killing each other and we should not worry about it” and this term has been used in many Black communities with a high level of violence. Then what happens and this is the truth – we got cats who are two-bit street punks running their mouth in the media talking about they rep this gang in Chicago and they street hard and they shooting and Wild 100s or K-town means Killer-Town and all other kind of bragging about self-hate, self-destructive Black on Black activities. What is going on in Chicago is no different than any other feuding place in their world. If your group want to talk sh*t, think you all that trying to flex who you are in public, then you kill one of my people to show you bad, I have to go to his funereal, see his corpse in an open casket, all the local chicks and his mom crying – do you think I’m just going to let your side sit back and smirk and relax while my side is going through this? If my side suffered, me and my group is damn sure going to make your side suffer more deaths and more funereal and more open caskets of your group members and ain’t anyone going to stop bodies on your side from dropping either. That’s the mentality that recycles itself and last for generations and even more in Chicago. There are no all-out-war between two Black gangs and I don’t believe we had any in the 21st century in America, period. So none of these crimes are “gang-related” like the Chicago Police Department want to say. The truth is, the Chicago Police Department is not doing their job and just sitting back and letting this cycle of violence manifest itself then write it off with some “gang-related” reference. But here is the other part – you got the media like the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune exploiting the shootings to sell papers. Because the bigger the number of Blacks killing each other on the West Side and South Side, the more papers they sell and more visits to their web site. Then you got the organizations from the Nation of Islam to Operation Push not doing a damn thing to treat this like a national emergency, in their own back yard. Black folks in Chicago, especially those cats at WVON, know damn well they ain’t speaking up about getting the Chicago Police Department to stop calling the South Side and West Side killings in Chicago “gang-related” and start treating them like first degree murders going on in our community. Same Chicago Black folks that want to ban guns and also created that monster Paul Vallas who first cut out art programs from Chicago schools and focused on testing which George Bush adopted and f*cked up the entire educational system. Yeah, that’s the Black Chicago I came from and now you probably know why I’m living in Atlanta. 100 Black Men With 10 Black Robots at Centennial Park Atlanta got some extremely fine sistas – damn! From ghetto skanks, to country southern belles to Virginia and New York transplants to ex-wives of football players to strippers to these interracial and African and Dominican sistas all in one day is just too much for a brotha. Yeah, yall stay where the hell you at and complain about the women over there, just don’t come to Atlanta and mess up a brotha odds. It was a big weekend with the Birthday Bash which I would never attend and also the Car and Bike Show which I sat outside laughing at cats that are straight losers to be paying $20 to go see Birdman Bugatti or whatever – that whole concept sounds funny as hell. But it was some sistas out there and the funny part it was some decent good looking sistas in the mix. So I’m walking by Centennial Olympic Park and saw a bunch of tents set up and it was the 100 Black Men doing something so I walked by. In summary, what I saw was a bunch of pompous, ego, self-serving morons who talking their ass off about themselves more than what they can do for others. I actually sat down and watch this 100 Black Men self-bragging f*ckery go on because this is what I keep trying to tell yall but I have to witness it myself to be shocked again on how these cats really are. It also teaches me what is wrong with engaging Black youth and learning on what not to do from a personal perspective. These cats had tents setup and robots but the way it was setup is they expect some Black person to walk up to them and supposed to be amazed and ask about them. No demonstrations, no nothing. These cats are all sitting there with a smug expecting someone to walk by and be like “Wow! The 100 Black Men are so awesome!” and if Black folks actually get engaged like that, I damn sure didn’t see it. All I saw was cats passing through, a bunch of 100 Black Men and their clique taking pictures of themselves smiling and ish and some cat on the microphone just bragging on his own d*ck. I just wanted to win whatever electronics they were giving away and realize this f*ckery was a waste of my Saturday morning with all these other events going on and I got more chicks to see. The 100 Black Men is the perfect example of ego-reinforcement where these cats talk about themselves more than actually engage others. Their ego tells them they are doing the right thing, their ego tells them they have this many members and this many chapters and blah blah blah. Their ego tells them you have to come and be impressed with them before they acknowledge who you are. That is the ego reinforcing mentality in the Black community among our organizations that is preventing real progress from happening. Before I leave this topic, I just want to say that I love these Black women with their natural hair and their smile and the sun shining and stuff – thank God sistas are now going natural hairstyles looking naturally beautiful like they did when we were in the 2nd grade together outside during recess – that kind of Black and beautiful is back and I love it. Egypt and Greece This Weekend Two elections this weekend is going to really