Yall Black Web 2.0, NewMe and Other Fake Black Tech Characters Better Hurry Up!

Black Web 2.0 and NewMe been around for more than a minute posting up Internet-based propaganda hoping to establish their non-talent tech behinds to a perceived Black audience. It’s been years Black Web 2.0 and NewMe been on that nonsense and they still on that seek validation from the bigots in Silicon Valley with a selfish agenda to be the Blacks that break the color barrier in the year 2012 and ish. Then you see punk ass bigots like Robert Scoble, Michael Arrington, Matt Marshall and these other clowns who avoid speaking to African-Americans with tech talent but want to parade badly in an affirmative action manner mediocre cats who are coming out of the NewMe camp. You do realize that the bigots use affirmative action and supplier diversity tactics only to recruit tokens that they can use? Many of you cats may remember in Chicago, some crooked White contractors paid Blacks and Hispanics to start up fake “minority-owned shell companies” to bid on contracts against legit minority operations and won them? That’s they game they trying to run over there with NewMe. Mass-Customization, How Nice... Weeks ago, I read this silly ass article in the Chicago Sun-Times (link) about this one sista who supposed to be starting up some company that does “mass customization” a complete oxymoronic statement as if what China built up in the last 7 years does not exist. It features some North-Side, not South-Side or West-Side, remember that North Side area, some sista named Rachel Brooks. Check out the video that goes with this fluff article. Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are about what the hell I just watched. The funny part is you think you see a glimpse of Rachel Brooks at the :48 second mark but only see her backside at the table. I thought this story was about Rachel Brooks? But anyway, let’s talk about this cornball article I cannot believe Sandra Guy who I knew from the nineties even bothered to write this piece of work up. Chicago tech entrepreneur Rachel A. Brooks honed her customization-software idea in a reality-TV-like setting: In a tech incubator challenge, she lived in a house in San Francisco for three months with six other would-be tech superstars, sharing ideas, networking and sizing each other up in close contact. Oh really, Rachel A Brooks is a tech entrepreneur? What does Rachel know about tech because I damn sure didn’t see any proof of that!? All I saw was her backside at a crafting table in the video above what appears to be some North Side loft setting. Remember, this is the North Side of Chicago, not the South Side or West Side. Such a platform would revolutionize retailing in two ways: Letting small, independent shops gain access to what are now multi-million-dollar “customizer” machines that let sneaker buyers fashion their own shoes, and enable shoppers to fashion just about anything they want for competitive prices. Citizen Made has signed up six companies to use its product — five in Chicago and one in Boston — and is negotiating deals with seven others. Congratulations! This is exciting news, they signed up – well, let’s give them all 12 and better yet, let’s just say 20 customers. But the only problem I have with this is these numbers are a f*cking joke for a market like Chicago where Korean cats with machines already let brothas and sistas do this and they have plants on the South Side and West Side of Chicago. Where the hell you think most of the ghetto t-shirts and hats come from with the ghetto slang printed on the front in places like L.A, Miami and New York? Cats used to run those hustle ads in the Sun-Times classified and Sandra Guy old enough to know that. I bet 89% of you cats reading this blog didn’t even know that until I just told you because you don’t know about your own people and the hustles out there to get money. You know how many young Black mother*ckers became millionaires selling their own t-shirts in the big city? The same way we would press our own CD and vinyl records and mix tapes to sell our own people in our own community. In New York alone, a cat can sell 300,000 copies of their mix tape and clothing and apparel without even being mass marketed and within the Burroughs. See, that kind of 7-20 clients numbers in that article may impress some of you cornballs but I know the real numbers the hood be producing and you want to be impressed with this Citizen Made, then we can agree to disagree but I’m still right. Let’s keep moving. