Using the Geolocation Code to Snatch the Steak off Their Dinner Table

There are dozens of side-hustles business models while working full-time opportunities with just a $5USD/month geolocation web site. I gave you brothas and sistas the full source code in the airport example so there is no excuse. But see, that’s the sad part because everytime I put out this kind of code, Black folks find all kind of excuses. I had a best friend when I grew up, this cat was always talking about what kind of car he going to get and all this other ish and I was car-less too. But I was always in the library or at the bookstore reading tech books while he was always at Starbucks pretending he was a coffee drinking intellectual. Long story short – I bought a Mercedes S-class off my tech money and when I sent the cat the picture, he didn’t even respond or couldn’t say congrads or anything like that. I thought he would be happy I’m blowing up and I got my swag game on while he still living with his mom, you know. The morale of the story is that’s how most of these punk ass Black folks act when it comes to Dream and Hustle as if they can’t say anything to another cat doing it. Look, ain’t no way in hell I can act like that towards another brotha and sista and you want to know why? Because I’m doing that hard ass work and cats who put in real work respect other cats who put in real work! It’s these fake ballers to the game, these sideline spectators to the game, these commentators to the game that want to act like they will turn to stone of they endorse another cat doing something their simple ass could have done if they just put in some real work like God intended us to do to get ours. So with that said, I’m still going to keep pushing for brothas and sistas out there. The unemployment rate in the Black community at sick levels, our communities becoming deteriorating full of Black violence and you want me to be in denial about the reality of us and our people and the opportunities? Yeah, whatever. Then cats want to tell me this tech stuff is hard to learn. Well, it damn sure wasn’t hard for cats in India, Brazil, Russia and China to learn this tech stuff to grow their economic situation and take American jobs, eh? Do some of yall really think this is a joke and you got leisure time? I mean do I have to post up another picture of unemployed Black people standing in a job line or seeking some kind of assistance again? Now, I posted up the geolocation code, cats are trying to email me on the low for tech 101 lessons instead of go on Youtube, post to a bulletin or even just try the code out! Cats ain’t even tried a damn thing asking me silly questions like they at a garage sale asking about an used lawnmower. I explained all I can on this geolocation hustle and if cats ain’t want to do their end of work, then they ain’t about it. If you ever heard of this blog and now you all scrapping for dough trying to maintain, just remember how I tried to help your Black ass and you didn’t even bother to acknowledge a cat from the hood using his talent to help you directly. I don't even have to do what I do putting this info out and that's the part some of my peers are approaching me about saying why I'm doing this. Now, I told you cats about how airports are hubs for travelers and a perfect market because these cats are usually idle and using their mobile devices waiting on the next flight. I was hoping you cats figured out the real hustle but not one person said it. Now I’m going to have to reveal it to your Black ass and what the real hustle is with this geo-location code that you can use it for. What you think the cats sitting at the NFL game are doing? What you think the cats at the Major League Baseball games are doing? What you think they doing at the NBA Finals? What about hockey games and stuff? Oh, these are all sports arena filled with cats who put down money to watch a game and on their smart phones. Next question – what you think cats who are going to see Jay-Z and Kayne West are doing before the show start and they sitting in their seats? What do you think these chicks are doing before the Tyler Perry play start? What you think the cats are doing at the Trayvon Martin rallies while they idle? Ain’t they on their smart phone also trying to prevent themselves from being bored and having to look around and wait? Now, who is outside of these events? Isn’t is a bunch of t-shirt hawkers, cats passing out flyers to the after party, right? They making money ain’t they? They need a street license, don’t they? But guess what – if you had a $5USD/month geo-location service, you can promote after parties and discounts for the event t-shirts on their mobile phone while they are inside of the arena, can’t you?! That’s the real global international side-hustle business model I was hoping you would have figured out on your own. With the same code I made for the airport, you can customize it to scrape every live event off Ticketmaster and Live Nation with dates and times and location. Then you can go to these artists tour dates sites and see where they performing at around the world and you pull down all of the locations of the biggest arenas and stadiums and other event spots where 20,000 to 60,000 people show up and you setup a geo-location invisible pop-up store selling and promoting offers based on the date, time and location and the performance as your marketing-based business. That means you know Jay-Z and Kayne was at the Birmingham LG Arena in the UK and you sell Watch the Throne bootleg t-shirts over the mobile phone to cats if they familiar with your geo-location web site. That is called time/space context because the only thing on those concert goers mind is that concert and if you got them on their mobile phone, you got a relevant match for a transaction to occur. Then you sell after party to clubs in Birmingham and charge to show on your web site. And you don't care where Jay-Z and Kayne goes because you got the geolocation coordinates and dates setup to run ads and sell t-shirts and stuff to the audience smartphones and you can ball so hard right along with them: See, there is something else you are not realizing and that is the new “showrooming” trend where cats want to look online first before buying something in the real world. So they go to Best Buy and then check the price on and if it is cheaper on, they order it from there and walk out of Best Buy. Well, these cats can see a street hawker selling a Kayne Jay-Z shirt for $30 and they look at your web site online and you selling it for $12 and ship it two day for $17 – guess who they buying from? Note: you don't even have to have the t-shirts on hand, you can print-on-demand once you got an order coming in and the money hit your bank account - did you realize that? So now you setting up this hustle for YoYo Ma violin concerts in Sydney Australia, peddling t-shirts during a Tea Party or NRA rally, promoting after party ads after the V-103 Car and Bike Show for the cats currently at the Georgia World Congress Center, all at the same damn time! No street promoters, no city vending license, no borders and no limit to the hustle. You do business from your work computer while your Black co-workers listen to online Black streaming radio. Yeah, you are marketing Carol’s Daughter at the Essence Festival in New Orleans and marketing Pzi Jeans at the Chosen Few house music festival in Chicago on the same damn weekend! Getting dough and stacking your paper up on the ad accounts because it is always something poppin in this world and as long as it got latitude/longitude coordinates, you got a market opportunity. And of course, someone is going to try to buy your Black ass out for $200 million or more once you get it off the ground in less than 24 months. But like I said before, you can’t be about going big and the first thing you want to ask me is some 101 type questions you can’t go and research yourself. You want something, you better go and get it because that’s how it is. If you want to be honest, the 30 Rotten Dissidents think I’m stupid for giving you the code instead of selling you the code. So pretend like I’m stupid, take the damn geo-location code and run with it before some other cat try to take over this. I haven’t even discussed using the geo-location as a ticket reseller where you can buy tickets by having the person scan it in with the barcode and then sell the ticket having the barcode show up on their mobile device when they go to the gate to get in – see, that’s the kind of thinking you need to be about in this new global economy and start thinking fresh and innovative.

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  1. I am going to do something with this information. For now its just in my back pocket. I have other things on my plate to finish first. But I see a different angle on how I can use this information.

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