So Proud Being the Preparer of their Prosperity..

I noticed many African-Americans are actually fearful and emotional about the topic of the Pacific Rim rising and even more when it comes to Africa rising. I thought only mainstream America would be worried about this topic but I was alarmed at our own people having hostile attitudes and perspectives towards the shifting moving in the global economy. I know where the fear is coming from in the African-American community – it’s coming from self-awareness that our people know damn well we are messing up as a people and other people are passing us by. We’re unemployed and we know it, we don’t have strong communities and we know it and Black men and Black women treat each other like crap when it comes to relationships and we know it. We consume self-hating, self-deprecating music and we know it. And we engage in this ignorance yesterday, today, tonight and know we going to continue the ignorance tomorrow. That’s why when cats heard about Asians are the biggest immigrant class who is also living the most successful American dream, some brothas and sistas started going hostile. I started hearing some Black people talk about how we suffered with slavery and Jim Crow like being a victim is going to get us somewhere. I started hearing others talk about there are some Asians not doing well as the media make it out to be if that supposed to take away from the overall big picture going on. These are all cognitive dissonance hoping to distract for the reality our generation continues to do nothing for ourselves and our future. Hey, I enjoyed my life and done a lot and been through a lot. I put in work and reaped rewards. I dealt with negativity and overcame it all and still standing and watching sunsets from rooftops. That’s why you ain’t going to see me tripping on the same level as these other cats. Because I had my fun and as a grown person, it’s about the next generation coming up. Africa is coming up and Asia is coming up and you cats who got issues with that just going to have to get over that one. The real question is what you are going to do? Are cats going to sit there and just run their mouth saying the same tired rhetoric? Or are cats going to step up and be the kind of adult that will make this world better for the next generation coming up? Yeah, we brothas and sistas been through some hard struggles and we overcame whatever they tried to bring at us and hold us down with. We built institutions, built organizations, built communities and furthermore, we sacrificed our lives to become the strong people we are today where ain’t nothing stopping us now. But all of that means is we are the ones who the emerging world looks up to and it’s our obligation as African-Americans to stand up, stand with and stand for creating a better world and a better future for those coming up. We brothas and sistas have much to give this world and we have much to learn at the same time as the world change around us. African-Americans are not in a bad position, we are actually in the best opportunity in our people lifetime to make bigger and better things happen not only for us, but make bigger impact in the lives of those coming up around the world. This is what our ancestors would truly want from us, to step up and create a better world for other cats to show we conquered what others have been doing to us and our people. One of the biggest lies ever told to me was this saying that I had to love myself first before I can love others. My maturity made me realize that is the most selfish, ignorance statement I was ever told. No, when you go out and love others, when you go out and care about others, that’s the love that define who you are because you showed a love that is greater than yourself. And that’s how I choose to spread love in this world. At some point, we brothas and sistas are going have to reject the selfish, materialistic, hate, fear, uncertainty and doubt perpetuated in our community and take our position as leaders and help make this world a better place for the next generation using our positive attributes and strengths to get it done. My definition of being Black is not my past, it is how I shape the world around me right now and lay down the foundation for the future. Cats in Africa and Asia trying to come up in this world, I definitely not going to hate and fear them. I’m going to show them a greater love bigger than me the same way Martin Luther King, Jr. showed a love greater than himself for me. I have been just as accessible to African cats, Indian cats and Asian cats as much as I’m accessible to brothas and sistas. That’s my role and my obligation as an African-American in the 21st century. I say all of this because I want cats to understand the only reason I’m good at what I’m doing in this tech game, why I’m harder than these simple cats wishing they were me, why I’m making the big moves I can make because this ain’t about me – this right here is about our future. Because long ago, I looked in the mirror at what God made and decided to make the change and transition to be about making a difference for others and the next generation coming up after me.

3 thoughts on “So Proud Being the Preparer of their Prosperity..

  1. Ed, I’m in LA. Can you please post a SQL video/visual/private tutorial, preferably, in step with the READ THIS FIRST from the Airport Zip…i am having trouble understanding the database aspect. I can’t stop, won’t stop.

    1. Ok, but you know that take time. So by the time I get around to it, you could have bought a SQL book, saw something on YouTube or did a Google search.

      I did not invent SQL Server and not the only one using it. If you definitely can’t make the effort to learn what’s already out there, how you going handle the stuff that ain’t published?

      Seriously, people already did what you asking of me already, what’s the issue here?

  2. Ed I signed up for a summer class in tech. It fit into my major so I took it. It’s computer info systems I know it’s a good start because I am lost when it comes to this tech stuff. We’re starting from the novice level though and working up.

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