Let me Answer Silas Ratliff and Maurice Gilchrist Question..

As the violence in Chicago continues to escalate, it is also becoming sensationalized. What happens is when the media like to sensationalize the violence, the violence start being driven by the sensationalism. So what you have is cats not trying to solve the violence problem but trying to make a name out of themselves from the violence in Chicago and that’s what going on and what we going to talk about. Anti-violence program fails to save young Markham man Victim of Chicago shooting had a mentor in high school Four years ago, as a 16-year-old student at Gage Park High School, Davonte Flennoy was pegged as 20 times more likely than the average Chicago Public Schools student to get shot or shoot someone else. That "ultrahigh" risk rating, from a consulting firm that used statistics to identify students at risk of violence, put Flennoy into an intensive program initiated by former schools chief Ron Huberman. Flennoy was provided with a mentor, Stevie Powell, to see if he could defy the statistics. Powell became Flennoy's cheerleader, mentor and surrogate parent. With Powell's help, Flennoy managed to graduate from high school. When he expressed interest in attending college, Powell mounted a herculean effort to make it happen, raising $3,500 to help Flennoy get settled into an apartment in Atlanta. But after just a couple of weeks last August, Flennoy moved back to the Chicago area. And late Monday, the odds came calling. Flennoy, 20, was shot to death in an alley in the Marquette Park neighborhood. Underneath Flennoy's body, police said they found a handgun. Authorities said they believe the shooting was gang-related. The consulting firm had gotten it right, and Flennoy had become another statistic for this year's growing homicide tally in Chicago. Despite the best efforts of those who lined up to help him, Flennoy fell to the violence of the streets where he had spent much of his youth. Source: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-06-13/news/ct-met-davonte-flennoy-20120613_1_anti-violence-program-consulting-firm-gage-park-high-school So someone put stats on this young man that he is at an “ultrahigh” risk of getting into gunplay, he had a mentor who intervened and moved him down to Atlanta with $3,500 and for some strange reason, he is back in Chicago and the stats prove right. Here is what I want cats to think about – who set this guy fate? Did the stats people put it in his head he was destined to die on the streets of Chicago from gunplay? This is what I mean by the sensationalism becomes the main actor of an ongoing problem. But CNN also ran a story but just on the fact this same young brotha got gun down as a poster child example of the violence in Chicago. But CNN then put two cats in the video and this is the video: Now, these kids are going to ask at 1:42 if any of yall had to wear the same clothes every day, wash their drawers out in a sink, not knowing your next meal going to come from? I wanted to know if any of you guys can answer their questions to justify their lifestyle and their attitude in the hood. Because these two cats act like no one except they had to go through this coming up. So here is my answer to Silas Ratliff and Maurice Gilchrist on that question – who the f*ck didn’t had to do that coming up in the hood in Chicago? We living in houses build in the late 1800s early 1900s where there were no washing machines and I never had a shower growing up and everything was washed in the same sink I brushed my teeth in. And homey, I have 11 family members in a 2-bedroom apartment doing that ish – I slept on the living room floor next to the kerosene heater and had to do my homework before the sun go down or do it next to a candlelight when the electric company cut our lights off. But I will explain this to you - I just didn’t hang outside, didn’t hang near the windows because I knew where I was at. I went straight to school, went straight home and during my days, I spent that time hanging out downtown Chicago or along Lake Shore Drive or just road the train up to Howard and got with the North Side sistas. So let me give a real message to you two cats talking that Chi-town street ish as if someone gives a f*ck whether you live or die because they don’t. If you in a war zone, put your damn head down and stay indoors. If you got relatives living elsewhere, move in with them – this is something Black people been doing since we were freed slaves and establishing ourselves. If you got to go to the military, then do that ish and I don’t care what some online cat or some hustle blogger got to say about the military, plenty of us brothas and sistas joined the military and it transformed the direction of our lives in a positive manner. You’ll be around people just like you, trying to set their life straight, trust me. Don’t tell me some ish about it ain’t that easy because I came from the same environment as you and the only difference is you two young Silas Ratliff and Maurice Gilchrist cats are trying to claim some street violence ish that is bigger than you and your life. No, cats don’t give a f*ck about you washing your drawers or give a f*ck if you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. Neither of you cats are skinny with a swollen belly and sunken eyes like these famine African cats so I hope you understand no one gives a f*ck about you like that. I can assure you that CNN host Erin Burnett who used to be on CNBC chatting it up with billionaires in Davos, Switzerland really don’t give a f*ck about your broke Black ass either, real talk. You two young cats better give a f*ck about yourself – that’s the only thing you need to have going on that will get you through. If you 16 years old and see what’s around you, put your head down and be ghost for 2 years until you turn 18 and find a way out of that sh*t any way possible. Turn into a Christian hiding in the church and f*ck those 39-49 year old divorced baby mommas with the nice hips and ass and take her money. Millions of way to hustle in this world, just got to do one that works. Because the reality is as you talk about Chicago, we are seeing Mexican cats running across the border, Cubans and Haitians floating on homemade boats in shark infested waters and Middle East, African and Asian cats hiding in shipping containers to get away from their own hell. See, those cats got stories to tell also and the same way they running away from their homeland and everything they knew growing up, you need that same kind of determination to go out there and find something better. I'm not some punk ass cat talking to you two young brothas over the Internet from a comfortable position so don't make any mistakes about me. I'm someone who made moves so I can be in a comfortable position to real talk to you and let you know you can make it out of the trap game and move on to bigger and better things. Best advice I can give you and anybody else in your generation is to not get caught up in that local street crap and start looking for ways to run away at your first opportunity and don't look back. I had to do it and that's how me and other cats just like me is still around to let you know we been where you at and there is bigger, better and nicer things in store for you if you don't allow yourself to get caught up while you still young..16-18, sacrificing two years ain't sh*t in order to make sure the rest of your life is all good.

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  1. I grew up in a very similar situation. I not going to bring anything up in particular becuase I don’t want this to turn in to some type of race to the bottom thing.

    I got out or I am continuing to move in a direction to get out depending on your point of view. If I can avoid most of those things I am sure they can as well. It’s just an excuse. In the city that I am from there were schools that had 60% drop out rates…….

  2. Anubis, I think that’s the problem we see in Chicago where they spending more time sensationalizing the violence in Chicago. The fact they wash their drawers in a sink does not give them a pass to be in the streets and claiming they banging.

    I was going to show all the YouTube videos of all these silly round tables, panels of self-important cats talking about the violence, show these wannabe Chi-town rappers trying make a name out of themselves from the violence and the news media exploitation of the violence but no one have a real solution.

    I was about to get into it very hard on some Nation of Islam cats in Chicago I knew since childhood in a sidebar because they trying to exploit with an event and call this a spiritual problem. Then we got 16 year old kids trying to brag they wash their drawers in a sink to explain the violence around him.

    Bottom line is no one wants to solve the youth violence in Chicago. They want to make a name off the violence but the kids are being packaged up for the funereal home business to make profits.

  3. Same story, different faces.

    All I know is somebody is gettin paid off of Black youth killin’ each other. I just don’t mean “White” corporate america either, Im including black media whores and poverty pimps in that CABAL also.

    Straight up, there’s no excuse for our youth to behave as negatively as they do. I know they can be easily influenced, but Damn. How much more ammunition do we have to provide to the enemy???

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