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact this business model is leasing the big machinery out to independent shops. But to say she is a tech entrepreneur doing something Black hustlers and Jewish manufacturers been doing nearly 40 years in the big city is kind of off-base, don’t you think? I don’t understand where the “tech entrepreneurial” angle is coming from, that’s all. Now, here is where the article get’s weird, some cat who supposed to be a mentor had this to say about Rachel Brooks: Brooks’ advisor, tech entrepreneur and academic Vivek Wadhwa, says he would like Brooks to be ‘the first black woman Mark Zuckerberg” because her vision is as forward-reaching as that of the CEO and co-founder of Facebook. The “first black woman Mark Zuckerberg” – what the f*ck is that?! Do you notice anytime a Black entrepreneur enter a space, cats try to subordinate them to a White comparison? It’s like Rachel Brooks can’t be who God intended Rachel Brooks to be with her talent, she just have to be the first “black woman Mark Zuckerberg” and ish. Actually, that’s the first article I wrote on Dream and Hustle back in 2006 – when I talked about this “Black Bill Gates” and “Black Donald Trump” bullsh*t instead of cats doing them. Well, I looked at Vivek Wadhwa and saw that he writes for Techcrunch and that’s interesting. I hope you realize that Techcrunch and Michael Arrington tried to pulled some racist ish on me back in 2005 but they ran from this. But what happened is Angela Benton who was working at some wannabee “Fooky/MochaSpot” failure called RushmoreDrive and her squirrely behind tried to make a name of herself claiming she is the kind of Black Michael Arrington and Techcrunch can feel comfortable around and the rest of Silicon Valley marketing herself as the no-talent token that will apologize and defend them. So Vivek and Techcrunch and this NewMe stuff – yeah, very interesting. All I got to say to this is nothing negative about Vivek, I just hope and would like Vivek become the first Arab male Carly Fiorina one day. Okay, now here is the part we should get to because I’m tired of writing about this worthless garbage and could have written how to create a USB-powered money acceptor but will do that for you in the next article as an apology for even entertaining your brothas and sistas with this Black Web 2.0/NewMe sellout bullsh*t. Brooks leapt toward her dream by winning a spot in the NewMe Accelerator program, enabling her to pick the brightest of Silicon Valley’s technology brains. The NewMe Accelerator has won acclaim for assembling under-represented minority and women tech entrepreneurs to hack each other’s startup projects and to get tips from tech and business leaders ranging from rapper-turned-dance website co-creator MC Hammer to Eric Ries, creator of the Lean Startup philosophy. So now you see how all this bullsh*t ties together right? Angela Benton is behind all this NewMe/Black Web 2.0 and claiming to be Black and hide behind the Black identity because she damn sure ain’t got raw and real talent to vouch for in the game. But she ain’t even representing the Black community and instead working with these bigots to tokenize herself and she bringing out these cornballs like that laughable AisleFinder nonsense where cats are interviewed on these racist tech blogs. Does this strategy sound familiar to you? If you haven’t figure it out, this is how the Republican party works with their token Black conservatives they put on television but those Black folks have nothing vested in the Black community but want to speak as if they are Black. Angela Benton who been featured around Republicans like Colin Powel son when he was with the FCC approach does not surprise me. Now, keep in mind Rachel Brooks is all on the North Side and you see what’s she is about and here is the worst part – I thought NewMe was supposed to help Blacks get into Silicon Valley but Rachel Brooks already appear successful. So the truth is, the only thing Angela Benton and Rachel Brooks proved is how racist the industry really because they haven’t made any significant moves with all that so-called connects and other stuff. Now, I can’t put all the blame on Angela Benton and NewMe/Black Web 2.0 because we got other cats in the mix who is on some sideways left-field f*ckery also. I’m seeing stuff like Urban Tech Fair that is claiming Dream and Hustle goal of utilizing tech within the hood but I ain’t seen a damn concrete thing from them that demonstrate they about it. Then we got Black Innovation and Competitiveness Initiative who is writing up a lot of commentary and feel good op-eds and got third party links on their Facebook page but ain’t showing anything concrete either. So it’s a whole bunch of fake Black tech cornballs running around in this game. Now, cats want to come at me and my crew and Dream and Hustle because we are calling all these whack ass fake tech Black clowns out but you failing to understand the realness of this situation. The rest of the developing emerging world including Africa is not bullsh*tting when it comes to technology and doing real things and making real progress for their people with technology to empower themselves. Here in America, we got these African-Americans tech cornballs only wanting to show their ass and ain’t producing sh*t worth talking about. Our people are a laughing stock