determine how the markets and the economy will shape up in Europe and the US. If Greece is going to elect officials who want to move out of the Eurozone and run from the fiscal irresponsible problems they created because they cannot implement necessary austerity cuts, then Greece is going down, plain and simple. However, Greece and kinda Spain are the only ones we know about – it is the other countries like Italy that we have to keep an eye on in regards to their exposure. However, Italy will hold up because their exports are big in China from Ferrari to Louis Vuitton. The problem again is brothas and sistas are not realizing that African-Americans made themselves dependent on this global economy. You got brothas and sistas who just withheld into a 401K account instead of take charge of their own retirement strategy. We also buy these homes and used it as leverage and believe it was capital to leverage against. What these African-Americans do not realize is their own money is what is being leverage in these global economic games. We African-Americans have too much of our resources invested in a financial system that do not return anything back for us. They don’t help us financially secure capital to start businesses in our communities and they do not first ask us how they invest our money or even advise us on the real risk. But we got Black folks bragging about how other people is managing their money, kinda like how other cats were bragging how Bernie Madoff was managing their money. African-Americans need to focus on organic economic development through creating import and export strategies with global trading partners to conduct trade among our communities and markets worldwide. We cannot depend on this current European financial system that is falling apart and we just stuck in it and not making our own moves to get money, stack money our way. We are doomed as a people if we do not get our economic situation in order and the damage has already been done and visible anytime you want to see dilapidation, no jobs and violence in our communities. President Obama Heckled By Reporter President Obama signed a directive that stated they will not be deporting certain illegal immigrants who came to America as children and are here doing the right thing. That was actually a good move by President Obama and I always agreed with this position that we should not be deporting these kids who grew up in America and give them an open door. Also, I'm tired of this "take my jobs" rhetoric as if cats own their jobs or entitled to a job in America. But the issue was President Obama was being interrupted by some smartass reporter who acts like he can confront a Black person and challenge their position and authority. Now we got Black folks running around talking about this guy is racist and the Republican Party is racist towards the first Black president and so on. My position is simple – when is someone from the NABJ (acronym for “Negroes Ain’t Being Journalists”) going to interrupt President Obama and ask him about all the killing in Chicago? Why can’t President Obama make a statement about the killings in his own backyard in Chicago but got comments about killings going on in Syria? Why can’t President Obama simply go to Chicago, go to the youth directly as the first Black President and say that the shootings have to stop and it is not acceptable under his watch? President Obama has been operating on this false unsubstantiated pretense that he has to be forced by the people to do things for the people. That’s a crock of BS and that is not what the Office of the President was designed for. The Office of the President was designed for one individual who is a leader that guides the country in the right direction by their own convictions as an American citizen sworn to protect the best interest of the nation. We do not have to lobby President Obama to do the right thing by Black folks or create a consensus that he can recognize – as President, it is his job and moral obligation to automatically do right for Black folks. President Obama can direct Eric Holder to bring federal resources into Chicago and deal with the gun violence and have federal prosecutions putting cats in SuperMax and give them the federal death penalty if necessary in Illinois. In addition, President Obama can work with HUD and Department of Transportation to create economic empowerment zones in many urban areas close to transportation hubs to stimulate economic activity. There is a lot of things President Obama can do for the Black community that does not require us to hear some BS from Al Sharpton as if Al Sharpton is a proxy between the White House and Black folks – f*ck Al Sharpton and he and his organization better not ever say they represent Black like me. I feel like heckling President Obama and his prepared speeches and ask him about the violence going on in Chicago and Black unemployment while he pretends he got better things to worry about. Kinda getting tired of these cornball Black folks blindly defending President Obama also. Should Dream and Hustle Boycott African-Americans? Recently, I discussed starting a geo-location side-hustle for $5USD/month and wrote several articles, wrote the code and a real-world demo describing the business model and got pretty much the same weak responses from my target audience over the years. First, I get Black people who don’t respond but running their mouth behind my back doubting the hustle because they can’t think or this or do it like this. Second, I get the Black people always talking about what they going to but reality, they ain’t going to do anything. Third, I get the Black people who asking me questions they could have figured out through simple trial and error if they just tried. Overall, I don’t think about it but cats in the 30 Rotten Dissidents camp didn’t like me putting this out there and I understand why. The problem and danger is not Black folks stealing the idea – I want brothas and sistas to be empowered to do for self and give them low-cost solutions to get off the ground. The problem is Dream and Hustle is visited by Venture Capitalists, other tech cats from around the world who know me and my skills from other arenas who will take what I’m presenting and run with it themselves. That’s the real problem. I will concede as I have in the past – this is a real problem. I’m tired of Black folks saying this tech stuff is hard when you don’t see me sweating a bullet being in this industry. I thought working at Jiffy Lube, sitting in a cubicle running boring numbers in Excel, serving cats at a restaurant, manual labor where you got to be on site everyday – that’s fucking hard homey, go somewhere with this tech stuff is hard BS. I’m the one who copy/paste code off the Internet, can do the same damn work from home, at the office, at Starbucks or better yet, the Starbucks in Shibuya, Tokyo and not held down. You characters saying what I do is hard are the stupid ones because this ish is easy as hell compared to the alternatives and the amount of work for the money. I’m tired of yall saying that BS about this tech stuff is hard too, real talk. The truth is in my face and it’s scary to conclude from cats not wanting to respect the information architect. For one, someone can argue that African-Americans do have a lower IQ if they cannot master technology and don’t want to master technology. But that is not true because I was a D- student in high school and a C- minus student in college and I’m mastering this ish and been places and done big things for the resume. The truth is, African-Americans don’t have the drive and distracted by an ego. The Black person ego is the most destructive thing that happened to us and causing worse damage than slavery and that’s a another upcoming blog because it’s ridiculous. Our people want someone White to tell them about tech the same way most African-Americans want a White doctor to tell them they are sick and how to get better. I’m pretty much sick of that ish too and many genuine Black professionals have to put up with this crap with our own people we trying to help our people while our people looking for anything to doubt us and disqualify us at the same time. One of my cats told me something pretty wild as a suggestion – he told me Dream and Hustle should boycott African-Americans and focus for 30 days on targeting African, Latin American, Indian and Southeast Asian cats with the same content and see how they respond. Take the whole damn blog, announce that we have been trying to reach brothas and sistas to no avail and just focus on cats who are stepping up their game in the global economy and face the truth that I’m denying about my people. I’m considering this move because maybe I do need to see this for myself. I’ve been trying over and over again with brothas and sistas and can’t even get cats on first base to do for self with technology that can be done. Even funnier is someone will try to post some rationale in the comment section about they don’t understand technology. I guess they also don’t understand why unemployed and marginalized Black folks are 10,000 deep at the career fair or at the unemployment office every working day in America, either. Like I said, I’m thinking about it and one thing I will do is this – if I do it and it works, this is not going back to an all-Black blog and I will go where the people who want to do for self, I will roll with them. It kinda make sense because they doing things over in these places like Malaysia and Singapore and Taiwan and South Korea and Philippines and Tokyo and I might as well put myself where the cats are really doing to do something with a $5USD/month hosting plan. Besides, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Intel, Paypal and everybody is over there in that region doing next generation stuff while I kinda do feel disappointed my own African-Americans are looking at me weird for discussing big picture tech opportunities they can side hustle with. Why I Love Kyary - Paymu Paymu so Much I’m pretty sure it’s some Black folks out there that wondering why I all into Kyary – Paymu Paymu on a blog that supposed to target brothas and sistas. I think the answer to that is simple – she is a phenomenal lady. She transformed her career from bigger and better things and I like her style, her personality and she got real swag. She is an entrepreneur and a media personality and a celebrity and she is balancing all of that very well. That’s why I’m so into Kyary – Paymu Paymu like an SWV track. The second reason and maybe cats should take a lesson is, I’m learning Japanese and reading/writing Kanji and consuming Kyary Paymu Paymu is helping me greatly learn. In fact, I’m learning quite well and the first thing I was able to write in Kanji was “Kyary Paymu Paymu” and that is a way for me to learn faster than other ways. I was told a lot of cats learned English by listening to a band or someone talk or a favorite book. So when I’m going back to Tokyo again this fall, I will have better capability to speak and read and be on my own in some cases. And last, I love her lastest album called "Revolution" and it’s good music. My favorite song is “Drinker” that uses the Fender Rhodes and you don’t even hear Black music use this instrument Herbie Hancock made famous for its sound. I love seeing other people around the world appreciating Black culture and the sad part is they appreciate it more than Black people in America. This is the kind of music I can listen to on JAL from the O’Hara to Narita flight when I get back on it. Like I said before, I’m sorry I’m not some cornball Black person that consume only this cornball Black media crap and I have better expanded horizons in my tastes and preferences.