on the global level so if you want to believe so badly any of those characters from NewMe and Black Web 2.0 or Urban Tech Fair or BICI can compete. And these sellout characters don’t even represent or try to represent their own Black community because they afraid to offend the Silicon Valley bigots! All of these African-Americans are not about progress and only about reinforcing their egos and that’s the same script in the world of African-Americans today. Only a Black person ego will make them stay a straight beotch and defend the racist status quo of the tech game instead of empower themselves to do for self and set their own fate and course. The first Black woman Mark Zuckerberg – that’s exactly how they think of your Black ass. That’s why you will never see Angela Benton on any platform with me because that would be worse than putting Shelby Steele next to Barack Obama during a debate in front of a Black audience. The Parable of the Mountains Before I make the warning shots, let me tell you this parable I’ve learned that I hope Angela Benton will read. There was a guy who wanted to see a guru that was living high in the mountains. This guy badly wanted the guru to acknowledge his question and seek his advice but no one in the village knew which mountaintop the guru stayed on. So the guy climbed the first treacherous mountain and reach the top and didn’t find the guru. He had to go all the way back down and tried the second mountain and the same result, no guru at the top of the mountain. On the third try which was the biggest mountain, the guy struggled and struggled to reach the top of the third mountain and it took him days, avoiding lots of dangers and pit falls and challenging paths to get to the top. This guy finally made it to the top and he found the guru. The guru greeted him and the guy asked his question, asking the guru what is the best way to climb a mountain? See Angela Benton, you are that dumbass guy in the story above where you too stupid to realize that you chasing others for an answer that God already put in you. That’s why Black people will never follow your ignorant ass Angela Benton because you ain’t got belief in God and yourself how you going about this thing. See, this stupid crap you doing and masking it with your ego and postings on your Black Web 2.0 site ain’t making a dent except propaganda for the gullible fools out there willing to believe it. When you and the cornballs around you start learning to climb mountains on your own, yall don’t need some f*cking Vivek guru, don’t need some Silicon VC or Techcrunch because yall already found what yall were looking for inside yourselves. That’s your problem Angela Benton and why you are a piece of work hoping this tired ass selling out for recognition stunt you been pulling for years may actually work one day. Last I checked, these conservative token Negroes in the Republican Party ain’t being looked at for Vice President or even President, so you need to look at writings on the wall, my sista. You don’t even have an ounce of damn talent I’ve seen which I’m hoping any cat that real and come in contact with you can instantly pick up. The Briefing to the Faux Black Tech Crowd... Now the rest of you fake ass African-American cornballs claiming you on some tech ish but ain’t got ish to show for but a fronting nerd-image, all of you can huddle around this real cat for a briefing. Yeah, come sit your sorry ass down because I got something important to tell yall before we go out there out to the general public. Look and I’m telling you this as a real brotha who don’t like to put my ish out there to establish credibility among you – I don’t need to do that to you and you don’t need to do that ish to me, either. What I want you brothas and sistas to understand is where we really at and what we really got to do in this current state. Right now in the global competitive economy, American cats are walking around with a sense of entitlement while emerging nations are hustling hard and make some significant growth in the past 5 years, extremely significant economic growth while we are in a Recession. With that said, we African-Americans cannot be like the rest of America and keep trying to reinforce our ego and walk around with a sense of entitlement like the rest of these American cats. We cannot continue seeking validation and acceptance from mainstream America who continue to refuse to accept us and validate us for who we really are and our identity. At some point in time, we got to stand up for ourselves and take our own road to our own destination and that time is now. You got to learn technology and when I mean learn technology and STEM, that means your Black ass better go to the library or bookstore and buy some business-related mathematic books, buy some coding books for Eclipse and Visual Studio Express and download code samples and learn that sh*t. You better get a $5/month Godaddy account and learn to write