12 thoughts on “Just a Whole Bunch of Mid-June 2012 Stuff

  1. Hey Ed I have to agree with you when you say to boycott the blog to an all black audience. It was because of your blog that I attempted coding and just like you said its really not hard as your saying. I guess the only problem is doing this on a timely basis. That one thing that tech industry doesn’t do is wait for the product.

  2. Okay so the gov of Illinois gets this law passed about charging entire organizations(gangs) for the crime of one. A la as if the gang was the mob. Shortly after CPD announced overtime approval to fight gangs. This was done after another headlining weekend of shootouts and folks getting robbed downtown on Michigan Ave and medical professionals getting robbed leaving Northwestern Hospital. POPPYCOCK……I am really not liking the media right now. This stuff is going on but they really over do it and run these stories one behind the other so we say oh ok good CPD gets overtime while these kids do not have summer jobs Really Rahm? Really?

    I remember 100 Black Men coming to my Michele Clark when I was in seventh grade. They came out and actually mentored the boys often. Even my arch rival, the one I competed with for the best grades was in the group. When he told me about all they had done and helped him with high school apps and what not I was happy for him. But kind of mad because I only got help from my science teacher. But even then I understood that the both of us were getting the help we needed. Him from real black men. And me from the teacher who kept me on the right track. After going to high school I had no idea they still existed. If that’s what they’ve come to another busy body organization doing nothing,,,,I think that’s messed up.

    I hope your suggestion is not true. I mean folks will really get mad. Even if they (readers)do not do exactly what is proposed they are doing something. And when I say they myself included.

    Thought about others taking the geo location idea but dismissed it because it was only negative thinking which I am happy to recognize sooner than later.

    1. Tiara,

      I heard it was several hundreds of Black people flash mobbing North Michigan Avenue – I believe something is going on that we are not aware of as a result of the organization. I would like to know the details of the flash mob and get some video of the incident. Do you have any information on it?

      My opinion of 100 Black Men is they are a rhetoric organization. What I mean is this is an organization that deal with people who will talk “testimonies”, talk numbers and other metrics but the reality is, they done little on a holistic level. We have a lot a lot of Black organizations that talking loud and saying nothing and we need real tangible action.

      Quite frankly, I find 100 Black Men pompous nature a bit offensive/turn-off and not in touch with the current economic crisis and outlook facing the youth. Again, a lot of rhetoric/testimonials but I’m mature enough to see through all of that if someone from them want to bring that retort.

      In regards to people being mad if I move on the boycott, how do they think I feel when I spent hours compiling data for the example, one time I spend four hours straight working on some code to present – who is out there putting in that kind of hours and will not be mad as the weak response?

      I would be extremely upset if people come out of nowhere after we do the boycott saying they mad but damn sure didn’t say a thing after we put out all that data out there. I didn’t know what the hell is going on everytime I do this and it’s frustrating and even worse – only Black people do this to me. Everybody else in the circles I work in at least give some acknowledgement or thanks.

      So yes, I’m very serious about the consideration and my crew is real…

  3. Thanks for the post Ed. I can hear the frustration thats present for you and your team in this article. I appreciate your commitment to empowerment for the African-American community.

    I check your site daily for information, strategies, methodology and inspiration. It all helps me to take my hustle to the next level. I take what you provide and share it with my team. People have alot of negative and disempowering beliefs about hustlin’ and doin for self. However, when they learn that they can use technology to create a hustle or improve their existing business, that BS mindset and other excuses are squashed. They either put up or shut up and if their not goin for theirs, I limit my association.

    I would be willing to pay a nominal subscription fee to have daily access to what you put out on this blog. I would rather see you do that and weed out the tire kickers and haters, than for you to totally stop focusing on the Black community. That’s the community you really want to empower and your blog up till this point reflects that.

    Keep in mind that the tipping is coming. At that point, anything is possible for our people.

    Learn from our predecessors MLK Jr. and Marcus Garvey, everyone didn’t stand up with them either!!!

  4. Alot of stuff on this one.
    Black America is dying as we know it. Harsh, but true. Black America is gonna have to face the bullshit and stop running from our issues. I don’t believe in Black America’s future anymore..we have none. Why..cause we don’t care for the Black kids.

    As for the gangs…folks knew these laws were coming plus what do Black leaders care about dead Black children for? Never have and never will. We have to accept that.

    100 Black Men…don’t care. Sorry I’m sick of HNICs trying to show us how to be Black men. We need down to earth brothers and sisters with realism. All this pie in the sky HNIC and organization BS is played. Nothing ever happens and probably never will. Yawn.

    Boycotting Black America..cause we don’t fit your tech dream. Nigga please. That would make you the same as them 100 Black Men cats with ego you talk about. You’re smarter than this Ed…and do you really think non-Blacks are gonna be your friend? So you’re turning Japanese? For what…ego worship in Japan. You’re running too. Be a happy Gaijin ain’t gonna solve the problem either. I’m all for our people expanding our options and learning culture, languages, etc. But it’s no different than integration..and look where that got Black people. We’re just visitors in a foreign land. But I met a sister that wants to live there..more power to her. No wonder cats from Chicago always jumping ship on real Black issues. Ask Obama and Farrakhan. But it’s your thing, not mine. I just think it makes you a hypocrite and doing the same thing as the people you claim to dislike.

    Our people will never understand. I don’t expect people dealing with racism, no money, high unemployment, no leadership, and false hope to believe in politicians, tech gurus, entertainers, or athletes. Yawn.

    1. Fraiser,

      Thanks and I know from experience when it comes to targeting brothas and sistas you have to show tough love. But sometimes, we may also have to show tough hate so they can get the message and that’s why I said I’m considering it.

  5. @Trell,

    I see what you saying but you lost me on the “have others follow my tech dream” part. Do you think this is about me? Why would anybody even try to make personal by attributing this to me instead of look at the information for themselves?

    Let me give you a secret Trell, all those overseas cats coming in from Africa, India, Brazil, China, Ukraine, Russia working tech jobs ain’t really tech people! They share tech information to get good steady income in America and build shit up from there creating new hustles for themselves and their people. But I’m telling you thevsame blueprint but somehow, I’m selling you a “tech dream” as you put it? You don’t realize how silly that shit sound you just wrote?

    Anytime you got a non-tech dream better than the strategy others are using, let us know about it because working for Footlocker and Jiffy Lube ain’t working out too well. Last I checked, business models in the hood that are not tech based been the dominate conversation on this blog, in case you forgot.

    Second, you stated something about Japan – have you once seen me talk to anyone Japanese or have you seen this blog talk to Black people who moved to Japan and overseas and made something out if themselves? Then you said they hate us tells me you probably never been overseas, really. Come on, speak only to what you know.

    But besides that, I agree with the rest of what you have to say. But don’t ever make your experience on this blog a personal judgement, I’m 10x way more than I appear on this blog, FYI.

  6. Ed,

    I really appreciate the geo location hustle. I have been learning sql server and everything else I need to learn/know/understand in regards to this. So keep them coming.