CRUD statements for the database and connect that to PHP or ASP.NET pages or build out mobile clients. All this bloviating and ignorant ass ideas on blogs and stuff ain’t nothing but fronting but you cats have to be serious about technology and learn the real fundamentals. I don’t hate you brothas and sistas but I’m giving you a warning shot. You know damn well someone like me did not drop off and you know damn well I got something undercover and stealth mode ready to go out there. You of all people should have knew I wasn’t dormant and just sitting pretty, come on now. Well, your Black tech fronting ass only got a few weeks to get your ish together because you do not want to look like Kwame with the polka dots when Biggie Smalls dropped “Ready to Die” album and that’s how it’s about to go down for you Kwame polka dot motherf*ckers, real talk. I already dropped hints and you should have been picked up the clues what I’m about to do. Me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents are real cats and we have nearly 80 years of combined tech experience and next generation work. Even the engineers who work on next generation stuff know who we are. And we are about to transform the retailing, financial, marketing and security sector as we know it and go global with it. Let me explain something to you fame-chasers because this is how dumb your Black ass is. I don’t have to market myself in American tech media when I can market myself in horizontal channels among the industry we are pursuing – you just ain’t smart to realize I’ve been doing that for the past several years. I don’t have to participate in American tech forums, I participate in tech forums in India, Europe, Africa, Brazil, Korea and even China tech talent and they know who I am – you ain’t smart enough to figure that out either because you ain’t where it really at. And last, even though I’ve been worldwide on the low, quietly building up the next thing worldwide, I’m still West Side of Chicago and I’m truly about my people. You got to be about your people and that’s the biggest damage you cats are doing to yourself. You trying to chase White Privilege but don’t realize even the White think-tank groups, all the investment groups are stating over and over again to put money in the Pacific Rim which is Asia so they don’t believe in White Privilege anymore, what you currently chasing. Our brothas, our sistas, our family throughout the African Diaspora are rising up. We got African brothas, led by Nigerian cats setting up Black communities throughout the world where Blacks from all over Africa can come and establish themselves. Trade lines are being setup, these African brothas are creating engineers among themselves and they are making good progress in terms of media, manufacturing, technology and agricultural solutions and you cannot take that from them anymore. I’m trying to tell you we are in an exciting area of growth in the African Diaspora – this is a real global African revolution going on. With that said, the days of trying to be a sellout for White Privilege are over. You being an African-American, much is expected out of you and it’s time for you to step up and take your place during this period of growth and change. We can’t be fronting and showboating and selling out anymore, we cannot afford to do that anymore. Once me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents execute, it’s going to be game over for yall still trying to chase recognition and fame. I’m 100% aligned with the African Diaspora and other emerging nations and we are not looking back. Ain’t no more multi-millionaire crap, we chasing billion dollar sectors in global retailing, global financial, global media and global security solutions so you already got the hint your lightweight game is over once Swagg-Scientific, the next firm by Ed Dunn and the 30 Rotten Dissidents launches in a very near future (we talking weeks). When we launch, we ain't playing and it's going to be fast and furious, trust me on that. Yes, you are the first to hear about it and you are the first to get the warning shots and I hope you heed my words and do the right thing, not for others but for yourself and realize the real opportunities we have right here and right now in this revolutionary era.

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  1. So happy to see this article. You’ve broken this down to detail. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while about the whole “black tech space”. I could go on for days about this. As a brother who legitimately works in design and tech, its ridiculous to see who actually gets press and designated as a tech star or entrepreneur in our community. The game is so warped and crazy that you really have to stay focused to see through the fog. “fake Black tech cornballs” lol Glad I came across your site. Are you doing anything on the East Coast soon?

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