    I haven’t even discussed using the geo-location as a ticket reseller where you can buy tickets by having the person scan it in with the barcode and then sell the ticket having the barcode show up on their mobile device when they go to the gate to get in – see, that’s the kind of thinking you need to be about in this new global economy and start thinking fresh and innovative.

    Can you show how to use the geo location as a ticket reseller? I am so ready to TAKE OVER!!


  7. I may not be all that techno savvy but I do get the idea of going global. I have a BA from UGA in English, so I am probably not the techno personality but it takes all kind. I have created a web page and copied pay pal code for purchases from my book in the past. I will do the same the end of the year when I complete the second book. And as for the global grind, my next goal is to try to hook up with a Nigerian film maker and write a script. I read that Nollywood is the second largest film producers world wide. From hanging out here and conversations with some of my international friends I have developed some understanding of the global grind. To make a long story short a person may not get the sum total of your message but maybe they can grasp some and build from there. So I kinda think it would be a disservice to discontinue sharing the message to black people because some of the information is penetrating.

    One of your previous posts you spoke of Europeans leaving and going to Africa and Latin America. One of my good friends is from Ghana. He did very well in American; he packed up and went back home and is even doing better.

  8. I was very serious and decided to go ahead and do the boycott that was suggested to me. We were going to focus on writing articles that catered to overseas cats from emerging countries on how to pursue global opportunities. Well, something happened along the way.

    The first article I drafted was titled “How to Take Jobs and Opportunities away from African-Americans” and after seeing the title, I busted into uncontrollable laughter because this was simply the most worst and audacious thing anybody suggested to me and I was about to go through with it?

    Come on, what I look like being a Black media source getting angry and saying “f*ck Black people!” and start targeting non-Black people out of anger and frustration?! That is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard in my life and couldn’t stop laughing once I realize how ignorant it sounded.

  9. “The first article I drafted was titled “How to Take Jobs and Opportunities away from African-Americans” and after seeing the title, I busted into uncontrollable laughter because this was simply the most worst and audacious thing anybody suggested to me and I was about to go through with it”?

    ”Yeah Ed, you were about to cut your own throat with that one!! LMAO


  10. I’m putting these arguments in perspective. I applaud your efforts. I have no idea on your experience anymore than you have on my working with the international tech game. We ain’t sat down and chopped it up. Those cats are tech/STEM folks that come to the US. But they don’t have our experience in America. Many don’t go through our problems. They don’t have to. And we don’t understand theirs fully. I mean the Africans use tech different than the Asians. I do think we can learn what works and what doesn’t to help ourselves. So yes..I do need to expand my vision and be involved. I jumped to an incorrect conclusion. I admit my mistake. You are well versed to speak on it. I don’t have your tech knowledge and global wisdom. But I do think that we will have to make a solution that fits us. At least you’re not a Mark Zuckerberg wannabee out here. I believe that if the average Black person can’t produce and use it. It’s worthless. But I don’t think it’s smart to limit it..I mean money got to be made. And stingy egotistical Black folks ain’t keeping the lights on. Its not productive for our culture anymore.

    My fave line of this blog: “African-Americans need to focus on organic economic development through creating import and export strategies with global trading partners to conduct trade among our communities and markets worldwide.”
    …Brother, now I see why you mad and frustrated that folks ain’t getting it.

    I should have clarified my point on the “tech dream” argument. A strong tech infrastructure has never been built in Black America. We don’t have a Silicon Valley for Black geeks, so now a global one? How..we’ve never built one for ourselves. Do for self 1st right, but here are alot of external factors racially, politically, and socially to ensure it never happens. Also, I don’t think our culture values technology and entrepreneurship enough to create and protect it either. We place more value on the jocks than the nerds in our culture. I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Dressing like nerds is cooler than being a successful one.

    And yes I’m a rookie on here..I need to go through the old stuff. You might have already covered alot more. I’m not mad you had to put me in my place today. I wasn’t ready to eat at the grown folks table yet. lol. All good, man. Tough love is necessary now in these tough times.

    That “How to Take Jobs and Opportunities away from African-Americans”…funny and sad but true. I can walk outside and see this already. Cats is barely holding on out here.

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